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  1. IGN: J.C.Santos MR: 12 Long time Warframe player. Recently got returned and I'm working to get in shame after a long break. That means I also need a clan.
  2. J.C.Santos

    New: Fire And Ice Screenshot Contest!

    "Praise the fire, praise the heat!" Note: Not exactly what I wanted to do, unfortunately I don't have any of the Warframes that would go well with the intention of this contest. Oh well...
  3. J.C.Santos

    Soon The Dead Will Rise... Nekros Is Coming.

    Still can't believe Nekros lost to Nova lol It would have been a much better option
  4. J.C.Santos

    A New Prime Awakens... Find Her Soon!

    Ok please tell me if I'm seeing things, but is that prop on her leg what I think it is? Is that Kunai Prime?
  5. J.C.Santos

    New Video: Operation "arid Fear"

    Would be much appreciated. Didn't understand squat.
  6. J.C.Santos

    Update 9 - Next Steps

    I reallly gotta say this, you guys deserve everything positive that may came to you. Being able to actually admit your mistakes and actually hearing what the community has to say is something I never, and I mean never, saw any company do in this industry the way you guys do it. I actually feel like the responsables for this game are part of the community itself and not merely silent individuals who care very little about their game. Thank you DE.
  7. J.C.Santos

    Spy Drone Community Event: July 5 – 8Th

    I'm sorry but how is the snipetron vandal a bad reward? I really don't understand. Don't generalize, some people are actually thrilled to have a shot at getting it.