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  1. If your question is about pure possibility then the answer is 5. If you sacrifice 96.8% of your daily standing you can be with 5 different syndicates. But a more efficient approach would be to start with 3 (no sacrifices made) and then expand to 4 which sacrifices only 11.1% of your daily standing. I'd recommend to play 2 days red veil and one day new loka then repeat to be max standing with red veil, new loka, steel meridian and perrin sequence Or you can play 2 days steel meridian and 1 day cephalon suda then repeat to be max standing with steel meridian, cephalon suda, red veil and arbiters of hexis
  2. nah he will be fine there is a special support category for this and with the ammount of ducats spent id say this is more than justified
  3. why would you sell mods for credits? if you have more than 30k play index if you have less than 30k play 5 waves Eris-Akkad or Pluto-Sechura and then play index
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