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  1. Here's my Warframe Engagement Experience: Haven't talked to WF friends/clan in weeks, because after the Nightwave Break I saw that DE had learned pretty much nothing and that playing the game would be nothing but a chore. I log in once a week to do S#&$ewave and grit my teeth during completions as I can't turn off Snorah Snooze. I do what I think is reasonable and I only bring my top loadouts, because there's no point in experimenting or changing setups when you have to do the most obnoxious content over and over again. I ignore weeklies like the bounties, because they're slow paced content that you can't game or blow through with skill, dedication or anything else: Bounties have always been trash content. Why bother logging in at all? Because it's exclusive content and I might "need" it for some fashionframe later on for when I might find the game tolerable to log into again. DE's descent into becoming as cynical as EA is well on its way.
  2. Aww I feel special now, thanks. By all means, keep replying to bump my topic, I know types like you can't help but respond to anything they disagree with.
  3. Doesn't matter what, you'll have to live with the answer "whatever I want". I accept your point, but apart from overly dramatic and corny voicelines from Snorah Snooze, there isn't any meat to this "content bone". The fix for people who have done literally everything is the same as it's always been: Be social and use the game as an excuse to play with them. You don't have to agree, but you didn't really bring anything to this topic.
  4. Having to grind through months long repetative tasks to get 3-4 exclusive items is not good content. Slots, Kuva, forma and creds are fine, but they're not interesting. I can either do the tasks or do the content that *I* want to do, but since everyone else has the same choice and is gunning for the rewards, there's no incentive to play together doing something fun. Destiny, World of Warcraft and dozens of other games are doing exactly the same strategy to raise engagement in order to get players invested and buy more premium currency, loot boxes or whatever, this is no different. If you want my money, then fine I'll pay a subscription or battle pass, just don't make me do your dragged out and low effort content for a couple of exclusives. I haven't even started the nightwave and I am starting to resent how little you value my time. In my opinion you have crossed the threshold of bad developers and belong with the likes of Electronic Arts, Activision, Ubisoft and the rest of the marketing directed companies. Turn back before you've lost all of the goodwill of your audience.
  5. So, no matter what syandana you put on her that isn't a backpack, her flap will clip through in multiple places and it looks like an absolute disaster. I get that sometimes you want to have things flowing off of the warframe, I can even understand that you don't want to look immature with the 'flowing sprint butt' and I understand that sometimes you've rushed a frame through a little bit, but this isn't alright. Your game already takes up a premium 36 GB, most of which are probably textures that people will have to spend money on to get and a lot of us did in fact spend actual currency getting the tennogen or plat to buy your own cosmetics. The very least you can do is do the minimum amount of visual QA and make sure that it looks halfway decent on release. Thank you for the work you have done, the new tileset is amazing, the new game mode isn't half bad and the ropadopadingdongshamalamahumpadingersupercalifragilisticexpialidocious bossfight is a step up from the norm, even if it's riddled with bugs. Now remove the damn flap or hide it when there's a syandana on.
  6. No kidding, after the second mission I had to put transmission and speech audio down to 0, just so I could hear what my friends were saying on voice.
  7. Yep, already screwed up a choice because I was confused and picked a gold weapon part over a gold warframe part (thought the latter was bronze). Considering the very low drop rate, this is not alright. You owe me 50 plat DE.
