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  1. I think you get points based on how fast you kill the demolyst for each console. I'm guessing you can get a max of 120 per console since it's a 2min timer but I think you can get more than 120 per console
  2. I'll ask the same question I've asked in about 3 or 4 of the most recent of these threads: it's been almost six months since Fortuna dropped and Scott said it was a bug that we can't name crafted K Drives and we lack a free forma on the crafted boards because gilding was removed last minute before the content dropped, are we ever going to get at least word that there is a fix for this issue coming at some time in the near future?
  3. Well, I think 15 credit per rank for prestiging is pretty close to what you get during the season since you get 50 wolf credit every 3-4 ranks, so you get 45-60 cred for the same number of ranks while prestiging. Bigger issue is that there isn't really anything to spend the creds on if you've been playing the game for a while. I have more than enough potatoes and nitain for a long time and there aren't that many cosmetics to buy that I've not gotten yet. When the initial nightwave reward structure was announced I suggested that they should add kuva for wolf cred since that is more of a evergreen reward for vets, may as well add endo as well, or maybe even allow resources to be purchased with the creds. I mean, I guess I could just buy Auras but I don't really want to sell them and none of the people I currently play with really need them.
  4. They exclude each other because the grenades detonate on impact when you use the new mod, if there is no grenade on the ground, it's not possible for tether to do anything. The way the mod behaves you'd have to use adhesive blast with the other two for tether to play nice with the new augment. DE probably just excluded tether and the new mod since the new mod just sort of cancels the tether ability. I mean I guess they could have coded it so that the fire patch is able to tether but that would probably be a lot more work than just excluding the use of both mods.
  5. I don't enjoy battle passes, they make it feel like you can never take a break. I know mathematically I can miss so many acts but that doesn't stop the feeling that I have to do every act that pops. I don't like feeling like I will miss out on a lot of content if I have take a break or go on vacation. Nightwave system is kind of reminding me of the Living Story from Guild Wars 2 and I really hated the Living Story because as soon as I took a break from GW2, I knew I would probably never go back to the game because I would've missed out on so much story content, it's been at least 3 years since I took that break. If Nightwave series were always available and we could choose which to do and work on it at our own pace it'd be fine, it'd be even better if the acts were just always up when you activate one of the Nightwave series. So, when series 2 comes, you could have the choice to do series 1 and all 10 weeks of acts for series 1 are available for you to finish series 1 when you want and series 2 does weekly updates on acts, acts would accumulate for series 2 as it goes so that if you started series 2 while it was live in the third week, you would have three weeks worth of acts to use to catch up with. Just make it so you can only have 1 Nightwave active at a time and allow you to switch which series you do. This would probably be a lot of work but I think this is the option I prefer, just keep series 1 creds to series 1 store. This would also allow someone to work on a past series they might not have finished if they complete all of teh current series available acts and they could just switch back to the current series when they were done. This would probably be quite a bit of work to create systems that would allow this but I think this sort of system where you can activate what would otherwise be timed exclusives is the option I prefer for solving the issues I have with Nightwave in it's current form.
  6. I expect there will a mission at some point that uses the Saturn Six captura scene as the arena and we fight the Wolf as some sort of assassinate mission.
  7. When are we getting the fix for the missing gilding function for built k-drives?
  8. Please consider adding something like Kuva to the evergreen rewards we can buy with creds. I'm sure there are other players in my situation that have no real use for potatoes or nitain and have long since built Vauban. Kuva, because of the way you designed the grind for it, is always needed.
  9. Scott said on a devstream around Fortuna's launch that crafted K drives were sort of bugged in that you can't name them and you don't get a free forma on them since gilding was removed from the k drive system last minute before release and he said they were working on a fix for it, is there any word on when or how that fix is coming along? I've been waiting to put any forma on my crafted k drives to see if get this free forma somehow and it'd be really nice to name my crafted k drives.
  10. Are we ever getting the fix for lack of gliding on K Drives that we craft? Currently when we build the K Drive it skips the step of allowing us to name it for free and to place one polarity on it, if you buy the daily special you still have these gliding options. It was mentioned this was a bug due to gliding K Drives being removed just before launch of Fortuna. Is this ever going to be addressed because I don't think I've heard anything about it since the initial explanation of why the bug happened in the first place?
  11. Will we ever get a way to report bugs, give feedback, and or report disruptive behavior by using the client instead of having to go to the Forums or to support to do so? It has always seemed strange to me that Warframe doesn't have a way to do such things in game in addition to the forums and support ticket system.
  12. Was there supposed to be a Twitch drop on this stream?
  13. I see a lot of people complain about the A choices, but I'm more concerned about the C choices; I mean, at least I can always use more weapon slots since more weapons are always added but I'm only allowed to carry 90 rivens and each set of 3 rivens is essentially -60 plat if you haven't already unlocked all your slots. If the rivens come with free slots, that's great but it still doesn't help people that are sitting at max riven capacity, those people will be forced to immediately sell 3 riven or to sell the three they just got.
  14. I kind of like the change to stasis not affecting weapons, but, that is really going to kill the easiest way to do the 3 headshots in one aim-glide challenge. About the only time I really used Limbo was for that Challenge too. Maybe with the change to stasis I'll end up using him more since my friends won't complain about being forced to melee, but not sure I really will use him at all since the duration on the CC is going to be cut by so much and I honestly have too much equipment available to me to really use it all as is, I know, weird problem to have that there are so many frames and weapons in game that I just don't have enough time to really mess around with all the options that much.
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