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  1. It should be telling how insane railjack resource costs for Helminth were previously that even with these new costs I STILL don't intend to feed railjack resources to Helminth. But at least they are fair for those who play railjack a decent amount now, so a welcome change, and fair enough-ish balance. It bothers me that it took you a month to fix something so obvious (you're changing the costs from x2 to x5 times to make them fair-ish, we're not talking 10% changes or so - should have been pretty obvious how insane they were), but better late than never. Honestly, pretty surprised you dec
  2. Yes, but why did you have to lie about it initially? You're saying it as it is now - that it was a nerf (even thought you retain the "not intended" when talking about overkill damage counting, which is still obviously a lie - these things are a choice you make in programming, not an unexpected side effect which would mean a bug). Previously, you pretended the whole change to Marked for Death was a "fix". This is why people don't believe you anymore, and why people read through the "fixes" section for actual nerfs, because that's where you put most of your nerfs (I'm not talking about actual fi
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