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  1. There's also a glyph. Seriously, though, this thread is insufferable. Sometimes I don't like this community very much. It's a stream. Quit being entitled and just don't watch the goddamned stream if you don't feel like it. I'd rather it have somewhat inconsequential drops just as a little tip for watching than have rare resources that I'm forced to catch every stream for or miss out on. Y'all are entitled as hell.
  2. ... I think this is the first time I've ever had DE staff reply to me directly on anything. Hey, while I'm at it, mind bringing the Astilla's broken FX to their attention too? 😉
  3. Seriously? No fix for the completely broken and very popular Naru syandana? It can't be that hard to fix...
  4. This is too much for me to address point by point, but I'll start with this: I understand these frames perfectly well. I've been playing for 4+ years and have maximized every single frame. I play Oberon often, and I can tell you Smite is not 'useable' especially for a frame that already has to manage its energy with Renewal on higher-cost high-strength builds. Even still, my point was never that these abilities should be 'usable', it was that they should be GOOD. Worth the energy cost. I'm never going to cast Ember's Fireball because I'll kill enemies faster and without expending any energy using almost any decent gun. The puncture and radiation procs cast by Smite aren't really worth the trouble, especially since so many weapons can dole out lots of procs in a wide area very easily. I will, as I did with the other poster, acquiesce that Frost's Freeze is more useful than I gave it credit for, but I stand by the rest. The point you make about 'not properly updating things' is invalidated by recent reworks to some of the mentioned frames that still don't address these problems. At least, relatively recent; recent enough that it was still during the time when ridiculous scaling had become a thing. Smite got reworked to do its percentile damage but still doesn't do it well. Chroma's Spectral Scream got reworked so that it scaled off of Vex Armor just before his prime came out, and that didn't make it any more useful either. Atlas could have had his Rumblers buffed, or the damage on his Tectonics boulder, just before he got primed and it would have made him much more fun with a small tweak... but nothing. DE seems genuinely very hesitant to improve damage abilities even when they do come back to them. As for the point about Grendel, focusing on his damage buff is disingenuous. His 3 is literally a single damage ability, all it does is fire an enemy as a projectile to deal damage. His 4 could be considered CC, but it'd be kind of poor CC. It'd mostly seem like a mobility ability, but it'd be way more fun if it actually killed enemies often rather than just making you go fast and knock down enemies. His 1 has a vomit function that creates a toxic AOE to deal damage. Also, you mentioned "if you have abilities that are too good at killing you invalidate your loadout." Except you don't. Guns do not and will never cost energy, and energy is a ton more limited than ammo. I admit that certain abilities would be too effective at killing stuff, but A. we already have Saryn's Spores so we're kind of past the point of no return on that one and B. there are very few other abilities that would be 'more' effective than most guns. Even if Spectral Scream were buffed to deal massive damage, it'd still be in a short range and would be kind of risky to use. Even if Fireball were buffed to deal huge damage, it'd still require a chargeup and an energy cost and have a limited area of effect. Oberon's Reckoning may be a bit harder to balance, but I addressed that in another post. Also, I addressed how Reckoning's pile of pointless half-uses don't really make it worth using. Its blind is finicky to the point of uselessness, its armor strip is an annoying combo to set up that is sometimes slower than just shooting the enemies and costs a hell of a lot more energy, and its use as CC is worthy of a 1st ability that costs 25 energy. FINALLY: The point about scaling being the cuplrit is correct, but it's also just... the thing I said. The problem is that right now, the endgame is focused on the higher end of that scaling; sorties, arbitrations, kuva floods, all very very high levels where these abilities do not work in the least. If they're not going to rework or replace these abilities with ones that are more synergistic, the least they could do is update them to actually be worth using in lategame.
  5. Yes, I'm aware. I pointed out Fireball because it's one of the purest examples of a pure damage ability, and in the current live build is also consequently useless. I specifically mentioned Oberon's percentile scaling in my post. I play Oberon often, and Smite behaves extremely poorly; this is because the orbs, as I understand it, are calculated from base HP and not effective HP, which means they still suffer severely against the Grineer. Weirdly, I also notice them not doing much to other enemies despite my high power strength, but I don't have an explanation for why that is at the moment. That's partially fair about Frost's Freeze. Reckoning, however, is useless; the armor strip is janky and requires you to combo two abilities in a way that other frames can easily achieve with one ability, and the blind effect is so inconsistent that it might as well not exist at all. If it were up to me, I would rather have Oberon's ability just do pure damage and then actually kill things, because that'd be quite satisfying, instead of a bunch of messy extra functionality that only half-works. Powers that just deal damage are limited by a few things already, namely their energy cost and the fact that they're kind of unwieldy, as many don't actually have the reach and range that guns do. The problem with 'they shouldn't outright nuke stuff' is that powers... kind of should, really. If they're not outright nuking stuff, there's going to be no reason to use them, because guns are already outright nuking stuff in this game. Look at things like the Catchmoon or Arca Plasmor where you can completely wreck entire hallways in one or two shots even at pretty high levels. And that doesn't cost one single point of energy. For abilities like Reckoning and Radial Javelin, that might be just too good at completely wrecking entire maps, there are some solutions. I might suggest a cooldown system, so that you only use these abilities when you really need it and can't just spam them to keep the enemies at bay. If you really can't find some way to make a damage ability good without shoehorning in some kind of awkward alternate functionality (again, like Radial Javelin or Oberon's Reckoning's weird blind and armor strip effects) then just replace it with another ability altogether, please. It's not like watching Oberon do his dramatic animation and slam enemies into the ground and deal about 5% of their HP in damage is particularly satisfying or fun to watch for long, as much as I love the ability in concept. At our current level, guns will always outshine abilities because guns can destroy entire groups of enemies and don't cost a single point of energy. This is the whole point of the original post: the illusion that this kind of balance exists in Warframe. The idea that you can wipe out whole crowds with certain guns but can't even kill one enemy with many damage abilities is emblematic of this, and if you're spending actual energy on an ability, especially more than 25, an ability should be far more effective than any gun you can use. Or, at the very least, guarantee a kill on anything it hits so that it's actually fun to use.
