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  1. Somebody needs to tell DE that challenge doesnt equal frustrating or long and boring. Or CC, thats another DE favorit :-/ And striping our abilities isnt challenge either. All of that is lazy game design and admitting, that you cant think of something actualy fun AND challenging. Last good example are eidolons. Little bit too much chaos but fun and challenge. At least until the cheese was established. Its hurting me to say, but maybe look at Destiny to see how to make challenge fun. Im looking there right now and enjoying it despite my initial dislike of the game. And no, kuva bois and NW daily dont bring me back, not for long. Grendel missions -> just another one-shot content. All those HC heroes who lowe challenge, how many times will you play this mission, just for funzies? Yeah, I thought so. And after a few months, how new players will get grendel other than solo? And those missions are not build to solo. GG. I dread and hate and despair :-) to think about what Railjack will look like. But there are plenty fish in the sea...
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