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  1. I wish they made murmur farming more skill based, where if you were good enough you could speed it up significantly. Perfect opportunity to fix the thing to make it enjoyable AND add skill based content some people want so much.
  2. Not playing the railjack until the resource costs on wreckage/intrinsics are reduced from "full-time job is warfdame" time requirement to at least "person who plays mostly warframe" kind of costs. Was going to farm plat for drones when I had time, can't even do that now.
  3. Well, not strange people use amesha considering other archwings basically have no abilities. Elytron is nice on paper, but his missiles are sooooo slow you can kill everything before the missile hits anything. His flares don't seem to work most times too. Itzal got killed. New 1 is literally useless, I don't think the devs even tried it or gave it any thought before adding it (this is a recurring problem with many things they do). Invis is good, even if it doesn't work sometimes. 3 is basically used to gather loot that drops, cause we still collect loot like in the 90's, even in space, where it sometimes drops literally 10 km away from you. 4 is useless. Odonata has abilities that sort of do something, but kind of do nothing. 1 I think increases defense, not sure, newer noticed a big difference using it, 2 are flares, same as elytron, dont seem to work half the time even on those rare occassions where you'd use it. 4 is sort of weak CC, never seen people using it. If I take any of these frames, abilities don't matter, because almost all of these abilities will have a very minor impact. So it's basically a choice of: Amesha - who has abilities that actually do something. Every other archwing - abilities do so little it doesn't matter which one you pick. Also, in Railjack, there's the issue of everything else getting one-shot. I don't realise how they played that and thought "yeah this is fine". Maybe it's a consequence of devs always playing with dev cheats on, so t hey don't notice when they create a ship that has one-shot homing missiles. Yeah. How did that even get through testing? The other railjack problem - enemy fighter speed. A BIG part of how dogfighting should work is matching speeds with enemy. We can't do that. So we are forced to use amesha slow to be able to hit them. How the hell are super-advanced archwing tech and railjacks even slower than the interceptors? In what world does that make sense? We can't control archwing speed really - we have standing, slow forward, fast forward, and this is a huuuuuuge problem. Increase archwing speed, give us a keybind to target an enemy to "match speed" and suddenly people might cheese less and play more, because you get a little closer to actual dogfighting.
  4. Now that I think abou it, why is there fall-off in space? It makes no sense. You made everything a projectile cause realism - and I agree, it is more interesting - if harder - trying to determine how much to lead targets. But damage fall-off in space makes no sense from realism standpoint (nothing is slowing it down with no atmosphere) and also no sense from gameplay perspective (bullet spread fullfills that role on rapid fire weapons, and sniper weaons like velocitus shoul be, well, sniper weapons. Still waiting for stuck in crewships fix, since that one has been the worst so far. Some resource costs on parts are plain stupid, so I'll be waiting for that to be fixed too. Don't get me wrong though - I only come to complain, when Im having fun I just don't come here to express it, Im busy with the game. Overall, solid foundation for the mode, with some cripppling bugs/decisions you made, but both can (and I hope will) be fixed.
  5. Diode/pustule/copernic/carbide cost for Mk 1 weapon parts is waaaay too high. Like, 1 zero too high. Considering it's the first upgrade, it should cost nowhere near as much as it does. Been playing for like ~9 hours today (fair, about a third of the games bugged out), but the fact that after at least ~6 hours worth of missions I can't make A SINGLE Mk 1 part is beyond ridiculous. It's taking a piss really. You'd think you would be better at that, after so much time, but the sheer proportion to where it's imbalanced just baffles me. Fire the person who makes resource cost decisions already because it happens EVERY GODFORSAKEN #*!%ING TIME. FOR #*!%S SAKE. Just compute that. A person playing 6 hours can't make a Mk 1 (which is still kinda basic, we're not talking endgame railjack parts here) part. To make it, I would need at least ~12 hours worth of resources gathering missions of PURE GAMEPLAY. There are 2 guns, engines and avionic. That's near 50 hours pure gameplay to upgrade to Mk 1. Do you even think before releasing this? Lets say I play hardcore and go for like ~5 hours a day. That's 10 days... To make Mk 1 parts... Not endgame parts... Just the upgrade from the most basic parts. Now, if I play a more healthy amount of 1-2 hours a day, that's... 30 days or so. A month. Of playing every day. To make 1 Mk 1 upgrade for each part. For #*!%s sake. Stop pretending it's a silly mistake on your part, because this happens every #*!%ing time. Every #*!%ing update. Every. Single. One. And you never learn. You never seem to even do basic math on this or any testing. What's wrong with you.
