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  1. Cool, don't need to play disruption anymore. Those medallions were the only thing on the tables I wanted and they're too small to justify using on regular factions. DE, I physically can't play conclave, or pvp in general, without my heart trying to vacate my body.
  2. Notenno is perfect XD Relieved it's a bug so I don't have to hold on to this 'fashion only' base excal
  3. Yeah I thought that was gonna happen but I guess not
  4. I want wall running like in the trailer so bad. My simplified idea for it would be to change player gravity to align with walls they run into. The current parkour is fine but fluidly running from floor to wall would be so cool!
  5. Decorating my dojo and the "Orokin Bench" line of items have bugged grids, far more so when upside down. All items in the image bellow are set to the lowest rotational snap.
  6. I never thought Nightwave would make my day but it's been a slow one so, thanks!
  7. Can't wait to get my hands on those solo Amalgam mods, Gale kick looks like a hoot!
  8. Super excited for this one. Love the look of Wisp, the new weapons and Gale Kick is gonna be fun on Baruuk! Hopefully the clan event isn't too strenuous on us solo bois.
  9. So DE's using their Umbral Forma for server mod capacity. Practical!
  10. Here's my Gazal Inaros back in the Silver Grove. God, that brings me back... It can technically loop btw. @[DE]Megan you might recognized him :3
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