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  1. I hope it's the llama doggies!
  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...!!!!! D: Y u do this, DE? I LOVED that function ;_; At least make it a toggle in the config? Pretty please? ;_;
  3. SHENANIGANS!!! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6bk59ogkmrc6oqs/HtZ7Zy6y62
  4. You know what? With so many whiners in here I sincerely wish we failed the event, and that the new tileset didn't become available until some other event, and have people pulling their hair out because they can't access the cool weapons BP's... This community needs a BIG FAILURE and some consequences. Maybe that way we'd have less whiners. Also, tiered rewards would be nice, with matching badges
  5. Yeah, my EE.log file shows: Error [info]: Assert: (Error loading steam_api64.dll (Load failed)) And the only account that fails is the one I created through steam. I'm using the standalone version now.
  6. I so want in! :) Also, AJ is best pony. Whoever says otherwise must be mad or something o3o Edit: Europe, Spain :D
  7. Woo! Got my Energy Syphon! Thanks DE! :D I submitted the ticket shortly after the first E.S. alert, if it's any indication to the ones who are still waiting.
  8. I hate the devs to the point of love :U Now I must play more! MORE!!! +1 all the way. Keep the good job, guys... I'll keep the insomnia... Must... Farm... Mats...
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