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  1. You guys are so literal.. Why can't we have fun versions of other mods? It can be both cosmetic and work as usual. Nobody ever said Peculiar Mods or Mods that add cosmetic effects had to be one specific way. The peculiar Mods we have now might be a certain way, but they don't have to stay that way. Remember this thing called the Exilus Mod Slot? Only for Exilus Mods? That are only Utility Mods? Now we have ones that give Power Strength or Damage Reduction. They're still Exilus.. something that was originally reserved for Utility Mods. The game can grow and evolve. You know how Alternate Helmets are only cosmetic? Wait until you hear about Arcane Helmets. My concept for Peculiar Serration is just Serration that also grants a cool looking muzzle flash. A reward that doesn't affect gameplay coming from a mode that many people dislike, but is still worthwhile for those who do enjoy the mode or would be willing to try it.
  2. These are just cosmetic versions of other mods. We don't need to make a whole new Mod category when Peculiar fits the bill and doesn't look like they'll get any other entries.
  3. They won't get any. I stated what they do. Also, not all Conclave Mods are the same either.
  4. Peculiar versions of Mods, such as: Peculiar Serration - Same capacity cost and stats, but also adds a cool muzzle flash that matches weapon energy color. Peculiar Reach - Same stats as Reach, but makes your melee comically grow in size. New Melee type and Stance: Dual Nikana. This would also be available through Steel Path Honors, but would rotate parts just seldomly enough so that some people might just maybe want to try PVP. New Ephemeras: Battle Damage Ephemera
  5. Name: Dromeas Theme: Hermes, Mailman, Crier. Appearance: Sleek and stylish, with folded wings on his ankles. Carries a satchel at his side, where he pulls many of his Abilities from. Lore: Dromeas is a Warframe developed for exchanging information off the grid. It's said that Dromeas ran, without interruption, for the entirety of its time serving in The Old War. Stats: Health: 175 Shield: 75 Armor: 200 Energy: 175 Speed: 1.20 (1.50 at rank 30) Polarities: Naramon, Madurai Exilus Polarity: Naramon Aura Polarity: Naramon Passive: Dromeas gains Sprint Speed with rank. Immune to Crowd Control while Sprinting. Mechanic: Marathon: This Warframe enters a Marathon state after sustained Sprinting for 10 seconds. This resets after 3 seconds of not Sprinting. While in Marathon, Dromeas gains 15% Sprint Speed and can shoot unhindered while Sprinting. Marathon also augments this Warframe's Abilities. [1] PARCEL Cost: 50 Energy (25 during Marathon) Tosses a package down which will randomly drop either a Health Orb, Energy Orb, or a Universal Ammo Pack before detonating to Blind and intoxicate enemies within 3 meters. Deals 500 (+15% of enemy Health) Toxin damage with a 100% Status chance. This is a 1-handed action. [2] COURIER Cost: 25 + 3.5 Energy/second (1.75 Energy/second during Marathon) The wings on his ankles spread, granting Dromeas +10/15/20/25% Movement Speed. This allows him to run through laser barriers undetected and unaffected, and doing so turns the barriers against your enemies while allowing allies to pass for 15 seconds. During Marathon, Courier grants +50/50/75/100% Armor and +50% Weapon Damage to Dromeas. [3] VOID POST Cost: 70 Energy (45 during Marathon) Dromeas places a mail post that acts as an additional source for some of his Abilities. Up to 1/1/2/3 mail posts can be active at a time. Further activations will replace the eldest post. Activating Parcel will cause Void Posts to each drop a Parcel package. Enemies may get distracted by the posts and investigate them, which will deal 2000 Gas damage within 5 meters with 100% Status chance. Activating Parcel when an enemy is investigating will cause enemies within 15m and line of sight of the post to be pulled towards it before the boobytrap explodes. Communicate with your team for best results! [4] VOID CRIER Cost: 100 Energy Dromeas shouts a report within 10 meters of himself and any Void Post, granting an effect based on the news he relays. Toggle between different reports. Duration of 15 seconds. ● KILL REPORT: Allies deal +30% Ability Damage. Under Marathon, the bonus damage is increased to 60%. ● SAFETY REPORT: Allies restore Health and active Shields over time. Under Marathon, the Health and Shield restore is doubled and Shield Regen will be jumpstarted. ● FALSE REPORT: Enemies will hear their masters call for a stand down, disarming and immobilizing them for a brief Duration. Under Marathon, the radius is doubled. (This works similar to Silence, in how it applies its effect to enemies in a radius, but enemies will become immune to a second hit for a short period.) Please bear in mind that the stats and numbers used are only examples. I'm not a game developer, nor am I particularly good at math.
