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  1. Clan name; LoneWolf Prime Clan tier; Ghost (Rank 10) Clan platform; PC Your Clan role ; Guildmaster / Clan Founder Feature image ; https://imgur.com/G0IfQpz https://imgur.com/B1SZKui Note from the founder: The entire dojo layout and decorative features has been planned and laid personally (with the exception of the single garden near the observatory; which was done by my fiancé.) The funding of all dojo items and research has also been done by the same two people. Countless hours went into the process of getting the dojo to where it is now, including the funding of everything, and to this day i consider the entire dojo to be a WIP, it slowly evolves when i get time to dump into it and the resources to match what i want to do with it. The three large rooms have a brunt of the focus in the dojo at the moment; each one has multiple levels laid in and decorated with care for each objects placement. Best of luck to everyone; and hopefully a good contest will ensue.
  2. you'd be suprised how many people sell them as trash (and they were melted down) as a result of their inherent price and dispositions.. Give it some time and they will be rising just like the Artax riven; albeit probably at a slower pace.
  3. Rubico, Vectis, and Lanka; all are used while Eidolon hunting. so the disposition changes are not random at all. Vectis is more of a "overall content" gun instead of being better for eidolon hunts; but it is still effective with a good riven; able to 2-6 shot limbs Rubico is the mid point between the Vectis and the Lanka; able to also 2-5 shot limbs with a decent riven. Lanka is the #1 Eidolon hunting weapon able to 1-2 shot limbs with only a "Decent" riven. it also has innate Radiation damage making it ideal for the job. Hope this information helps.
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