  6. Alright, where do I start. First, boarding crewships often causes the first door to not unlock and makes it impossible to exit as well, so you're just stuck. If you have tactical 3 unlocked, you can recall, thankfully. Also, you can't see your allies even if they board the same ship. But if they destroy that ship, you go free. Also, oftentimes, what happens at the same time is instead of your weapon it shows you ground archwing weapon (so my Grattler) even though it shoots liike velocitus. Sometimes, right-clicking to aim switches into normal weapon, sometimes not. Also, I tried to suicide with angstrum to see if it would solve the issue, but shooting walls with angstrum, the rockets just pass through walls. Boarding any other crewships would result in the same bug after that most of the time. Had a host migration happen once in one of these circumstances, when I became host it fixed itself. However, my minimap became bugged (using L as well couldn't fast travel). After recalling to ship, it would still show me enemy ship map (I think) but bugged. Finishing the mission I got stuck in the wormhole-travel loop, esc key didn't work. Was able to use the archwing-slinghsot though to slingshot myself into the wormhole. That did nothing though. Also, on another mission, after being freed from a crewship, randomly lost my head. Allies saw me without my head too, I asked them. Also, at one point, when I got stuck in a crewship, my ally passed through door (it opens for me then, even if I don't see him), but the door closed while I was in it, and the result was this: Also, the archwing slingshot sometimes does not work. So either there is just no prompt to mount it, or sometimes, you mount it, and you get your archwing target, and if you click, instead of getting slingshotted, you just shoot your archwing weapon (in my case velocitus). Moving around caused me to exit archwing slingshot mode and move around the inside of the railjack while in archwing mode. Also, random framedrops from 144 up to as low as 24, especially when enemies are boarding ( I have to just blindly spam melee weapon through a slideshow until enemies die and lag is gone). Not a problem of my pc, clearly, since it's new and had no problems prior nor does it have problems with other games.
  7. Oh yeah, I forgot about 11 being max stacks, thanks! You're completely right. It has been bothering me that I saw about half orange half yellow crits, with orange just a bit more prevalent, where by previous calculation I should have seen alnost entirely orange crits, with only a few yellows. Definitely more like 160% than 190%, no question. Was going to do more testing to figure out why I was seeing almost half yellows where they should be 1 in 10, so thanks for saving my time!
  8. This is not true. Using it together with blood rush, only blood rush applies (my blood rush is unmaxed btw, rank 12). I tested this in simulacrum. War has 25% baseline crit. With both blood rush (12th rank, about 50% crit) and gladiator mods (60% crit in total), i should be receiving 110% crit per combo multiplier, so at 12x should have 25+ 25*1.1*12=355% crit. Meaning all my crits should be red. However, I was only orange crits with some normal ones mixed in, as if with blood rush only at 175% crit total (if only gladiator mods worked I would have gotten only orange crits, because it would add up to about 205% crit, or if the cap per combo point was 60%). That prompted me to take off bloodd rush, and try with 6 gladiator mods only. Was getting almost no crits at all (base). To sum up - gladiator mod set DOES NOT work whether with or without blood rush equipped. Gives neither flat nor multiplicative nor any other bonus.
  9. Also, I think either blood rush or gladiator set bonus is bugged. Here's what I tested in simulacrum: Silva Aegis prime has 25% crit. I had rank 12 bloodrush (+50% crit per combo mult.) and 3 gladiator set bonus (+30% per combo mult.). So I should get 80% crit per combo mult. Maxed out my multiplier at 12×. So thay should be 12×80%=960% crit. So 25+25*9.6=about 250% crit is what I should have. So half my attacks should be orange, and half should be red crits. However, I was getting half yellow half orange crits. Something is clearly not right. The differencw is waaay too high.
