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  1. The hot spots in the Cambion Drift never work. I'll go somewhere, fish whatever's hanging around, drop the bait and light up liquid and the fish stop spawning entirely. This is extremely infuriating and it's not the only thing not working properly, other things being the animal spawns (but you'll happily sell tags and animal parts for platinum...).
  2. Hello, this operation is not fun for the following reasons: 1. It takes too long to get to 12 waves. 2. The rewards are too few compared to the work required. 3. You have once again circumvented all that we've worked for in favor of not letting players be too powerful. 4. The enemies are pointless, the game revolves only around seeking out the spawned mechanics in order to start shooting the bullet sponge objective. Rinse and repeat. I hope that you will steer away from this punishing content in the future and for the moment at least quadruple the amount of the event
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