  8. Bugs: Occasionally when falling out of the map during the actual fight, a warframe will spawn at the entrance to to the platform area and be stuck there. Sometimes during this bug, all players in the mission get the fade-to-black and fade-from-black (that you'd normally see when falling out of the map), repeatedly. Issue resolves itself if the Ropaloloolylylalyst is steered into one of the bugzappers. The Ropalolylelalalalist is sometimes stuck in a flinching animation, rather than being stunned on the ground. Using the laser corrects this. Annoyances: 1. After the bugzapper transition, enemies will kill you before you get the chance to move. 2. Player gets arbitrarily 'nullified', get stuck in operator form, get thrown out of operator form and back into the warframe without any visual or auditary que. 3. The Rapililalolyst (when at bugzapper, in between mega-laser shots) will fly just out of range of the Shwaak Prism Amp and taunt you mercilessly. 4. Same place, the Ropadopadingdong will fly straight up and into the top of the bugzapper and just sit there, again out of reach of the Shwaak Prism. 5. Jumping on/off the Rippadippadongaling and teleporting after the bugzapper removes active abilities (such as iron skin). Addendum: Circumventing our powers and having us get stuck in/out of operator form is beyond infuriating. It's one thing to make a fight harder, it's another to just circumvent what we as players have earned the equipment to do, because you don't want us to beat a boss too easily. It's not even that hard, it's far easier than the triplets in PoE, it's just frustrating to get one-shot left and right and have no idea why.
  9. Scott is stubborn and while he makes a decent point, he also hides behind it. This is what happens when a developer gets arrogant about their work and prioritizes making you play the way he wants you to, rather than letting you use the tools however you want; They start saying things like "enjoy it while it lasts". I'll bet you that he's the reason it took so long for vaccuum to be universal, because that was supposed to be a "choice". This is no different, it's obvious that players shouldn't spend several minutes travelling across the same map over and over again. By the way this is a criticism, not an insult. I understand full well when players who are too smart for their own good start messing with what you've created and are effectively mocking you by breaking it over and over again. Eventually you realize that a playerbase is like a natural disaster, you can't really prevent or mitigate it, you just let it pass and rebuild. Also lets not pretend that the warframe playerbase doesn't adore and almost worship its devs and staff. Back to the archwing: The difference between this and vaccuum was that there was literally no alternative choice. With the itzal you are paying for it with research, materials and a lot of energy AND you have alternatives that might be slower, but are still a hell of a lot faster than walking. Taking things away from players should not be treated like a joke, I was god damn furious when I saw the stream. I did not put in all the effort into getting and leveling all the archwings to be treated like some sort of entitled child, because I don't want to spend minutes of flight time every time I have to do something in the Vallis. I didn't wan't the open world areas, I think they're the worst things to happen to the game. PoE burnt me out and so did Fortuna. I came back despite of these places, their idiotic reputation grinds and new materials that invalidated all the time I already invested into the game. Leveling k-drives, archwings, operator amps and pets/sentinals is less a game feature than an exhausting chore to get a higher MR. Getting all those things requires my precious time and reducing that amount of time to get the things done is a priority. "Enjoy it while it lasts" when I don't always use the itzal (I do actually use the k-drives, even though they're bugged in a couple of ways), is an ignorant and petty thing to say. Nerf the Itzal if you want, but this will cost you significant goodwill with the playerbase for a petty reason disguised as a "good design" argument. Imagine having spent platinum on it an having this happen to you, good lord...
  10. This whole thing has been a bit of a cluster. You've got the Nightwave with too much effort (screw the "60%" narrative, the amount of missions per reward is insanely high now and people are burning out left, right and center), you've got the fissure event with a sidegrade version of a beloved weapon and then this scanning event that relied on community content that about two percent of the community even knew existed... Is it any wonder that things wouldn't go smoothly? Why would you even gate it behind the scans? Why not just allow people to do the content after getting 10 or 12 fissures done? The flavor dialogue was fine and all, but the scans are a narrative mess. I'd forgotten the backstory of the Vox before someone reminded me of it, that it was related to this. A normal run of the mill quest would have been much more interesting.
  11. You really need to stop locking content behind reputation grinds, in this case a double grind. I did profit taker because you locked the ground archgun behind it and stopped promptly because i had no interest in grinding out toroids for more operator content. I was willing to just not get Baruuk, but now you've locked a second warframe at the highest rep point. Could you maybe not hide new content behind these weeks long gated grinds? It's honestly not that fun.
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