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  1. I don't do Tennogen anymore (was a waste of my time), heck I don't really play Warframe much at all anymore (I still check the forums and reddit, though), so I'm not impacted by any of this, but is there any particular reason why Tennogen has special rules that don't apply to in-house content? I only ask because I would think that in-house content would be the standard to which Tennogen content should be held. I don't know if you're at liberty to explain, but I'm just curious.
  2. I don't want DE to remove archwings from the game. I think Archwing needs to be improved and reworked to feel more like Iron Man, particularly in how you fly and turn and stuff like that. