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  1. I think Umbra is a desire and it is exciting for people to speculate and look forward to obtaining it, but when they actually get it, they will put some forma on it, fashion frame it up and forget about it. It's fun to want it, it's gonna be boring when you get it.
  2. This umbra thing has become a fetish for some people at this point.
  3. I won't stay quiet, and you don't get to tell me what to do, ok, thanks.
  4. This umbra hype is such a mindless bandwagon, I hope after years of waiting this obnoxious meme bubble will finally burst. All the time "ubmra this, umbra that", who cares, srsly.
  5. Question: Are there any plans (or do you like the idea) to make low level content relevant again? Like, there's no point in visiting planets below Ceres at this moment. A "New Game Plus" system would be great, where you can restart the solar map but with Earth starting at level 30+, for example. Maybe after each planet completion give an Endo reward or something like that. It would really make all the content relevant again for veteran players and get rid of a lot of the fatigue of doing same few tilesets over and over just because they're not level 3. There's a reason games like Diablo have a lot of replayability. Could you give some reasoning behind your answer as well, thank you!
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