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  1. I really wish DE would just sponsor an official wiki. I know it would be a lot of work to recreate everything that is already on the unofficial wiki, but having an official DE supported wiki would be so nice. This game relies on having a wiki for the players to learn from and, I'd like to think that if DE supported a wiki, we could have the feature to search the wiki from ingame, either codex or chat commands.
  2. wanning

    Coming Soon: Devstream #120!

    Will we ever get a way to report bugs, give feedback, and or report disruptive behavior by using the client instead of having to go to the Forums or to support to do so? It has always seemed strange to me that Warframe doesn't have a way to do such things in game in addition to the forums and support ticket system.
  3. wanning

    Strange I icon on Orb Vallis

    I'm not sure from the image, but those markers in particular might be in the Enrichment labs. The lab complex extends pretty far from the name on the map and if I remember right, you can see the interaction icons on the map when you're above the labs.
  4. I'd really like the option to have the temperature gauge visible on our HUD while we out on Orb Vallis. As it is, it's kind of a hassle to constantly hold M to bring up the whole map to see what the temperature is, and if you're in a cave there is no way to view the temperature, as far as I know. The gauge is the only reliable why I know to see the temperature and while there might be something like snow covering your pet or frame in cold, the gauge is still the only reliable why to know how much time in the cycle you have. It'd be really nice to have the temperature up on the HUD while you're out and about, maybe you're doing K drive tricks and the gauge shows you it will be warm soon so you head to a lake to catch longwinders then go to a cave once it's cold and go to a pond on the next warm cycle, heck, maybe you're doing a bounty solo and pause to fish inbetween stages because you see that the cycle with the fish you need is just starting. If we can't have the option to see it on the HUD, could we maybe get a 4 tacklebox slot that is a clock on the plains and temperature gauge on the Vallis? Or just have the gauge up anytime you have fish spear or mining cutter equipped. Expanding this to plains so that you have the time of day up on the HUD would be nice too. I'd prefer this as an option since I know some people like minimal HUDs and an options let's everyone decide how much they want displayed. Also, if we could get countdowns instead of, or in addition to the graphical displays, that would be awesome.
  5. wanning

    Please revert the Archwing control changes.

    Why not ask for the option to pick which method you want instead of demanding one or the other and forcing some people into a control scheme they don't enjoy? They have experimental controls as an option already for space, why not do something similar for skywing? There are obviously some people that like it the way it was and some that like it now, better off trying to make everyone happy with having it as an option to switch control schemes. Making it an option to switch between them might be more work to set up, but it's going to make a lot more of the community happy, I think.
  6. wanning

    Mastery 26 - Missing Mastery?

    Yes , I believe it's the board, the chamber, and the moa head that gives the precepts.
  7. wanning

    Mastery 26 - Missing Mastery?

    Kitguns, Moas, and K drives give mastery but are not currently listed on the profile. Maybe the accounts you look at that have more mastery have leveled more of those items than you have.
  8. wanning

    Thanks For Watching Prime Time #223!

    Was there supposed to be a Twitch drop on this stream?
  9. I just did one one of these, it was a Defense on Uranus. It was very disappointing, extremely trivial and just took too long to get interesting and was just too long in general. I went in with two other friends, one full ABC rotation took us 45 minutes, there was no real risk of failure, it just took a long time and the enemies still died in 1-2 shots 45 minutes in. I imagine if we had kept going it would've eventually been enjoyable and challenging but after 45 minutes we were rather tired and bored, especially since adds kept getting stuck in a wall or otherwise failed to path to the objective. I would like to see these alerts use the same traditional 5 min/5 wave/etc rotation timer but have the level the enemy scale faster, the end result would still see the end of the first C rotation at the same level as now, but it'd only take half the time. It'd also be nice if rotation C gave more essence, as is, there is very little reason to go past 60 minutes in this game mode.
  10. I see a lot of people complain about the A choices, but I'm more concerned about the C choices; I mean, at least I can always use more weapon slots since more weapons are always added but I'm only allowed to carry 90 rivens and each set of 3 rivens is essentially -60 plat if you haven't already unlocked all your slots. If the rivens come with free slots, that's great but it still doesn't help people that are sitting at max riven capacity, those people will be forced to immediately sell 3 riven or to sell the three they just got.
  11. I kind of like the change to stasis not affecting weapons, but, that is really going to kill the easiest way to do the 3 headshots in one aim-glide challenge. About the only time I really used Limbo was for that Challenge too. Maybe with the change to stasis I'll end up using him more since my friends won't complain about being forced to melee, but not sure I really will use him at all since the duration on the CC is going to be cut by so much and I honestly have too much equipment available to me to really use it all as is, I know, weird problem to have that there are so many frames and weapons in game that I just don't have enough time to really mess around with all the options that much.
  12. wanning

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.7

    Hotfix hit while I was in Elite Onslaught, we had just got the Braton Vandal Blueprint and extracted, when I got back to the orbiter the rewards changed and I lost the blueprint. RIP me :(
  13. wanning

    Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.18.3

    Elite onslaught is completely broken after the hotfix, the initial portal will not open. I've tried to do it twice now and the portal doesn't open in the prelude area.