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  1. My Ostron Music Festival Mask inspired by Octavia. The feathers belong condrocs and they're dyed. Radian Sentirum in the forehead and Moonlight Dragonlilies on the sides.
  2. Most of the stuff you guys come out with lately feels half done in concept and execution. Lunaro, Arbitrations, Revenant's disjointed kit, Khora, Sanctuary Onslaught, etc. Do you plan on ever going back to give all of your content a real and thorough revamp so that it all feels robust and meaningful rather than a new toy added to the main game that is forgotten about and/or removed like raids? P.S. Please look at the frames that are struggling in their role or theme after fortuna launch. Ember Chroma Titania Wukong Zephyr Revenant Vauban Hydroid Regardless of what content you drop, Warframes are the heart of our experiences and when you ignore the ones that need your attention it hurts the community and makes the content drought that much more unbearable.
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