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  1. New Color Palettes

    I don't really agree with the prisma shimmer idea; it'd kinda ruin the point of prisma stuff from a looks perspective. But. . . just having a glow baked into the colors? That would be really nice.
  2. Please reduce the number of statues for sorties.

    I do recognize that there's a value to the statues insofar as it's one of the few ways to consistently trade endo. This could be fixed by. . . giving us a way to trade endo, such as being able to pay a credit fee to 'crystallize' endo into chunks that could then be traded or something of that sort, but that's a more far reaching reform. Nevertheless, just because a minority of players get something of value out of these statues through trading doesn't necessarily mean the rest of us should suffer their infuriating frequency. There are plenty of other ways by which to earn plat, especially prime farming which I've found to be rather lucrative once one puts in the effort.
  3. Please reduce the number of statues for sorties.

    Legend tells that it's possible, but you'll probably end up with a Pangolin Sword riven anyway.
  4. Please reduce the number of statues for sorties.

    The slippery slope fallacy is not a particularly engaging one. Those who remember the plight of having a bunch of statues are unlikely to complain this way; moreover, 4000 endo is just objectively better than statues, so it's still a step up no matter what. "Let's not make any change because I theorize people won't be satisfied with how incremental or small the change may be" is the most boring and useless position anyone has ever held.
  5. Please reduce the number of statues for sorties.

    If nothing else, the 28% chance from statues should be redistributed among rivens, particularly the weaker rivens like Pistol Rivens and Rifle Rivens that contain such broad categories, oversaturated with useless entries, that they most often provide nothing of significant value. These items are at least somewhat fun and variable, and offer a chance at something highly valuable, moderately valuable, or practically without value, and are themselves inherently worth a fair amount when still veiled (although, I suppose, their price would drop when the drop table would become less saturated.) A good chunk (about 8% of the 28%) could go towards the 4000 endo reward, whereas the remaining 28% should be distributed among rivens, particularly weighted towards pistol and rifle rivens because they are of less value. This would keep the sorties from rewarding something super valuable every day, while still providing a reward that is valuable to all players at all stages of the game (because rivens, unlike endo, never stop being at least usable). Really, honestly, rivens are just more fun than statues. I would rather get a riven, and then end up with a S#&$ riven for which I have no use, than get another statue that is immediately all but useless to me the moment I receive it.
  6. Please reduce the number of statues for sorties.

    I'm aware, and that amount is still ridiculous. 28% is absurd. The statue should be removed and that amount should be redistributed among the rest of the rewards.
  7. Hi there. I'm really salty. i'll tell you why. I've been keeping a running tab of all rewards I've gotten since I rejoined a few months or so ago from sorties. This is it: -statue 1 -statue 2 -statue 3 -statue 4 -statue 5 -zenurik lens 1 -statue 6 -greater naramon lens 2 -affinity booster 3 -4,000 endo 4 -statue 7 -pistol riven (akmagnus) 5 -credit booster 6 -statue 8 -unairu lens 7 -melee riven (dual skana) 8 -statue 9 -statue 10 -affinity booster 9 -melee riven (pangolin sword) 10 -statue 11 -statue 12 -pistol riven (magnus) 11 -4,000 endo 12 -4,000 endo 13 -statue (this one was an elemental resistance kuva defense for the last mission! fun) 13 -6,000 kuva 14 -statue 14 -built forma 15 -statue 15 -pistol riven (aklato) 16 -melee riven (plasma sword) 17 -drop chance booster 18 -statue 16 -statue 17 -statue 18 -rifle riven 19 (dera) -melee riven 20 (mewan) -statue 19 -statue 20 -statue 21 -statue 22 (this one was ambulas for the last mission! FUN) As you can see. . . Statues, for me, have comprised about 52.3% of all rewards I've gotten from 42 sorties over months of play. When you add the 4000 endo reward to that, since they're basically the same except one is worth even less, it's about 60% of all rewards. This is ridiculous. I have all but stopped doing sorties because it is so unrewarding. I am posting this today because I did today's ridiculous Ambulas sortie and failed over 3 times thanks to teammates bringing unhelpful frames to the fight, only to be rewarded with the fourth statue I've gotten in a row. Another 3,650 endo to throw onto my pile of 100,000 endo. I don't like to get frustrated about things relating to this game, and usually I try to approach things levelheaded, but this is genuinely getting infuriating. Half the time I just look at a sortie and if it isn't just a bunch of easy quick missions I don't even bother because I know chances are I'm either going to get a statue, endo, or a riven that will end up being trash anyway. People have been complaining about this for a long time, so I don't expect it to get fixed, but I'm posting my ridiculously unrewarding sortie rewards for posterity's sake, so that at least people can share in my misery.
  8. Murkray impossible to find

    I think you must not be doing it right. I get tons and tons of murkray with my bait; the trick is that you have to throw the bait into the area where the water is visibly bubbling and splashing, ONLY in the oceans along the coastlines of the Plains. They will never, ever spawn anywhere else. The bait, I believe, just straight up doesn't work if you don't throw it into a hotspot (visibly bubbling area). Oh, also, fish with Volt if you have him. His passive will make the basic spear one-shot any fish.
  9. [Update 20] Share your Captura Screenshots!

    Just got the Plains scene! Here's a bunch of quick shots I did to show off some of my Warframes. Will probably be back with lots more, and hopefully some more detailed ones.
  10. Uhh... huh. It's only 'crazy good' on Mercury if you're not building it correctly, but it scales with melee damage mods and can be given blast damage to hurl enemies across the map. It's still good CC regardless of the damage; it's quick, cheap, and sweeps a whole group of enemies to the ground in front of you. I don't know how it could be construed as bad. I was vaporizing level 50+ enemies with it built only partially correctly. It may not kill Sortie level enemies, but it's plenty good for damage throughout most of the game's content, and good for control through the rest. If you'd like to see the build I used to maximize this ability, I'd be glad to provide.
  11. To be fair, Valkyr's Hysteria and Ivara's Prowl were both actually affected by duration already... although I guess not in the way you mean.
  12. Hey, Shattering Lash is not useless. It's cheap and quick CC that deals a hell of a lot of damage and scales with melee damage mods.
  13. "Only useful ability" lol. Her 1 is crazy good CC and her 2 is literally Mesa's shatter shield but better. 90% damage reduction that can be cast on anyone including defense objectives. Her 3 is even decent CC. You people exaggerate way too much.
  14. There's a lot of weird doomsaying in this thread, including weirdos claiming Gara is 'barely viable as it is', which is frankly ridiculous. Gara has some of the most powerful abilities in the game right now. Let's not forget that Gara's 2 can be applied to defense objectives including mobile defense terminals and excavators. Her defensive capabilities aren't completely reliant on her 4. However, I agree with the idea that this might be a bit much without some additional tweaks. Gara's 4 should either have a setup period in which it absorbs damage and becomes more powerful, should have a naturally extremely high health already, or should not be based on duration.
  15. I mean, sort of, but "you destroyed the boils so the infested won't completely consume the plains, but there's still pockets of infested out there, so random infested spawns are staying" is a thing that I could see DE saying, which is kind of my concern.