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  1. Even worse, this was made into a drop after it'd been for sale with Garuda for a while (at a minimum of 565 platinum), effectively making anyone who bought look like a colossal idiot. Myself included. I wouldn't call it a scam, but it's definitely scummy and DE should do something about it. They won't though.
  2. Oh please, your post is a rant about how you don't like how others keep playing the game despite their whining. The rest is dressing to make it look like more than an opinion. I read your post alright, I read between the lines; You're complaining about complainers and added your own bile to the mess. No one is reading anything in this thread and thinking "wow, my perspective changed and now I can go about my business doing something else". As for the metrics you might as well say "vote with your wallet", it'll change just as little. I hope there's a huge drop off, but there probably isn't as the silent majority chugs along spending their evenings with a casual hour or two.
  3. It's a stupid opinion and here's why people keep playing and/or complaining about something they feel isn't fun anymore: 1. Because they love Warframe despite the actual bad updates. 2. Because they've sunk money/time into the game. 3. Because their online community is in the game and to stop playing the game means to stop hanging out with friends. 4. Because even though some of the game is bad, doesn't mean all of it is; You can do stuff apart from the new things. It's always good to take a break from something you've spent a lot of time on, but sometimes you have to speak up as well, especially when things are obviously not going that well. Nothing is so sacred it can't be criticized, especially not a product.
  4. It’s occasionally easy to forget that if you don’t play it with others you don’t get into all the meta and optimal builds. You’re kind of supposed to do these things with a pleb build and without potatoes.
  5. I think a lot of us knew this was going to happen before it came out, it's just that some of us weren't lying to ourselves about how bare bones and segregated it would be from the rest of the game. I mean look at what they're doing, removing the interaction between warframe abilities and railjack weapons (Rhino Roar and Saryn Toxic Lash), the only tiny bit of customization we could do by picking a different warframe and they knee-jerk nerf it because it "wasn't intended". Well what the hell IS intended? That you sit on your ass plinking away at fighters for 40 minutes? (I know you can do it MUCH quicker, we're talking about averages here) People are being creative with Wisp and Vauban, putting their stuff around on the ship for intruders or buffing allies, but there needs to be way more choice and I don't mean the clunky and neutered tactical synergies. I don't get why there isn't a cannon where you can shoot warframe abilities into. Just the simple ones like Ember fireball or Saryn spores. Instead it's Archwing 2.0 with even less variety and a much harsher grind.
  6. You're not a bystander, you got in my face and made a value judgement. You do something bad, people talk smack, but you don't think that's appropriate because you don't like to be at the receiving end. In that case, don't give people a long list of reasons to be mad at you and especially don't keep doing it. I'm referring to DE here. You not understanding this basic point is why I call you out as being in defense of DE, because it's beyond evident that not only does being nice not change anything, there's ample reason for people to be much angrier with them. Don't like the opinion, don't engage with me. Calling it a temper tantrum is just another way of attacking, to devalue my points and opinions because you feel offended, it's smarmy and sanctimonious. You can't argue disagreement so you attack the tactic, but the problem is that I don't care what you think about me or what I do. You already conceded that the content is bad and that's all I wanted in the first place. That was the point. You don't make me mad because you are calling me out, you make me mad because you're an unwitting fool that's distracting from what's important, over something as petty as not liking how others behave. And you call yourself an adult. Adults think three steps ahead, they avoid the conflict and get to the core of the issue. Children get distracted by circumstance, so either you didn't grow up or you're lying to me.
  7. Good. It's meant to feel awful, because the whole thing is a disaster. I can easily forgive the bugs, I can ignore the fairly terrible UI design, I'm willing to look past the randomized stats, I don't particularly mind the long list of missing features and I can even tolerate the insane cash grab that the repair drone was. What I am not willing to forgive is the piss poor gameplay, the total detachment from the main game and the immediate nerfs to anything that works well, such as Rhino's roar affecting the Railjack weapons. The one interaction between what you've worked for (in this one case, setting up a roar build) and the new game mode, they get rid of as soon as it becomes well known. Before someone latches on to that nerf, it's not about the one ability, it's about the attitude DE has towards their own game. Warframe is fun because you do with it what you please, you make your own builds and do the missions however you like, yet DE insists on nerfing weapons and builds that do things too easily, not caring one bit about the time or effort that people spend on their game. You know what's not fun? A 20-50 minute turret simulator with intermittent mini games that no one likes, which is all nearly entirely circumvented by Void Hole, which makes the fighter snooze fest a complete walk in the park, but the roar interaction that let you kill crewships with one shot was "OP". Okay. This was never about making a good gaming experience, it's just an arcade game mode being shoved in because the devs felt like playing with a new programming challenge. Now let me turn this around on you as "a developer", do you feel good when you call out others for being ruder than you like, acting as defense for what is obviously a sub-par product? Do you feel your feelings are more important than the work you do and the responsibility you have towards people paying you money? You have no business telling anyone what a reasonable adult is or isn't, you just want your little dopamine hit for calling someone else out and looking like a crusading champion of justice for some twisted notion of what is good behaviour.
