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  1. Glyphicality

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    Well, three things: One, as addressed in another reply to me, this doesn't only buff Nezha in this regard. He can also now use Arcane Guardian, Arcane Avenger, Arcane Grace, and Arcane Barrier (if for some reason you wanted to), and there's absolutely nothing wrong with also being able to regen energy even if you won't always need it. The other thing is that you're talking about his 4 like it's some kind of damage ability, but it isn't. The reason you would want to be able to re-cast his 4 often is because it's a CC ability, where you have to recast it to CC new enemies that have entered your radius since the last time you cast it, or when you move to a new location. Being able to recast it more often will make him more effective and consistent at CCing enemies. Also, Safeguard would interrupt OTHER allies who relied on things like Hunter Adrenaline or on-hit Arcanes and effects for certain things, and this will no longer be a problem for them. Overall, it un#*!%s a lot about Warding Halo, and the only negative is that you don't have what is effectively permanent godmode on a frame that already has plenty of other good abilities, which I think you can get over.
  2. Glyphicality

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    You're forgetting about Equilibrium, which will give a huge buff to Nezha's energy economy...
  3. Glyphicality

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    Don't be. Damage reduction is plenty enough, especially with all the other benefits in exchange. The damage reduction is arguably a significant buff, as Nezha will now be able to use Hunter Adrenaline and Arcanes that trigger on damage like Arcane Avenger. I play Nezha a lot, and I can tell you for a fact that this will be nothing but a buff.
  4. Glyphicality

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    You guys have cleverly cloaked a buff in the veneer of a "nerf" with that 90% damage reduction... Now that Nezha can actually take damage, and a lot of it while still being in the 'safe zone', Nezha will be able to effectively use Rage/Hunter Adrenaline. Very clever. Nezha is one of my top frames, and I'm very excited for these changes. I'm glad Blazing Chakram got the most attention.
  5. Glyphicality

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Passive It's alright. Thralls Thralls are useless. I don't know if you guys really learned from the problems Nyx had, where, without something like Mind Freak (and debatably with), mind controlled minions are useless because they simply cannot kill other enemies at a reasonable pace. In order to make this ability truly worthwhile you absolutely must include a huge damage buff for the thralls so that they can actually kill enemies and not just be meat-shields that get cut down in seconds not only by other enemies, but also by you and your teammates. Mesmer Skin It's fine. It's not very good, it's basically a worse version of Mesa's Stagger Shield but with a discount on Enthrall which is still useless. Reave It's... uh... the scaling is really bad. This ability is pretty damn weak. Reave should do half or more damage to enemies you pass through or maybe at least up to half with power strength. 8%, unaffected by power strength, is utterly puny. The health return can stay about as much as it is, whatever, but the damage needs to be kicked WAY up. If you're thinking 'half damage is too much, whoa!' Consider that I could do 100% of an enemy's HP in damage by killing them, with a gun, far faster, and without spending a single point of energy. If you're gonna' make an ability scale, which you should, make it scale well. Danse Macabre It's pretty good. I like the animations, it feels fun to use occasionally, I think upping the energy drain was a smart decision IF it involved buffing his other abilities in an appreciable way, because right now Danse Macabre is the only jewel in his kit. Sadly, that didn't really happen. All in all, Revenant is kind of disappointing. Reave practically isn't worth using (I could get the same amount of HP back from a single lifestrike hit and deal probably fifty times the damage), Mesmer Skin is a weaker retread of another frame's ability, and Enthrall is another time you guys have failed to realize that the standard enemies are straight up useless at fighting each other.
  6. Glyphicality

    Warframe Builder

    Power strength is indeed taken into account for calculating an exalted weapon's stats, and the stances equipped onto exalted weapons by default provide no more mod space. Power strength is at base, 100%. I was unsure of your wording, so I went ahead and took screenshots of one, two, and three elemental mods, then three more with one, two and three elemental mods alongside Pressure Point, just to be sure.
  7. Glyphicality

    Warframe Builder

    No, I meant that this new type of polarity cannot be placed onto other equipment. I don't think I was clear enough, I guess. You can't use forma to add Umbra polarities to equipment is what I meant, so they are unique to Umbra and Skiajati.
  8. Glyphicality

    Warframe Builder

    Hey Stoi, long time no see, here is a list of missing items from the update: Excalibur Umbra: Skiajati: Umbral Intensify: Umbral Fiber: Umbral Vitality: Sacrificial Pressure: Sacrificial Steel: These items all come with a new polarity type, Umbra. This type cannot be placed onto any other equipment than Umbra and Skiajati; they are innate to these frames (3 on Excalibur Umbra corresponding to its Umbra frame mods, and 2 on Skiajati corresponding to its Umbra melee mods). Formas are incapable of creating this polarity.
  9. Glyphicality

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.14.0

    Can we get an increase in Captura enemies while you're doing all these captura changes, please? 3 is ridiculously too small. It's a horde mode game, and 3 is not a horde. :v
  10. Glyphicality

    Where is Update 22.14.0?!

    They are literally doing that. They are refunding not only the keys you have, but also the keys you've made over the years.
  11. Glyphicality

    [Update 20] Share your Captura Screenshots!

    Just got the Plains scene! Here's a bunch of quick shots I did to show off some of my Warframes. Will probably be back with lots more, and hopefully some more detailed ones.
  12. Uhh... huh. It's only 'crazy good' on Mercury if you're not building it correctly, but it scales with melee damage mods and can be given blast damage to hurl enemies across the map. It's still good CC regardless of the damage; it's quick, cheap, and sweeps a whole group of enemies to the ground in front of you. I don't know how it could be construed as bad. I was vaporizing level 50+ enemies with it built only partially correctly. It may not kill Sortie level enemies, but it's plenty good for damage throughout most of the game's content, and good for control through the rest. If you'd like to see the build I used to maximize this ability, I'd be glad to provide.
  13. To be fair, Valkyr's Hysteria and Ivara's Prowl were both actually affected by duration already... although I guess not in the way you mean.
  14. Hey, Shattering Lash is not useless. It's cheap and quick CC that deals a hell of a lot of damage and scales with melee damage mods.
  15. "Only useful ability" lol. Her 1 is crazy good CC and her 2 is literally Mesa's shatter shield but better. 90% damage reduction that can be cast on anyone including defense objectives. Her 3 is even decent CC. You people exaggerate way too much.