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  1. IGN: J.C.Santos MR: 12 Long time Warframe player. Recently got returned and I'm working to get in shame after a long break. That means I also need a clan.
  2. ►B R O F R A M E I N F E R N O◄

    IGN: J.C.Santos Stats/Profile: http://imgur.com/a/Z9WuS Never trust a man that say "I don't like pancakes". Chances are, he is either missing out in life or a serial killer.
  3. New: Fire And Ice Screenshot Contest!

    "Praise the fire, praise the heat!" Note: Not exactly what I wanted to do, unfortunately I don't have any of the Warframes that would go well with the intention of this contest. Oh well...
  4. Figured as much xD Hope everyone is rubbing them tentacles on those christmas sweets :3
  5. This thread has been strangely quiet for quite sometime xD
  6. It's my pleasure <3. I wish I could comback to PGO but in a few months I'm going to take another break due to college work. It's just to avoid going in and out of the clan everytime. But yeah, if anyone wants the Vermillion Antitoxin feel free to send me a message and I will give my Vermillion so that you guys can have those sweet Twin Viper Wraith.
  7. Ok so I've talked with BlueJam and this is probably a better way to do it. I've got a spare Vermillion Antitoxin which I don't need. I was wondering, does anyone in PGO still doesn't have the 100 points (or a vermillion toxin)? I'm willing to give one to you guys if someone needs it so you make a team of 4 people that still haven't got the 100 point yet.
  8. Soon The Dead Will Rise... Nekros Is Coming.

    Still can't believe Nekros lost to Nova lol It would have been a much better option
  9. A New Prime Awakens... Find Her Soon!

    Ok please tell me if I'm seeing things, but is that prop on her leg what I think it is? Is that Kunai Prime?
  10. I think nobody here is going to blame you for your absence or lack of interest since as you can see we are all taking a small break. I could hope for you to get better soon and wish all the best but I know these issues with depression are not so simple and I bet you've heard millions of time how people wish you well, so I'm going to hope instead that you find some comfort and stability in your life close to the ones that care about you the most. I'm also gonna seize this opportunity to say that I've also lost a bit of interest in Warframe. Right now I don't really feel like playing it, although I still visit the forums everyday, keep updated on the lastest news and log in to check on my Warframes and such. Guess the small break I had to take due to techinical problems with my laptop made me lose interest. I'm hoping that Update 10 brings some excitement to the game because otherwise I'm afraid I'll have to ask Yui to kick me because If things continue the way they are then I'll just be occupying space of new members to come.