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  1. For some reason, Nikana Zaw have this bug where its scabbard is gone when 'Visible when Holstered' option checked and the scabbard + sugatra persist when the option not checked When the option checked When the option not checked
  2. As the title suggest, me and my clanmate was doing Endurance run of Hostile Merger. I was falling to bottomless pit and suddenly the UI is freezing, not counting any progress at all. Even when extracting while other teammate get 12k, i only get 10k because of UI freeze/bug. Anyone having this same problem?
  3. Well, Rest in Peace Nova cheese, it was fun while it lasted.Maybe increasing the overheat rate of Exploiter Orb or something? So we won't waste fighting it for 30 min since we can't cheese 1st phase anymore
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