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  1. * And K Drives aswell; even a single one; let alone all the main decks.
  2. I agree. same with Moa's; the top tier weapons available from Legs appears on the profile equipment list; but the Moa itself; gilded or not does not display on profile either.
  3. you'd be suprised how many people sell them as trash (and they were melted down) as a result of their inherent price and dispositions.. Give it some time and they will be rising just like the Artax riven; albeit probably at a slower pace.
  4. Rubico, Vectis, and Lanka; all are used while Eidolon hunting. so the disposition changes are not random at all. Vectis is more of a "overall content" gun instead of being better for eidolon hunts; but it is still effective with a good riven; able to 2-6 shot limbs Rubico is the mid point between the Vectis and the Lanka; able to also 2-5 shot limbs with a decent riven. Lanka is the #1 Eidolon hunting weapon able to 1-2 shot limbs with only a "Decent" riven. it also has innate Radiation damage making it ideal for the job. Hope this information helps.
  5. LeMedz

    Hotfix: Lunaro 1

    There is a overlay bug that occurred during the Lunaro patch and update that messes with the meshes of the tenno. Please look into this;
  6. between the LoS Nerf to Mirage, and Bless being completely @(*()$ obliterated I've failed 3 raids in the last 24h due to either the tram being stuck on electricity, and everyone dying around it (again,.. because Bless Rip..) Or mirage not being able to synergize with slowva well anymore due to the LoS restrictions. I've said it before and ill say it again, those two coupled with mag's death with this patch made me loose faith in whats to come along with U19. Kavats or not, they killed 2 of my warframes builds I spent HOURS getting built and setup, and many many other players aswell.
  7. welp... I guess im not bothering with my valkyr, trinity, mesa or Excalibur for a while. Not happy about this update trying to nerf good warframes while trying to "fix" volt and mag.