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  1. For me, alerts where my main source of kavats codes, now gone i just log in do sortie, log out and play another thing
  2. @[DE]Bear could you please consider make the multiple transmutations in one process instead of infinite clicks
  3. So nothing about pets reworks nor new pets u.u
  4. Hold on, primaries are out of the question, they belong to another category, new kitguns are a good idea though
  5. I demand this!! i demand that in every important thing on the game cause is very annoying to lose stuff
  6. I think the same, or 2 of 30 mins would be fine, or total, so you can do 10 mins each day
  7. I tried yesterday and yeah the tranq rifle didnt hit the damn bird
  8. yeah you are right, these 3 should be combine and deleted asap
  9. He has 2 good powers, 1 okish, almost bad and really, really bad. Mesmer skin and Danse Macabre are good powers. Enthrall is okish, good to stun enemies when they are swarming on objective but thats it. Reave, probably the worst power on the game, should be deleted, changed or something
  10. Please consider all my post about pets, please!
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