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  1. 1 year old. Pssh. Umbra is 4 years old. Yeah, I'm counting since his creation in 2015.
  2. What a childish mentality, OP. There is no war between Warframe and Destiny. I mean, when Destiny 2 literally made billions of dollars, can you really say that Warframe won? I mean, DE isn't raking in billions. And Destiny 2 still draws a whole lot of attention from the gaming industry. So, I'm not sure what metric you're using to say that Warframe has won, because based on what I've seen, it hasn't. Please tell me how Warframe has "won."
  3. I used it primarily for blocking while running toward a target and for moving quickly across maps by block-gliding. Where most players use guns most of the time and use melee simply for slam attacks, I was the opposite. I would primarily run with my melee out, and would only use my gun if I needed to take out a flying target or when taking out Ghouls (since when you kill them, they release toxin). So, I was spending most of my time running with melee. Because of that, it was helpful to block-glide. And, then, I could slam attack quickly when gliding over an enemy without dealing with a zoomed-in screen. Blocking while running through the map is helpful for reducing the damage you take. You can make the determination on whether it is worth doing, but it does help, even if a little.
  4. I'm not a fan of the Sentient aesthetic that we've had for a couple of years now. I really liked the Hunhow-based design elements of the Sentients. I felt that they made the Sentients look unique, yet striking. They looked like a twisted version of the Orokin aesthetic. They were distinct, stylish, and just plain cool. Now, the Sentients look like some offshoot of the Infested. They share very little similarities with the previous Sentient aesthetic. We see the latest version of this with the new Amalgam enemies. They're look like white versions of the Infested, with fewer lights on them. Compare them to the older Hunhow-related Sentients (the Conculyst and Battalyst), the Pakal armor, and the Limbo Lumina deluxe skin. The Hunhow or Pakal Sentients are much more distinct imo. They just stand out compared to the newer Sentients, imo. I believe this hurts Warframe's overall aesthetic, as the blending of aesthetics from the Sentients and Infested (and Orokin, if we consider the very organic Orokin aesthetics of Plains of Eidolon and Orb Vallis) only makes Warframe less striking, and imo, less appealing, when it comes to its visual quality. I would like to see a return to the pre-PoE Sentient aesthetic, the design of Hunhow, his Conculyst and Battalyst fragments, the Pakal armor, and the Limbo Lumina skin. That aesthetic, with those colors, makes the Sentients standout and makes Warframe stand out as a result.
  5. First of all, block-gliding or melee aim-gliding (whatever you want to call it) allows you to glide without having to zoom in. It also positions you well for slam attacks. So, no, it isn't weird, and the fact that you say it is weird makes me think you aren't actually someone who ran with your melee out in Melee 2.0. Second of all, if you actually were a big melee player, you'd have used your block often, and you'd know that there is no manual block button anymore.
  6. I really hope you're joking. It's a fictional character, one which hasn't actually been a mother to you. It shouldn't be hard to just accept that you might fight it.
  7. Is DE planning any fix for the forced Color Correction on the Orbiter? The over-contrasted look is an eye sore.
  8. Yes because the community takes great offense to criticism of Warframe and DE, and since a lot of YouTubers are complaining because they don't have sufficient content to talk about, they're criticizing DE. Thing is, those YouTubers don't really care about the state of the game. They only care that they have stuff to cover in their videos. A year ago, these YouTubers were still singing DE's praises. They were just like the people in this thread who think DE and Warframe are perfect. Now that they're losing views and subscribers, they want to criticize DE. It's because DE listened to them while they praised DE and didn't offer constructive feedback on how to improve the game that it's in the state it is in. When some of us were trying to get DE to improve the game, they were kissing up to DE so that they could get free items and access to DE. They were as loyal to DE as people are here. So, now that they've stopped being loyal to DE and only DE, the community now hates them.
  9. Because they have a bad track record of missing their release dates, so they stopped setting them.
  10. My issues are with the flight model and the game modes. The flight model is awful. It doesn't fly naturally. If you have played other games with flight in them, whether the Battlefield games, Battlefront games (old and new), Anthem, some of the older ones like Dark Zone, you'll know just how bad flying is in Warframe. It's terrible. As for the modes themselves, they are all boring imo. I personally don't think flight modes work without thrilling, fast-paced action. Basically dogfights. That's what makes flying so compelling to me in games like Battlefield and Battlefront. It's also why I'm not excited about Railjack right now. I understand that slow-paced flight and space simulators are appealing to some people, but those are boring to me. I also don't think that fits with the fast-paced ground-based gameplay of Warframe. To improve Archwing, I believe DE needs to improve the Archwing flight model and they need to improve Archwing modes. Good sources of inspiration for these aspects of Archwing gameplay are Anthem and Star Wars Battlefront 2 (both the Pandemic and EA versions). Flight is pretty much the only thing Anthem got right, and they did get flight right (minus the overheat system). It feels natural to fly in that game. When you are flying and turning, you turn on a curve instead of drifting in a diagonal direction. When it comes to Archwing gameplay, the Battlefront 2 games are the best inspiration, imo. In Pandemic's Battlefront 2, there was a space mode were you would take out various large ships by destroying parts of the ships on their surfaces and by boarding them to take out different critical areas of the ship (like reactors, bridges, weapons systems, etc.). In EA's Battlefront 2, you just destroy different parts of ships, but the atmosphere of space is immersive. In both versions, you have to contend with many enemy fighters, but you are supported by many friendly fighters. That's important because it is what creates the feeling of a massive space battle and it helps make the gameplay experience exciting and immersive. I believe Warframe needs something similar for Archwing. We should be taking on multiple large enemy ships (kinda like Railjack, but without the Railjack itself) alongside friendly fighters and against enemy fighters, while protecting large friendly ships. I believe Railjack should be similar to this, but where we are piloting and defending our Railjack as well. Archwing and Railjack should be on a greater scope and scale than ground-based Warframe gameplay. These suggestions would make it that and, imo, would make it much more fun and engaging.
  11. That's a fair point. With more time to complete them, there's less pressure to do them within a short time frame.
  12. Less weekly tasks means you're required to do a greater percentage of them, right? That's not what Nightwave needs. Nightwave needs more tasks to do, requiring a lower percentage of tasks to do to reach rank 30.
  13. Any chance we could see some QoL improvements to core gameplay mechanics, like improved animations for running, walking, sprinting, melee stance combos, and ability casting?
  14. It doesn't look like water either. They need to call it Goofy/Cartoony Goo Ephemera, because that's what it is. It's overly silly and cartoony.
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