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  1. I'm very much happy about medallions not applying to conclave. People shouldn't be able to max a pvp thing without actually playing pvp. Most of the rewards are exclusive in their use to pvp anyway, excluding cosmetics. And you can get the other stuff through other means, so no reason to let people max conclave without doing conclave. Also, finally, the toroid bug fix.
  2. Still no fix to toroids not dropping? Cmon. That's pretty major.
  3. Farmed 2 hours with drop chance booster and nekros, 3-4 flags that spawn enemies, only toroids I got were from raknoids (a bunch of calda and some sola). 100 percent bugged, not droprate, as chance is approaching statistical impossibility, especially considering the number of people complaining. Bought a resource booster just for this, really pissed at the 40 plat I spent that I can't use for what I bought it because something is bugged.
  4. Yes, well, you're probably right, it's just that the threads I was following to find out if my concern about whether that story/those stories are fake or not have thus far disappeared. Things like that can spook a man, ya know?
  5. Personally had no bad experiences with either support or moderators. Only ever got timed out in region chat once when someone was swearing that a game mechanic worked in some way when it simply does not, and I said something like "Sorry, but I think you're talking out of your arse mate", or some form of this expression, which should be well known and is just a figure of speech, not offensive in any way I think, and was quite confused when the mod deleted the message and contacted me. So it can be a bit strict, though the mods ARE fair (if strict). Been using only super safe language, removing any ambiguous expressions like that from my speech when writing in region chat ever since. Other than that only heard troubling stories about "negative plat", that if you trade with someone, say sell some primed parts or whatever to them, then spend that plat you just got from them, and then the person who gave you the plat does a chargeback or if the plat he just traded you was obtained in an illegal way, YOU'RE the one losing that plat, or if you already spent it - going into negative plat and getting permabanned, with support refusing to even talk to you, when you had absolutely no way of knowing about plat being fake. Now, Im a rational person, so I don't know if the story is true or not, but one such thread I was following waiting for staff/moderators/support to step in and clarify whether it is true or not just disappeared one day (I had the page bookmarked and was following, thread was just gone). That spooked me a little and I haven't bought plat for real money ever since, just in case it's true and I get a bad trade and my account gets banned, and I lose all the invested money into my account for something out of my control. It could be false, of course, someone justly banned lying or whatnot, but the thread just disappearing like that without any answer from staff/support/mods spooked me. Won't buy plat with real money again unless I figure out this is false. Hope mentioning this concern won't get THIS thread deleted too.
  6. I personally didn't like it. It was cool for maybe 1-2 games, until you realise literally no warframe abilities or even passives work (not even Zephyr's I think, insofar as I tried my air time was like with normal frames). I play warframe to play warframes, or at least operators, that's the most fun part of the game, not to run around with 0 abilities just jumping around and shooting. There are games that do that way better, if that was what I wanted - like Titanfall or Overwatch. Why would I ever do that in Warframe when there are more fun things to do in general? Why play Warframe if Warframe is removed from it? If they keep adding content that disables abilities, I won't play that content, cause it makes the game boring, and when I really run out of content which is ACTUAL Warframe, I'll just find something else to play, simple as that. This is just about the event and it's tendencies, for now I just ignored the event after running through it once and went back to other content where I can actually USE my builds and abilities which I put together through hundreds of hours of work and farming, and there's more thought involved in your loadout choices.
  7. Honestly, I stopped opening rivens by now. You have to do a ton of investment, and what you get is a temporary buff, because the moment a riven becomes useful it WILL get nerfed. What is the point of the rivens if that happens? Anyway, good weapons work fine without rivens. And for bad weapons - if a riven makes it good, it will probably get nerfed soon, so it's not worth the bother.
  8. Yeah, even Stradavar Prime with a great riven is weaker compared to something like Tiberon Prime even without rivens. Changes like these boggle my mind. Like, I have a God Lanka riven and a solid Rubico riven, and I don't mind the nerfs for those (maybe a little, because I think the cap should be like 0.8, so the rivens don't become simple worse than normal mods and you can still feel a small benefit to their use). But shen they nerf already too weak weapons that are simply cool in concept or feel good to use I just don't compute.