  6. I went into a public Kuva Siphon 10 minute Survival to grab myself a Requiem Relic. After we stole all the Kuva and finished the 10 minute Survival objective I went to the evac, as you should. The three other players then decided to, without communicating anything to me, NOT go to the evac and instead farm the mission for another 15 to 20 minutes. They only spoke to me to say that I was their hostage, or joke about "the dailies today" as if to imply ignoring my frustration at being held hostage. Now, I'm not out to witch hunt these players here, as I've already reported them and supplied screenshots to Warframe's twitter page. What I want here is a solution to player with malicious randoms without giving up the rewards by quitting the mission to have to do it again. Just as open world missions let you leave a squad without throwing everything away, this should be enabled in all missions. Leaving a squad and aborting a mission should not be the same. Additionally, in a normal Survival it would have had me evac alone and let them stay, but these Alert style Survival missions do not work that way and require multiple people to evac.
  7. I love how complicated this game is, but sometimes it's good to have more flow in places you can get away with, especially when it won't replace prior methods.
  8. I'd like to be able to run up to a panel and hit X to see my Inventory without having to hit ESC, click Equipment, find and click Inventory/Orbiter. It'd be nice if they either both had their own console or shared one. I was thinking across from Nightwave in the other little nook. Obviously, going through the ESC menu for them would remain as is, which many times is more convenient than running over to a console, depending on what you're doing. I just think that for brief usage, it'd flow much faster to use a console interaction. If all I want to do is check how many of 1 item I have or change 1 color in my ship, and I'm not doing a whole inventory check or selling all my Harrow and Oberon BPs, then I wouldn't want to have to play a clicker game just to get to those settings. Thank You.
  9. Really nice buffs, but I was hoping to see a few other things: K-Drive Mods on Merulina. Some could be restricted if need be, but I think it would add a unique flavor to Merulina and make use of otherwise irrelevant Mods. A reason to kill with, or otherwise use, Aquablades over shooting or her ult. She's kinda being pulled between 3 different playstyles that, with a little tweaking, could all fuse into one symphony of aquatic destruction. A few suggestions for this would be: Damaging an enemy trapped in Sea Snares with Aquablades drops a Sea Gift from them when they die. Sea Gifts heal Merulina, replenishes ammo to players, and grants secondary weapons 25% Ammo Efficiency for 10s. Ulti helps with this by killing them later on. This is just an example suggestion of something that can be done to tie the playstyle together. It is not the only option.
  10. When searching through weapons in the Arsenal, you should be able to filter Mastered, Non-Mastered, Tenno, Grineer, Corpus, Infested, Sentient, Modular, and possibly more options. Should be a big bar on the top, like the Foundry. this should not replace the sort option, but supplement it. If possible, even add Filters for the type of weapon in each category, like Rifle, Shotgun, Sniper, Launcher for Primaries. Ideally, be able to use as many filters as possible at once, like Non-Mastered Sentient Shotguns or Mastered Tenno Snipers. There should also be a toggle to hide mastered items you don't own anymore. There's so many weapons, which is awesome, but now it's hard to sift through it all.
