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  1. Maybe, though I was feeling more Chozo Warrior.
  2. Do Content Creators really have that kind of sway where if one leaves everyone who watches them will mindlessly follow? Some players might but I'm pretty sure most will continue playing or leave for other reasons. I personally don't care for content creators so it doesn't matter to me who leaves, why they left, and if they'll ever come back.
  3. From the Dev Stream Overview: Wolf of Saturn Six items will make an appearance in the future, we are deciding the best way to make it available for those who missed the first Series. It's nice that they're gonna make a return. I was suffering from a massive burnout so I completely missed Season 1 and only caught the Intermission by the tail. Hopefully it won't take too long to see those items return.
  4. Is there any possibility of updating some of the older Prime weapon models? I.E Paris, Burston. Would there he any chance of removing the key reqs for the Derelicts? Are there any plans to update more tile sets? Personally I think the Corpus Ice Planet/Wrecked Ship could use a tune up.
  5. I think they said at Tennocon that might be a feature they'd look into. I don't remember when exactly I heard it but I do believe it was towards the end of the earlier panels of the day. The art one maybe?
  6. How exactly would this work? Would they randomly spawn as an ally during the mission and help you out? How could this "Acclaimed" mark you for assistance? Stalker marks you for death when you assassinate a boss but what would be the opposite of that?
  7. This would be nice. I was recovering from a massive burnout of the game and missed the first season entirely. When I started playing again, I only just caught the tail end of the intermission. I definitely want a chance to grab what I've missed.
  8. Personally, I believe we don't really need any more Umbra frames. Excal Umbra is just the beefed up Excal for those of us who couldn't afford the Founder packages in the global build, arrived late to the party, or wanted to be a Founder in ChinaFrame. A longstanding promise fulfilled after years of waiting. That's pretty much the only reason, as far as I know/can tell, he exists. Though if you really want more Umbra themed Frames, maybe you could rumble up some support for Umbra skins.
  9. Is this based off the whole team's kills or the player's alone? I.E Team gets 100 kills, every one gets +100 pearls or is it I kill 25 enemies myself and I get the +25 pearls? Edit: The reports are in, it's personal kills. So now the problem has morphed from AFKing to kill stealing.
  10. This hotfix doesn't fix the true problem but I guess it's prolly too late really to address it (Maybe?). I'm gonna get into trouble for this but I'll assume DE has at least seen some of the feedback from various sources and will (hopefully) try to use it to improve the event for next year (Also assuming they'll even do it again next year.) It was fun at first but it's just a novelty event. Such events really shouldn't terribly grindy, that's what the rest of the game is for.
  11. Could use water balloon secondaries and pool noodle melee. Other than that, the reward prices could use a bit of a reduction or the rounds have some sort of point limit to speed things up.
  12. Psychic Bolts - I definitely preferred the old rad proc over the armor strip. It was a nice little chunk of cc that could be spammed and not removed by enemies like Nullifiers. The armor stripping is kinda useless considering there are more effective strategies that strip armor and that the ability is limited to 6 enemies max. Chaos - It's fine as is but definitely this: Absorb - Would be better if the augment was built in. Though an idea I think might be interesting would be to replace it with an aura like Mend & Maim where Nyx reads her enemies' minds and heavily reduce their chance to hit, crit, and apply status effects. There could also be a friendly fire element to it where missed shots hit other enemies. It might not compare to Absorb+Assimilate though in terms of survivability but it would fit her theme a bit better. Mind Control - I couldn't really think of any improvements or replacements but it definitely could use a bit of work. The idea of using mind control to disguise herself would also be an interesting ability. Some times the most deadly things are hidden in plain sight.
  13. It feels like some of the rewards aren't really worth their spot, like the Orokin Reactor at level 11. Sure it's not that deep in but surely something a bit more useful/slightly more difficult to obtain could've been put in that slot. I also feel like the Cred Store could use possibly use some more rewards tweaks Maybe some general Nightwave themed cosmetics. I.E. a Nora Night based Syandana or Operator outfit. Potentially bring back some of the older series and/or intermission cosmetics that players might've missed or didn't grab due to a hiatus. (I don't know if it will already do this) Possibly add some newer, more veteran oriented items. While it probably wouldn't be possible, I would like the ability to reroll one weekly/elite weekly mission, once per week. The roll would be random of course and you'd have to choose wisely. Admittedly, I've only started playing again 'round a month ago after recovering from an immense burn out so I don't have too much experience with the Nightwave system. Though so far, I think it actually does make a nice replacement for Alerts. No more waiting around for those coveted Nitain or Vauban alerts. Heck, there's even pre-built potatoes in there so waiting on GotL or Invasions for BP's is a thing of the past. Plus it's completely optional unless one wants an Umbra Forma.
  14. I wouldn't say it's the worst feature, I feel like there could still be a few tweaks. I honestly feel like some of the rewards aren't exactly worth the spot they hold on the loot list and (this is prolly just me) it doesn't feel like there are enough missions in the during the week to compensate for one or more challenges that one wouldn't want to complete. I also feel like the cred shop is missing something but I can't quite think of what it is. On the plus side though, it does hand out some nice rewards and it's also a bit easier to get some of the formerly difficult to obtain alert items. *cough*BoobenandNitain*cough*
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