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  1. Shrine of the Eidolon: Update 22.14.0

    Can we get an increase in Captura enemies while you're doing all these captura changes, please? 3 is ridiculously too small. It's a horde mode game, and 3 is not a horde. :v
  2. Where is Update 22.14.0?!

    They are literally doing that. They are refunding not only the keys you have, but also the keys you've made over the years.
  3. [Update 20] Share your Captura Screenshots!

    Just got the Plains scene! Here's a bunch of quick shots I did to show off some of my Warframes. Will probably be back with lots more, and hopefully some more detailed ones.
  4. Uhh... huh. It's only 'crazy good' on Mercury if you're not building it correctly, but it scales with melee damage mods and can be given blast damage to hurl enemies across the map. It's still good CC regardless of the damage; it's quick, cheap, and sweeps a whole group of enemies to the ground in front of you. I don't know how it could be construed as bad. I was vaporizing level 50+ enemies with it built only partially correctly. It may not kill Sortie level enemies, but it's plenty good for damage throughout most of the game's content, and good for control through the rest. If you'd like to see the build I used to maximize this ability, I'd be glad to provide.
  5. To be fair, Valkyr's Hysteria and Ivara's Prowl were both actually affected by duration already... although I guess not in the way you mean.
  6. Hey, Shattering Lash is not useless. It's cheap and quick CC that deals a hell of a lot of damage and scales with melee damage mods.
  7. "Only useful ability" lol. Her 1 is crazy good CC and her 2 is literally Mesa's shatter shield but better. 90% damage reduction that can be cast on anyone including defense objectives. Her 3 is even decent CC. You people exaggerate way too much.
  8. There's a lot of weird doomsaying in this thread, including weirdos claiming Gara is 'barely viable as it is', which is frankly ridiculous. Gara has some of the most powerful abilities in the game right now. Let's not forget that Gara's 2 can be applied to defense objectives including mobile defense terminals and excavators. Her defensive capabilities aren't completely reliant on her 4. However, I agree with the idea that this might be a bit much without some additional tweaks. Gara's 4 should either have a setup period in which it absorbs damage and becomes more powerful, should have a naturally extremely high health already, or should not be based on duration.
  9. Warframe Builder

    Hey again Stoi, long time no see! There have been a couple of additions with Operation Plague Star that are not currently available in the builder. As I remember, you like me to give you exact links to all the new content, so here you go: HUNTER SET: The rest of the Hunter set can be seen below, listed in the Set Mods table at the bottom of the page. PRIMED FEVER STRIKE: Thanks for your time and your contribution to the community, even though it doesn't seem like you play much anymore, it's very kind of you to keep it updated so well. :) If you want help keeping track of changes that need to be made and being kept up to date on new relevant content and letting the community know that you're working on stuff, or if there's any other way I can help with WF builder, let me know!
  10. [Update 20] Share your Captura Screenshots!

    Back again, with some tasty Ember this time.
  11. [Update 20] Share your Captura Screenshots!

    Some additional Excal photos. I've been playing with this a lot.