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  1. Only changes I don't like are those to the Knell. That gun has a very special feel to it that I prefer was preserved. As for its passive with Harrow, what about Punch Through or highlighting the heads of enemies? What about Warframes without signature weapons? Could they get one? Be it a new one, or an existing one.
  2. Yes, this is the perfect fix for those types of Abilities. It'd also be cool for some Abilities to have an altered use from the air, for example; an aerial Soundquake could be a continuous downward echo, letting her hover and Soundquake enemies below her in a more condensed radius. Whether or not that would be desired over a directional ground slam-cast is up for debate. Can we get a list of all Abilities that cannot be cast in the air? Possibly organized by "remove check", "ground slam candidate", "would like to experiment/get suggestions". While we're on the note of borrowing mechanics, I think that Ember's Fire Blast could benefit from the aimed-casting mechanics of Limbo's Cataclysm.
  3. I personally hope this precedence stays for Ivara and Inaros. I'd love to see multiple Prime helmets for them.
  4. Nice a simple changes that make the frames much smoother, and makes some lesser abilities more interesting. Not every rework needs to replace abilities, good stuff.
  5. Give this to Hydroid's Tidal Surge, please.
  6. Awesome. Nezha changes are perfect. I'd love to be able to change Nezha's ring independent from what skin is used. Atleast when using in-house skins. Rev buffs are nice, but lack a bit of wow factor. Maybe have running through the damage pillars regen a small bit of Energy, even while using Danse. Let the pillar and projectiles damage ramp up with the damage the thrall did while under your control. Let Enthrall thrall all Mesmer Skin-stunned enemies if activated without aiming at a target. I was thinking that the thrall cap could be buffed a bit further (10~12), but in turn buff Nekroz and Nyx's minion usage in different ways. Let Nekroz recast to refill his monions and some of their health. Let Nyx control multiple minds at a time (4?), maybe even hold to mark them like Bladestorm but ramp up the cost for each.
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