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  1. Glad to see everything worked out. Shoutout to semlar.
  2. I think the challenges and execution of Nightwave are great so far. There is a nice variety of challenges and they appeal to all skill levels. I don't believe there is anything wrong with endurance challenges or challenges that don't cater to inexperienced players; if I player cannot complete them or does not have the time to, the challenge can be simply skipped. I think the 60% lenience for challenge completion in one rotation of rewards is great for this, players can skip challenges that they cannot complete or don't have the time to do and still get all of the rewards. I believe the only change that needs to be made is a selection of a pool of rewards in each of the 30 ranks. Having to wait weeks to get the new mods is really discouraging.
  3. The chat moderation is a non-issue. If you don't like their policy on chat moderation, then don't use region chat. It's that simple. I haven't had region chat enabled for years and I'm doing just fine.
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