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  1. Attica Unusual Hit Detection

    Oftentimes I will fire a bolt at an object while moving, find that it failed to hit, then have to stop, stand still, aim, and fire again, and even then it will sometimes take 2-3 more bolts.
  2. Attica Unusual Hit Detection

    I've been using the Attica a lot lately, because it's one of my favorite weapons, but I noticed that the Attica- and quite possibly the Zhuge, considering similar mechanics- has some real problems with its hit detection. Particularly, even in solo play where there should be no host-client issues, the Attica's bolts will veer away from a target I am aiming directly at. It's hard to see on large targets if it happens at all, but when attempting to fire at small targets like cameras, sensor bars, and similar stuff, the Attica's bolts will suddenly and sharply turn away from the object and fly past it instead of hitting it directly. Sometimes, I will have to fire 3-4 bolts just to hit a camera or sensor bar because the first few hits just deflect away from the object in question.
  3. Baro has nothing

    I Don't Care, And I Need Everyone To See How Much I Don't Care -Warframe Player Kaotyke
  4. Baro has nothing

    Except, uh... The conceit of that post wasn't that Baro literally had nothing new, it's that the item he had wasn't up to that player's par. Baro literally has nothing new this time.
  5. Baro has nothing

    Right, but my point is that there are things that Baro has never sold, are currently inaccessible, and that people want. Yet, instead of any of those candidates, DE chose to give us... dualstat fire mods you can get anywhere and aren't worth the primed parts you trade for them.
  6. Baro has nothing

  7. Baro has nothing

    Nice triple-post, but the problem with this sentiment is that it literally is not a viable excuse. The choice to put the fire dualstats into Baro's inventory is either a mistake, or a display of dazzling incompetence. It would have easily been possible for DE to put anything else in there that people wanted. Perhaps Fulmination and Sacrifice, mods that would be new to Baro's inventory AND are currently inaccessible. Perhaps the Puncture mods, which if I recall have never been sold by Baro. Perhaps ANYTHING PEOPLE ACTUALLY WANT AT ALL. But no. Instead, useless trash mods that aren't worth the primed parts you turn into ducats for them. Somehow, it would have been harder for DE to just plop an already existing thing in than make the worst possible decision, by your logic.
  8. Baro has nothing

    Ha Ha, I Am Cool Because I Am Cynical And Above Everyone Else. Look At How Cool And Smart And Unique I Am - Warframe Player Kaotyke
  9. Baro has nothing

    They could have literally put anything else that would have appeased people more than literal dirt cheap garbage mods. I would rather see the Puncture set, or any of the other Physical sets, or stances, or LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE. Vulkar Wraith, Prova Vandal, anything. People would have been less annoyed to have something useable but not new, than something """new""" in his inventory that is literal useless filler that no one should ever buy. Also, yes, that person knows- they were calling your argument silly because it's a pedantic technicality that it's """new""".
  10. Baro has nothing

    New players could literally sell or trade almost any mod in exchange for these. The primed parts that you would have to give Baro to get 300 ducats are worth considerably more than the cost of either of the mods he's selling.
  11. [Update 20] Share your Captura Screenshots!

    Some additional Excal photos. I've been playing with this a lot.
  12. Warframe Builder

    Here's another list that I thought you could use. A full description of some of the changes can be found quickly here, and the patch notes are here, but I provided links to the Wiki because it might better reflect the raw stats. These changes may not be reflected on the Wiki until later, as the update just came out today. List of new items to add: Octavia: Pandero: Tenora: Requires updates due to changes: Limbo's significant rework is now out: Helminth Charger has, in addition to its new appearance, had both of its abilities changed: Hind now has a semi-auto alt fire mode: Mutalist Quanta got some alt-fire changes: Requires updates due to buffs: Harpak: Panthera: Miter: Paracyst: Buzlok: Glaxion: Attica: Requires changes due to nerfs: Synoid Simulor: Simulor: Tonkor: Telos Boltace:
  13. Warframe Builder

    Hey! I noticed something strange; Titania's Razorwing shows absolutely nothing about her ability; only the power cost and drain. No shown damage for Dex Pixia or Diwata, no Razorfly damage, no nothin'. It also occurred to me that a good suggestion might be a way to link weapon builds with certain warframe builds to show how they would affect the stats of summoned weapons, or to have summoned weapons in the Weapons categories so that we could look at their stats affected by mods.
  14. Warframe Builder

    You got it amigo! Amazing site, by the way; I've been using it quite a lot. I noticed something weird, though; sometimes, when I click export, the link field will be empty. Any reason why?