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  1. I'd advice to add a overhaul for the Dojo tools and it should make this viable.
  2. I'll get back into it. I was thinking of also diving this into Clan Tiers. Cause it wouldn't be fair for those with Shadow Clans, but instead as higher the clan tier is, the more requirements and difficulties. Of course, as for rewards unique rewards for tiers. I need to write a lot today!
  3. Greetings and salutations, fellow tennos, tenno fellows. Disclaimer: This is an open suggestion, it is not definite though and as long as I keep getting feedback I will try to evolve it and fix issues and such. Also, prepare to see some sort of essay as I want to include a different set of mechanics, interactions to the game, but don’t worry, you can look at the pretty pictures, but I will include more pictures as we can progress with this and modify those that are already done. So no worries. Children of the void, this is the Primordials Project: The Primordial Project is based on MMO raid bosses where a group of Tenno would have to move through a dungeon to find the final boss, but Primordials are large enemies that are currently being developed, these are prototypes that the Tenno need to shut down, but they are hidden in a facility deep in the caves guarded by stronger enemies and even one or few mini-bosses, but unlike most missions are given to us, where we are no told how to kill them. Each primordial will have unique ways to be defeated and the tenno will have to figure out how to kill them on their own for one particular reason: an achievement. The Primordials will require certain items in order to defeat them, the tenno need to farm for This game mode will introduce also an overhaul for achievements that will keep clans competing with each other. One of them which I meant in the last paragraph is ”World's First Clear” and what is the point of this achievement if the tenno are told how to beat the final boss? Among these achievements, there will be an overhaul for clans too as another achievement will be “Fastest Clear” where each clan will compete in which they can clear it faster. World’s First Clear will offer unique rewards, for there will be more than one primordial with time, unique decoration for the Dojo, and each member will get a decoration as well to place in their orbiter, sigils or even armor for your Warframe or Operator. Nothing that makes is a game-changer, but something you can be proud of it. Though those involved with the clear should, of course, get unique rewards And talking about competing with clans, I also have an overhaul, I know a lot of vets would love to see some long survival missions and defense missions back in Warframe, for that I imagine being able to compete against each clan with a leaderboard of which features clans who have survived the longest in survival or other mode, of course there must be unique rewards, not just a leaderboard to compete. So I think it is important for a is a similar system of Nightwave that we already have, but this is intended for vets who want long missions as there will be a top reward at the for the best guild in each mission type. THE PRIMORDIALS Have some concept work of the Primordials. I want to design like different types of Primordials. Not just this, but rather a variety of them which similar skill depending on their design, of course their faction as well. Grineer Primordial Corpus Primordial What are the Primordials? Primordials are colossal sized creatures and depending who built them they will have a variety of powers. They will also possess certain abilities and unique damage types. For an example, I believe in slam status which should be strong enough to knock down Rhino and Atlas. THE HUNTING ROOM The Hunting Room will be a room in the Dojo. The dojo will collect resources when a team hunts down Primordials and other things. The hunting room will also locate these Primordials. These rooms will also keep track of the top clan members' scores (how many they hunt and provide content) and global track on achievements on other clans and scores. The hunting room will feature their own standing system, where the clan unlocks tiers as a team, not as an individual. THE DUNGEON The Dungeons, are facilities where they keep the Primordials, these dungeons are all underground and the Tenno will have to face certain issues even going from mini-boss to mini-boss until the find the Boss Room, where the Primordial is kept, though I'd like if these doors will vary from time to time. Fighting Premordials shouldn't be something one person should be able to do so, as it should require teamwork. REWARDS As for the rewards. I've been thinking of unique rewards are a must specially for "World's First Clear" which could unlock skins for weapons, Warframes or even for the operator. Among the drops, well, I was thinking of maybe some weapons, specialized weapons for hunting them. Similar to archguns, except their own kind of thing and I was thinking among the lines of Arcmelee weapons, but these should only work against the primordials or more like can only be summoned nearby primordials. For those who don’t wanna read the long thing I give you The TL;DR: The Primordials Project is an exclusive clan content. That focus on the nature of MMO’s bosses where strategy and coordination are required in order to beat the boss and it’s not just swapping weapons and shooting nonstop. There will be different mechanisms involved in the fights and overhaul for the Clan system and Dojo. Unique rewards will be included and difficulty will vary also on the Clan Rank. Okay this is just one thing and I'm sleepy. I actually spent the whole day writing this and fixing stuff, I got more ideas, but I will update you tomorrow!
  4. Here is a better idea. Why not tie a reduction for crafting with mastery Rank? Like for each level reduce 1% or 2% from crafting. Leveling up is easy and doesn't take too long, crafting? Well, that does. Especially when you are in high level and don't have much to wait for to burn through those 3 days to get a frame. Instead of waiting 72 hours, it would be nice to reduce to 54 or 24 or maybe 12 hours for warframes.
  5. I currently have 34 slots. Currently there are about 1 slot per every two levels and buy 20 extra slots. Then Gear I have about 73 items I gotta organize cause specters and the restores I won't use a Large x Restore on a frame with low energy/health pool.
  6. I thought of this quite a long time ago, but I haven't been suggesting it, so I'll do it now. I want the ability to move the loadout slots to have a better organization of my slots, a second option is to nuke all loadouts. As of today I'm organizing my slots and I have to delete them, though I'm also revamping them, all of them, but it would nice to move slots since I come up with builds for example Eidolon hunts, I like to have my set ready (weapons and such). It'd be nice to have something similar to polarity swap tool for loud outs. This also includes for my gear. I have way too many things and it's kind of annoying having to look for the item or just remove. That being said, I also want the ability to select multiple loadouts so I can just nuke those. It's just for the sake of my health due my annoying OCD.
  7. The Warframe already have names. Unless we get to build our own Warframes, I don't see why we should name our current frames. It also helps a lot to know what sort of Frame people are using in missions.
  8. Oh no, that's not how it works. To prevent from getting caught in WoW, I hate other accounts and used several toons. Later on I founded a guild with some people from my school and I have them work on my strategy, so we could get rich. I was a lowly lvl 55 at the time while everyone else was 70. I had a fortune that none of them could ever dream off, which it was funny. Haha. But yeah, the system I used in WoW made me the richest person in the server, later on made my guild the richest, and we controlled the game. Even with the current system set for trading is no problem to pull a similar strategy. This is an old school strategy btw, dunno how things are now in WoW since I left since Cataclysm, but I bet it got more refined.
  9. Auction House are not really that good, take a look at WoW's Auction House, pretty easy to manipulate and control. In my younger days I was bored and all I did was trade. I made a fortune by buying an item in the market and inflate the price. As well as I bought other expensive items, entire stocks and decrease its cost, so I could later on buy them for cheap and turn them into something pricy again. It was all about the profit. Sometimes you gotta lose some coin to make more coin. An action house will not really change much, actually, it's gonna make things worse because of this. It'll have to enforce prices in order to prevent it, and by doing so it can get the community upset.
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