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  1. How about all members of the squad roll for their respective rewards, after each rotation individually and we can choose our reward from that pool. You know, like in the relic runs. Why not implement this to AABC rotation system? This will encourage group play and it will make abysmal drop rates of some loot (Khora and comp.) more palatable. And as a bonus, when you get some part that you already have you can opt in for some other rewards, thats more suitable for you, if somebody has it. I like this system in relic and I wonder, why its not implemented in AABC rotation rewards. I dont think it
  2. Gates spawn as fast as you can load next level. So if you have someone in your team, that has potato PC, well you will wait for a while. But I think they patch this and efficiency shouldnt drop while waiting for portal to spawn? Maybe DE only thinks they patch it and its still broken, like host migration :-/
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