  8. Thanks. When are you making Railjack actually fun to play and not a mindless grind?
  9. It's crazy that you haven't adjusted the Grineer armor values. I don't mean the fighters, I mean the on-the-ground grunts that take a max disposition Riven two handed heavy attack build to one or two-shot in melee. This is why we have power creep, because you don't fix values that are obviously set WAY too high. Also you really need to cut down on the amount of fighters that we have to kill. At the moment, void hole is necessary to even begin grinding these missions, otherwise they take 30-40 minutes to do, which is counter to everything else in the game. It takes too long.
  10. Better yet, get rid of drops altogether and join us in 2020 where we don't have to put up with 30 year old and outdated design mechanics.
  11. The Itzal. By their own logic there's now no other archwing worth using than the Amesha. Had Itzal retained its own blink ability, it would've been useful in Railjack. The Tonkor and by extension all self-damage explosive weapons. Instead of fixing the headshot issue with the weapon, they made it pointless to use due to its low rate of fire. The Telos Boltace, instead of tuning the waves, they made it pull enemies in below your melee swing and then push them out, making it actually useless. The Catchmoon. It's not useless, but it was over nerfed. Now I'm sure you're going to sit and pick everything apart that I just said, because your sphincter is so tight that it competes with the crushing gravity of a black hole, because I wrote 'uselessness'. We both know that you're not so infantile or stupid that you need to take everything said literally, so spare me the inevitable quote war and just tell me whether you understood my point or not, that DE overdo their nerfs. I don't care in the slightest if you don't agree. Because you'd be wrong.
  12. Because rather than doing actual balancing and adjusting values, they can sell you riven slots on a half-assed system that is supposedly doing it for them. Except it doesn't work, the idea is flawed from the start, rivens are obviously intended as upgrades/not as balancing measure and 99.9% of the player base don't care about 99.9% of the weapons. If everyone could stop lying about Rivens being a balancing system (rather than the initial idea being as such) and stop apologizing on behalf of DE, that would be swell. You're bashing people down with idiotic arguments that make no sense in reality. Balance is a joke and vastly overrated, most of you don't even know what it is. The Aksomati are not supposed to be comparable to the Aksomati Prime. They are in two different categories. Any excuse about making bad weapons good is just covering up that the system isn't working. Stick your intentions where the sun doesn't shine.
  13. I'm not fine with anything being nerfed. The idea that there is any semblance of balance in this game is absurd, so in effect all you're doing is taking the fun out of it. Besides that, DE has a history with over-nerfing stuff, instead of tuning things down they make them near useless. That's not the worst part however, it's that nothing in the game feels safe. I don't put forma into new stuff, because it's stuff like the Acceltra, that gets punished via riven disposition, the stats get annihilated or both. In effect, we're getting hours of work wasted because they can't tune things from the get go, even though it takes a simple calculation to put it somewhere near other weapons. DE is EXTREMELY lazy about tuning and they don't give a single f about the time or money that you spent on the game. On top of that, you've got a handful of sycophants excusing anything and everything DE does with "balance", when it's about them being 'umadbro' about how other people play or enjoy themselves in the game. It's pathetic.
  14. The game crashes to desktop, Win7 states that the driver crashed. Drivers don't matter. This happens every time there's a major patch (PoE and Fortuna being the two other times it was a prominent issue) to the game and halfway through you fix it somehow. Warframe is literally the only game I play where this happens. The big difference from this time is that the game used to still run in the background (though you couldn't tab into it), now it properly crashes the game as well. I have an Nvidia 970 GTX and I run Windows 7. The only other relevant information is that I play in borderless windowed mode on a dual screen setup.
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