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  1. MickThejaguar

    What Ever Happened to Warframe Ability Combos?

    Saryn's spores already does corrosive.
  2. Cuz exalted weapons are some of the most interactive abilities in the game.
  3. MickThejaguar

    Time to BALANCE Warframe! (May Trigger Players)

    Enemies need to be rebalanced before we can start dropping nerfs on frames. The enemies we fight are complete jokes at lower levels and absurd insta-kill monsters in high levels. There isn't really any middle ground in high levels, either we're unkillable gods or we're fodder.
  4. MickThejaguar

    Melee weapon

    They're more so asking for dual nikanas.
  5. MickThejaguar

    Why do we hold the Okina like daggers?

    Why is that Berserker there?
  6. MickThejaguar

    Look at them

    Yea. It was fun.
  7. MickThejaguar

    Baruuk's got a lot of energy for an unprimed melee frame

    What do you mean? Didn't you see the amazing Cloudwalker augment that totally makes Cloudwalker a worthwhile ability.
  8. MickThejaguar

    Define good design

    At that high of a level you're definitely not going to be invincible with just Mesa's 3 considering enemies at that high of a level can definitely one-shot through it.
  9. MickThejaguar

    Define good design

    I didn't say her damage didn't scale. I said it wasn't overpowered. Those aren't the same thing. As a dps frame I want her to have a fair amount of scaling damage.
  10. MickThejaguar

    Is it true that DE doesn't like money?

    It bothers me how accurate this is.
  11. MickThejaguar

    32bit and dx9 Question

    Most likely.
  12. MickThejaguar

    Warframe Speedrunning Problem

    A...am I being baited?
  13. MickThejaguar

    DE can we have the Ninja sword now?

    Upon further inspection, it's not that comment is necessarily contradictory so much as it very unclear what point he is trying to make, if any. Like it kind of seems like he just said a bunch of facts about swords and then started randomly rambling about clipping.
  14. MickThejaguar

    DE can we have the Ninja sword now?

    He didn't contradict himself. He said that sword the OP wanted was a striking blade. He mentioned cavalry to explain the between a curved sabre and a straight sword. Did not say that a ninjato would be a cavalry blade, thus he did not compare warframes to calvary. So where's the contradiction?
  15. MickThejaguar

    DE can we have the Ninja sword now?

    It was rhetorical question. He wasn't legitimately asking the dude that, so the EA scenario isn't even remotely related.