  6. Bandaid Augment is specifically defined as an augment that bandaids over a bad ability in order to make it useful, so yes, it's a bandaid augment by definition. I did say it was pointless though, which I still personally think is true because I don't think the melee bonus is worth 75 energy when Excal's exalted blade already wipes the floor with most things, but that's more my opinion than the rest of the post I guess.
  7. Did you miss the part where I said there were exceptions, and listed a bunch of specific examples?
  8. So, I want to talk about one of the biggest flaws in the design of Warframes in my opinion: DE's reluctance to let go of their idea of 'balance'. A lot of frames have pure or mostly damage abilities. To list a few examples: - Ember's Fireball - Excalibur's Radial Javelon - Oberon's Smite - Chroma's Spectral Scream - Oberon's Reckoning To name a few. One of the things I've noticed over the years is that, consistently, the majority of damage-based abilities that are not either Exalted weapons or influenced by melee weapon mods are completely useless in anything approaching endgame, usually falling off in levels above 60. I think the reason for this is somewhat obvious; we can see it in the way that abilities that are based around the current mod system are very good. Abilities like Khora's Whipclaw, Atlas' Landslide, even Gara's Shattered Lash are all rather effective, and the only somewhat ineffective exalted is Baruuk's. So, the way I see it, this comes down to DE being worried that without the investment of endgame mods or other such things, these abilities must scale to lower-game content to prevent new players from getting access to abilities that deal extreme amounts of damage before any of their guns can achieve similar effects. Or, it could just be an attempt to hold on to an old-fashioned balance that has become completely obsolete for mid and end game players, where scaling gets out of control. But this hamstrings these abilities into being almost completely useless in the later game. For some reason, DE seems insistent on making most pure damage abilities very poor. There are a couple of more exceptions, like Saryn's Spores and Revenant's and Wisp's 4th abilities. One of DE's attempts at fixing this problem was introducing percentage scaling on things like Oberon's Smite, but this did little to solve the problem. This is even more egregious in Revenant's 3rd ability, where its absolutely pitiful percentile damage means it's as likely to kill a level 150 Bombard as it is to kill a level 1 Butcher. I think this is a fantasy, a picture of balance that Warframe either never had or hasn't had for a long time. The concern about new players getting access to abilities that can kill stuff simply too efficiently is not worth hamstringing every single one of these abilities into practical uselessness late game. The bottom line, in my opinion, is that every single ability in the game whose primary effect is to deal damage should be able to instantly or quickly kill almost any enemy in the game. There is no reason for this not to be the case; most guns with even a small amount of investment will do the same thing, and unlike guns, you're not usually expending a truly limited resource. Energy is coveted because people constantly want to be casting abilities, and so it is never spent on abilities that are not going to do anything, like Fireball. Think about it like this. With the current state of things, Excal is spending 75 energy to deal less than the damage of a single shot from any halfway decent gun to every enemy around him. 75 energy for virtually nothing. Why? The ability might as well not even exist. For all intents and purposes, outside of niche uses and pointless bandaid augments, Excal might as well have 3 abilities, and Slash Dash is kind of borderline. I worry about this going forward, because a lot of Grendel's abilities look centered around raw damage. His 1's vomit feature, his 3, and the rolling damage of his 4. And if his 3 doesn't vaporize every single enemy he hits, it's going to be completely useless, because most guns can do that for free. There's also Vauban's new nail grenade, which looks like it does very pitiful damage, Ember's fireball, and Vauban's orbital strike, which is going to need to do an immense amount of damage to justify building any amount of power into a mostly range-based frame, let alone justify the long casting anim. I mean, to be fair, the kickass explosion is probably worth the casting anim, but it's not going to mean much if it doesn't absolutely wreck every enemy in its radius for 75 friggin' energy. Oh, and Atlas' Rumblers should instant-kill any enemy in one punch, considering how slow they are to hit and how unwieldy they are and how much energy they cost. Even a level 135 bombard. If it actually manages to path to and then hit a level 135 bombard, then it deserves to punch him into the goddamn sun. DE needs to stop worrying about balancing the damage on pure damage abilities. Let them wipe the floor with enemies, because most guns can already do what they do but with way less cost.
  9. It's good that you guys are taking the time to make this one come out in good shape. Also, though, pls fix the Astilla's broken FX.
  10. Will we ever get a fix for Astilla's broken FX, or is it just gonna' be left like that? DE pls.
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