  10. Okay, so did some more extensive experimentation and I have to say, I never imagined it would be THIS bad. Like holy Jesus H. Christ and mother Mary too. I don't know what to say. The fun gameplay loop is gone. I can't play this game, it's not fun anymore. Galatine prime cleaving whirlwind build? Better to use, cause moving forward and attacking makes you spin, which is good. No blood rush = damage kind of bad EVEN WITH FOKKIN 400% dmg SPIN. Yo, what the #*!%. Obviously, my Kesheg with +300% crit on spin attacks (riven + maiming strike) literally does nothing. Couldn't kill normal enemies, and I was faster pushing lvl 135 heavy gunners (in simulacrum) off the map with my spin attacks than doing damage. But spin2win nerf was expected, though i thought the devs were smarter than just deleting it from the game. My niche fatal teleport build with balla dagger, covert lethality and riven? Dead, since covert lethality is butchered. My Sarpa condition overload and redeemer prime crit builds? Dead, both due to damage nerf and the horrible handling. Im not masochistic. Running and slashing instead of shooting didn't sound like a big deal, but it makes the weapon unusable, except perhaps for masochists. The only melee weapons I had some success with right now are daggers. My Balla dagger with condion overload build + riven + primed fury + gladiator vice still melts things. Just like before. Also, chromatic blade excalibur still works decent. Destreza prime felt still good, and I would guess other quick weapons should still be good, because they benefit the most from base damage increase. Basically heavy weapons and polearms dead, daggers/rapiers/other similar fast weapons without covert lethality only viable melee option. Crit mods made mostly useless for melee, outside a few nicge scenarios. Only polearm I could make work was plague kripath with condition overload and high attack speed. Notice a trend here? Tbe only way to play melee now is to build status, condition overload and attack speed. Literally with any weapon. LITERALLY every single other unique build that I know of was killed, and you can only build weapons like this to deal damage to high levels. Ember plays way better than before, gotta give you that. But melee changes are one step forward, twenty miles backwards, gotta say. Holy hell, Im still kind of shocked after trying it out. Makes me not want to play the game, sorry. I know you worked hard, but I can't help it, it's no longer fun, as melee was the most fun part of the game for me. I'll try to get used to it with my Balla dagger, but without covert lethality it's also worse than before, but maybe the only build that's still sort of fun-enough or ok. Or I'll jave to play Ember and not use melee weapons.
  11. Fair enough. As I said, i expected the spin2win nerf and explored almost all the other viable melee paths, not like I was just using spin2win "...the gunblade, the spin2win, the condition overload, the cleaving whirlwind/tempo royale builds and the covert lethality build archetypes..." The two things wrong with the melee changes are: One - it hit not just the spin2win meta, but the changes were so heavy handed they destroed/changed/nerfed all the ofher archetypes I mentioned, plus even most of my fun niche builds. Never seen any game I play do that before. And two, roomblenders were kind of fun in the way horde shooters are fun - to phase out once in a while not worrying about anything and just farm. I was expecting a nerf, but this is waaaaay over the top. The bonus thing wrong with the changes I would add is the time I spent making all the build work, so I would have at least one viable build for future content. All that effort is now wasted, which is frustrating and makes me want to play the game less.
  12. The melee changes look like a big oof. Pretty much screwing over people who invested a lot into loadout, but buffing early game/new players. And not just the spin2win. You're basically either destroying or heavily nerfing pretty much every viable melee build (outside buffing new players who don't have proper mods of course). Nerf on bloodrush destroys the bigger chunk of all crit builds. Maiming strike nerf destroys all builds using conventional or unconventional weapons for spin attacks. Gunblade stance changes, if I understood correctly, destroy both redeemer prime crit and sarpa status builds. Condition overload changes won't destroy my Balla build fortunately, it should shred early levels twice as hard, but it was a build I had for really late game, for which it's a nerf. Range nerf hits almost every roomblender weapon, which was 95% or so of all melees used. Honestly, by trying to expand the meta all you did was streamline all weapons to be more similar to eacg other, and destroyed most build choices. I guess my paracesis/galatine prime with cleaving whirlwind/tempo royale should still be close-ish maybe? Since all weapons are basically getting a baseline multiplier of about 2.5, but losing almost all synergies besides the most basic ones of all mods. Honestly, looks like melee will get way more boring. Where before we had the gunblade, the spin2win, the condition overload, the cleaving whirlwind/tempo royale builds and the covert lethality build archetypes, seems like you just deleted most of them, and replaced with a much more streamlined melee devoid of all tbe uniqueness each build had. As a person who always returns for big updates, not sure how I feel about coming back when builds I literally spent a thousand hours to build up to are suddenly destroyed. I wouldn't mind if they were no longer top-tier, that's to be expected. But destroyed completely like this... ouch. Might have to look for another game like this, where something I spent literally ages to acquire does not suddenly get taken away. Then again, maybe Im just being too harsh, but that's my first impression, doing some maths in my head.
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