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  1. I would like if DE consult some psychologist that would tell them, that stuff like Wolf of Saturn6 is counterproductive. I played WF for 1.5 year (after 1.5 pause), but this kind of endless event wores me down quickly. Mentaly. I probably spend enough hours weekly in WF to do all the daily/weekly, but I play what I want and when I want. This forced time-limited shedule that is permanent is the reason why I dont want to play at all. And then there's this new event, which is another mindless grind for many hours. So camel's back is broken again and Im quiting WF again, probably for a few months, maybe till the xmass, who knows. Im looking forward to Division 2 which is looking good. I thought that I will play 2 grinders at once, both are pretty unique and diferent, but with this kind of grind I must choose. And I choose new expirience. The charm in WF for me was the possibility to play anything anytime for whatever lenght and you will be rewarded. And you will miss nothing. Thats no longer a case, shame.
  2. This supergrindy event broke me (again). I need another year off of Warframe (again). See ya in Xmass
  3. Same here 29/30 after visiting all my 30 markers numerous times :-) But first few caves I discovered in group where I wasnt host, so maybe this is the problem?
  4. This problem cut my playtime from 2hrs a day to 2mins a day. I only need Focus, every other thing I farmed already 🙂 It's not my fault that the grind for Focus is stupidly high and gain in normal play is pathetic. So players find a most efficient way to farm it, BIIIG surprise. There's ton of ways to fix focus adaro grind problem. But first DE must realize, that the problem isnt Adaro, Equinox or stealth - the problem is Focus itself 😕
  5. How about the stealth issue? Is it feature or bug? Enemies seems to sense stealth kills across the room with no line of sight. Feels broken to me. And sometimes even sleeping enemies broke stealth combo, even if they were put to sleep in not-aware state. Tested with spider equinox on adaro, of course :-)
  6. Your event tab on starmap is broken, frozes whole screen, you must go through menu to another submenu. And what about that stealth nerf? Its a bug (I hope) or a stealth nerf of stealth. Becouse even sleeping enemies are aware of me, after I kill them. And yes I one-shot them :-/
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