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  1. Hopefully Octavia and Limbo's emissives are fixed. Update: They're not! In fact, there's even more broken stuff now! https://puu.sh/DdjTb/832234ffd8.png As you can see here, no hint of red in her mandachord part OR in her ponytails. https://puu.sh/DdjU7/cc2765ad51.png Here's how it looks when you update it in the arsenal, but it immediately reverts when you leave arsenal. As well, Limbo Limina's emissives constantly have a 'default' secondary energy color no matter what you choose, as seen here: https://puu.sh/DdjYr/83c9456b01.png https://puu.sh/DdjYR/7a6c9d614b.png I don't think those two colors interact that way. Finally, Atlas' lights are totally broken after this update and are practically wholly dominated by second energy color. Here's a before and after comparison: https://puu.sh/DdiZr/2728ad9c3c.png Before, amazingly blended and looking great. https://puu.sh/DdjQr/e5d73b002a.png After, COMPLETELY the second energy color. This is a great feature and all, but c'mon... I feel like maybe it needed a little longer in the oven. Like, a lot longer in the oven.
  2. I've posted about this repeatedly, but I need to make a proper thread for it. At this point, it doesn't scan as a bug, so I'm putting it here. As you may have noticed by now, block combos are screwed. You cannot perform them without being shunted back to your gun anymore. This is a serious issue, because at least in my opinion, block combos are some of the most satisfying and fun on MANY stances, even the newly released Wise Razor! This seems like a glaring oversight but it has been very long since Melee 2.99999 was released and there's still no acknowledgment of this huge category of broken combos. And yes, I am aware that if you start a combo and then hold block, you will be able to complete the combo and keep swinging. The problem is that when you stop swinging, when you are no longer anim-cancelling the weapon swap, it instantly forces you back to your gun which absolutely kills the flow of melee combat. ALSO WHILE I'M HERE FIX THE ASTILLA'S FX. >: (
  3. Even after the recent update, in which they showed a picture of Limbo Limina's energy emissives, they are still broken, just in a different way. Octavia's are also still broken, with a 'default' energy color showing instead of the second energy color. No energy color applies to Octavia's Diva helmet's ponytails either.
  4. See title. You can see the second energy color if you update their main energy color by hovering over colors in the picker etc., and then it seems like it applies properly, but once you exit your arsenal it reverts to having no secondary color.
  5. Stillllll no fix for block combos, or for the Astilla's broken FX? C'mon! Still, the rest is lovely!
  6. Hi there! I have my gorgeous Raksa Kubrow, Sigil: who has double phorid red, lotus pattern, bulky and red energy! My starting offer is at 1k for both prints! A little less pricey, I have these two: My two kitties, Rune and Hiero! Both of these lovely boys, Smeeta and Adarza respectively, are selling for 120p for both prints! Post on here or PM me in game and let's chat!
  7. STILL no fix for broken melee combos?! It's been weeks! Melee block combos still force you back to your gun after you finish the attack animation, which completely ruins the flow of melee combat and makes those combos really frustrating to use, which is a serious issue considering block combos are often some of the best on many stances. Also, the Astilla's FX is still borked and so is the Spira Day of the Dead Skin not applying to Spira Prime's projectiles. Just to get all my little issues in there. Still, thanks for the update!
  8. Here he is! This is my lovely boy Rune, who I've had for some time. I have both imprints and am offering them both for a total of 150p, which I think is fair! PM me in-game or respond here if interested!
  9. Incorrect. It will do the combo, but the moment you stop swinging as the animations 'delay' the switch, it immediately shunts you back to your weapon, breaking the flow of melee combat. I don't know how you managed to do it without getting forced back.
  10. Still no fix for broken melee block combos & Astilla FX? Melee block combos cannot be performed, at least with fire input melee otherwise I'm not sure, without being forced back to your gun once you stop attacking because the 'block' button is now the aim button. This is a serious bug as a lot of the best combos are block combos. It has been present for over a week now and still no fix for what seems like a basic issue? The Astilla thing has been an issue all the way since Fortuna dropped, probably earlier. Its projectiles are completely screwed and it makes the weapon feel kind of bad to use. Less important, but a pet issue for me. 😜 As per:
  11. I am still very confused about how block combos now work. So far, when using the fire input method anyway, it seems like the only way to do block/RMB combos is to hold down RMB after beginning a combo. However, when you stop attacking, you are forced immediately back to your gun as if you'd aimed. What's the deal?
  12. Astilla is still broken; its projectiles appear as thin little needles instead of the big glass slugs that they used to be. This bug has been present since Fortuna dropped; presumably it relates to the glow mask on slugs being broken and therefore exposing the base projectile. Makes the Astilla look and feel VERY weak.
  13. It might be, and this is just a guess, something to do with the 70% reduction in charge time?
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