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  1. [Update 20] Share your Captura Screenshots!

    Back again, with some tasty Ember this time.
  2. Please let us see and accept bounties from the Orbiter.

    I'm surprised this is a problem on the consoles; you'd think that they'd be optimized for that system since there's no variance in hardware to account for, but... guess not.
  3. See title. I have a garbage computer. Lots of people do. Cetus is enormously laggy for me, and it's a slog getting through menus to get my bounty, and it takes me over a minute to load into the plains from Cetus. It takes much less time to load the Plains from my Orbiter, and cutting out the slog of loading Cetus, lagging my way to Konzu, lagging my way through the menus, getting my bounty, lagging my way into the gate, and then finally lagging out into the plains would be great. I get the idea of Cetus, I do; there's a social component to seeing people going about their business in Cetus, but there is no reason for us to HAVE to get bounties specifically in Cetus. People who are getting a bounty are about to leave Cetus anyway.
  4. See title. Leave your offer here.
  5. This has been reported before, but apparently has still not been fixed for over a year. Since the old thread about it is locked, I am posting again to remind of this bug. The projectile fired by Spira Prime is unchanged by the Day of the Dead Spira skin, and is still the default Spira Prime.
  6. FERROX ACRI-INSIDRA: +97.6% puncture +98.5% critical damage +40.6% fire rate MR 12, 16 rolls SIMULOR MANTI-ACRICON: +19.6% damage to grineer +22.6% damage to corpus +60% critical damage -23.3% zoom MR 14, 10 rolls HARPAK VEXIPHA: +148.7% Electricity +147.9% Heat MR 12, 7 rolls BALLISTICA PURA-TOXICAN: +38.5% damage to infested +69% toxin +86.5% multishot -52% status chance Post your offers below.
  7. Attica Unusual Hit Detection

    Oftentimes I will fire a bolt at an object while moving, find that it failed to hit, then have to stop, stand still, aim, and fire again, and even then it will sometimes take 2-3 more bolts.
  8. Attica Unusual Hit Detection

    I've been using the Attica a lot lately, because it's one of my favorite weapons, but I noticed that the Attica- and quite possibly the Zhuge, considering similar mechanics- has some real problems with its hit detection. Particularly, even in solo play where there should be no host-client issues, the Attica's bolts will veer away from a target I am aiming directly at. It's hard to see on large targets if it happens at all, but when attempting to fire at small targets like cameras, sensor bars, and similar stuff, the Attica's bolts will suddenly and sharply turn away from the object and fly past it instead of hitting it directly. Sometimes, I will have to fire 3-4 bolts just to hit a camera or sensor bar because the first few hits just deflect away from the object in question.
  9. Baro has nothing

    I Don't Care, And I Need Everyone To See How Much I Don't Care -Warframe Player Kaotyke
  10. Baro has nothing

    Except, uh... The conceit of that post wasn't that Baro literally had nothing new, it's that the item he had wasn't up to that player's par. Baro literally has nothing new this time.
  11. Baro has nothing

    Right, but my point is that there are things that Baro has never sold, are currently inaccessible, and that people want. Yet, instead of any of those candidates, DE chose to give us... dualstat fire mods you can get anywhere and aren't worth the primed parts you trade for them.
  12. Baro has nothing