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  1. More base range on Sandstorm would be nice, but from my perspective Inaros should have plenty of range built for his 1, so I figured that increasing the sandstorm range could make it too big. The casting cost for Sandstorm is also a concern, but only for non-Prime Inaros. I could see lowering it to 50, anyways.
  2. Goals: I want to keep everything that makes Inaros Inaros intact, but add more quality of life and sensible synergy to his kit, while also pushing his Egyptian theme further. DESICCATION When performing a Finisher on an enemy affected by Desiccation, Sand Shadows will each dash over and temporarily take on the shape of Inaros to perform a Finisher on other affected enemies. These will not proc Desiccation's Curse. Desiccation's Curse now affected by Ability Duration. DEVOUR Rate of devouring now increased (heal rate remains the same). Sand Shadows are given a flat Durati
  3. Here is the comparison of a clip I took last night in excitement, vs what I noticed when playing a mission this morning. I don't think I was doing anything different.. just Aim Gliding., but Sevagoth leaning to one side in the second clip is not as cool as the foreboding angel of death I felt like last night.
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