  11. Here's a quick-and-dirty writeup of an idea I had. Name: VESUV Theme: Volcanic Ash Playstyle: Stealth Caster Stats: Health: 100 Shield: 75 Armor: 100 Energy: 200 Speed: 1.3 Ability Range: This Warframe gains 1% Ability Range per Level. Equipping a Secondary negates this bonus. Ability Strength: This Warframe gains 1% Ability Strength per Level. Equipping a Primary negates this bonus. Abilities: Passive: Ability kills turn you to ash for 0.5s, which can stack up to 20s. While ashen, you gain an aura effect which Blinds nearby enemies and affects your Abilities in various ways. Also, while ashen, Vesuv floats like Wisp or Titania Prime, but with the ability to strafe in all directions. [1] PLUME Cost: 25 Energy Fire a burst of smoldering ash projectiles which seek out enemies, both engulfing them in flame and leaving a small cloud of ash which Blinds enemies. Projectiles seek faster while ashen. [2] MAGMA BOLT Cost: 50 or 100 Energy Launch a high power magma projectile, which can be charged to deal increased Heat damage. Damage multiplier on Blind enemies. The projectile will ignite and explode all ash clouds near point of impact, dealing a mix of Heat and Blast. Ash cloud explosion damage scales with magma projectile damage. Exploding ash clouds will trigger others they contact. Regens 5 Energy per enemy killed by either instance of damage. [3] OMEN Cost: 50 Energy Unleash a Heat wave which damages enemies, and causes those enemies to take increased Heat and Blast damage from all other sources. Additionally, affected enemies are immobilized in ash coffins if they are Blinded by ashes (including passive Blind). Ash-coffined enemies leave ash clouds on death. [4] BLAZE CATASROPHE Cost: 100 Energy (Also, a number of ash clouds must be present to cast.) Long cast time, can be chained to Omen for a respectfully quicker cast. Cause an eruption of magma at your location, dealing heavy Heat and Blast damage over time, which also scatters small ash clouds over enemies in a larger radius. If cast while ashen, the eruption moves with you. During the eruption, casing Magma Bolt will also cause Magma Bolts (in the guise of mini-eruptions) to spawn at all active ash clouds.
  12. Bit less of a concern to me since you can move fluidly in any direction on Merulina, but yeah.. I remember Ember's old Fire Blast circle she placed down. Some cheeky Infested would just stand right in the middle.
  13. I enjoy Yareli's theme and Abilities, but the kit does seem to lack Ability synergy and the individual Abilities want to pull your Mod choices in different directions with little overlap. I'd like to suggest some changes that I imagine would not only alleviate these issues, but also reward the player for being quick in the battlefield with Yareli's mobile playstyle. SEA SNARES Hold to cause all active Sea Snares to seek out enemies near your aim point, at a cost of 3 Energy each (so 15, 30, 45 depending on how many are out and about). This also refreshes their Duration by 50% of their max. Killing enemies trapped in a Sea Snare charges the snare. Killing enemies trapped in charged Sea Snares will now drop Sea Gifts, which replenish the Duration of Aquablades by 1 second and have a chance to act as a Universal Orb. Blurb: Sea Snares, in my opinion, should be the butter to Merulina's bread. I don't think the Ability is bad as is, but my changes add synergies and make it more useful with rapid engagement (which is Yareli's life). MERULINA K-Drive Mods. (Delete Quick Escape from the game if need be.) Let Merulina be used for K-Drive races. Now damages and knocks down enemies you run over. When Merulina is destroyed (or if you dismount by using the Ability again at the cost of 50 Energy) it will release a splash of water Lifting nearby enemies. Blurb: K-Drive frame should be able to do K-Drive things and get rewarded for styling on enemies mid battle. AQUABLADES Deals 2x damage to enemies trapped in Sea Snares and other forms of incapacitation (affected by Strength), plus X% of enemy Health if damaging enemies trapped in charged Sea Snares (not affected by Strength). Blurb: This Ability is really badass, but it just begs to shred enemies harder. RIPTIDE Enemies affected by Sea Snares will be pulled into Riptide from a greatly increased Range. Can now Hold the Ability button to put a whirlpool on the ground that moves to wherever you aim, pulling enemies along with it. This drains X Energy per second per Enemy caught. Release to have Riptide explode like usual. Blurb: This both makes it less punishing to use while on the move, but also more skill-based and rewarding to use at high speed. Additionally, this means that Duration has some effect with this Ability, improving the lack of overlap when Moding her Abilities.
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