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  1. Host migration has been especially bad with Deimos, for a while a migration would completely break whatever bounty you were in. Sometimes, if the host leaves after the bounty is done, because they don't want to wait for everyone at extract, I'll have the final stage reward of the bounty pop up again. I've not looked to see if I actually got two rewards, though.
  2. I've been noticing unusual drops after his hotfix too, mostly when I go into a menu or hit tab to look at the scoreboard. Maybe it's something else but I don't know of anything that might be different. Usually I'm at the cap I set of 70 and sometimes drop to around 50, rarely down to 30, this morning I was hitting 16 or lower pretty much every time I tried to look at the progress screen or went to any other menu.
  3. 2nd and 3rd vaults bug every time if you try to open the bonus vault, if you skip the bonus vault they work fine. As you say, you have to run back to first vault to complete the 2nd and 3rd bounty if you open the bonus vault. I'm also running into a teleport volume on the bonus vault door everytime I'm running as a client. Only way into the vault is to to slide or roll and hope you end up past the teleport volume, otherwise you can't loot the vault. Sometimes the second and third bonus vault doors take a really long time to open, as well.
  4. Edit as I thought this was PC bugs at first: I was running into the bug you mention most often due to a host migration or worm cycle reset, if I recall.
  5. We need a better source of scintillant or they need to be just a reward from opening the bonus on the isolation vaults. I spent 30 minutes just farming the first stage of tier 2 bounty, got nothing and I've spent the last couple days doing isolation vaults and have never seen one to even have a chance to catch it. Replace the ayatan star on tier 5 with 2x scintilalnt or something. We might only need 12 for current crafting but father token are an insane sink for these things. I've played quite a bit since release of the update and I only have 2 scintillant, these things should be much more com
  6. If it doesn't always spawn in a vault and it doesn't show up on loot radar when it does spawn, I'll probably just be better off farming the tier 2 bounty stage 1 and 2 than spending 10 minutes searching each vault in the hope of finding one. Does it have some sort of effect on it or make a sound at least? If it's just the model with no other effect it's going to be really annoying to find and I bet I end up getting more by accident trying to melee containers or adds than by aiming for it. Also, is this like the Vome essence where it only goes to the first person to collect it or can everyone i
  7. I don't know if I'm just getting old, but it's really hard to see much of anything in this open world. It's really pretty but everything is just sort of washed out by red and the environment is just bright red that masks most of the enemies and makes it really difficult to acquire targets. I've mostly been playing by mini map and spamming aoe in the direction of things rather than actually feeling like I'm taking shots at things. Infested chargers and other smaller units are easily hidden by the tendrils that cover everything and about all I see is saturated red everywhere. I might have to loo
  8. I didn't get the necramech statue and am on PC and logged in that day to Warframe the day of Tennocon, should I just wait at this point or when you say the script is complete that everyone should have gotten the items by now if they were supposed to get them and should I make a ticket.
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