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  1. Bug: Lights in arsenal flicker when view shifts from weapon to weapon.
  2. Kuva Quartakk still doesn't have firemode toggle. Whether or not it's intended it feeels really bad. Just why, it doesn't make any sense!? Tiberon Prime has three firemodes, Stradavar's got two but my Qua-bro's gotta get the smelly end of the stick.
  3. I've heard a lot of booing at the new kuva guns not being worth the grind/being outclassed. I suggest boosting their base stats per forma because extra mod space has zero benefit one weapons I'm already maxed build on and the MR seems hardly worth the extra 3 forma PER weapon. A baseline buff would be nice at least -3-
  4. These are good changes, I still want to see some tweaks to the lich's leveling system. Right now the outcomes to certain actions, even after learning how it goes, feels scrambled. I feel like you get punished for the wrong things and rewarded for the wrong things. I'll just list actions, expected outcomes and actual outcomes. When a lich spawns I expected several outcomes: I fight it, take it down but fail to guess the right parazon combo. I expect the lich to throw me away and flee, being injured after all, maybe forfeits the tax for that mission. Instead it kills me with a reversal and levels up. That would be fine but... I fight it and get killed, either by the lich itself or it's thralls. I expect the lich to gain a level for successfully killing me but it doesn't. Why? Why am I punished for the above mostly neutral outcome but not a fully negative one? It's presence causes the mission to fail. Again, nothing happens. Kinda expected but it'd be cool if the lich taxed all the drops for that mission so you could get them back as revenge. I flee from it and leave a successful mission. This is the only action that has it's expected outcome, we both just carry on. I get taxed and that's it. When it comes to outside lich activities, like area influence, I can't say I knew what to expect after clearing all it's node but I certainly didn't expect the dang thing to level up after I took all it's land! When it comes to the lich system as it is right now it feels really weird to get punished for what would seem like positive and neutral actions and have absolutely nothing happen when I straight up fail. I feel like testing a parazon combo would be risky enough if you were punished for dying instead of when you "win." It's counterintuitive and just plain confusing. I don't know how much work it would take to fix these issues and for all I know it's all intended to be this confusing but that doesn't make it feel good to play. I can't wait for that weapon fusion thing though, that sounds really good! And just because I'll never be over it, please straighten the Wolf shin armor... and do something to the new kuva stragh legs, they're just leg tumors right now.
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