  9. Just want to point out that this hotfix broke a boatload of stuff. Like accessing my weapons in my inventory (it shows all of them as open slots) and accessing ayatan statue screen for sloting stars (infinite loading screen and had to alt+F4 there). Don't know what else it broke, cause O had to alt+F4 at that point.
  10. I generally only come to forums when something goes wrong to complain or provide (what I hope is) constructive criticizm. This once however, I feel like adding my voice to the praise, because this update for the plains is pretty amazing. I mean, the changes don't look huge, but boy can you feel them as you play. I'll be honest, the current plains conservation is more fun than conservation in gortuna. Just feels way mire natural tracking down animals in their daily life rather than using the pipe to call them to you. Just wish there was a way to track them down, like through footprints, or smell, or through knowledge of their habitats. More like an actual hunter than the "use this pipe to call animals" thing. Amazing update either way. Didn't look into changes outside the plains yet though.
  11. Doesn't change a lot, but QoL changes are always nice. Always nice if the game flows smoother. Would have to see the exact implementation to see how good it actually is, because there might be scenarios where you rhino stomp off the map or into your death by accident, where you'd want to cast as you land. But overall looks like a postive thing to apply the new slam attacks to ground cast abilities.
  12. I have to admit, I am one of those people. Looking at Rubico nerf you would think it's either power or popularity. If it's popularity, Panthera, Angstrum and some other nerfs make no sense. If it's power, then Lato, Angstrum, Rattleguts (yes it's pretty drcent, but considered one of the weaker kitguns) make no sense. I have an Angstrum riven, and I like the weapon, but it's just not good enough, even with +400% damage on my riven. If anything it needed a further buff. Tried to use it, but just not worth. It needs either a bigger explosion radius, to be a truly explosive weapon, self-damage nerf, or something else to make it viable. Also, the problem with disposition changes is that quite a few weapons are used just because the rivens make them useable and allow you to actually contribute to your team, as opposed to having to be the guy carried because you're using a bad niche weapon, which ultimately needs like 20 seconds to kill a grineer lancer at lvl 80. Hopefully DE realises this and does not nerf some of the weapons too much, because after they pass a certain threshhold for some weapons, it can make the game more frustrating for everyone, as people will be used to using those weapons, so use won't drop much, but they will be bad and you'll have to carry harder in the more difficult missions. That's the main problem with nerfs based on popularity - people don't like to let go of favorite weapons once they start using them (Soma good example) so nerfing does not drop usage that much, so more nerfs keep coming. It's a destructive cycle. The player base does tolerate such things to a point, but go too far and people will just leave. Not nerfing sole-ly based on usage like you did with Soma this time is a step in good direction, but the fact that it's made to sound like an exception worries me. If I one day will log in and find my weapons, on which I speng hours making them work, suddenly don't do any more damage, cause DE decides all my hard work getting to the top tier equipment means nothing, I'll just up and leave and recommend to my friend to not bother with the game either. Because it will be the honest truth that the devs don't respect all the time you put in their game.
  13. Holy. You left it for so long with no response a lot of people (me included) thought it was intentional at this point and were angry about it. A bit late fix, considering the event is over by now, but thanks anyway. Better late than never. Finally good news! Now if you fix arbitration rewards bug too (getting Adaptation/other mod rewards in mission, only to be replaced by seeding step ephemera upon extraction) I'll be good to go. (Also, pet change is amazing and I might just forma my kavat after this several times, cause it might be worth now)
  14. Still waiting for Limbo rift to get fixed. You know. The thing his every single skill depends upon. Right now all it does in orb fights/fissure closing is stop you from killing enemies, but not enemies from killing you. I thought warframe skills were supposed to help you fight, not the opposite. Right now it is simply a detriment with basically no upsides.
  15. I think the actual problem was not the auto-completiin, but what led to it. They just set the amount of scans needed to complete the community objective way too high for what it was. Like, scans that are impossible to find without google and give no reward? They should have set the completion treshold really low, because its not exactly something that entices people to do it. Then there would simply be no need to boost it artificially. I personally did the scans just for curiosity, while I was eating/chilling and didn't want to start a bounty while doing that.
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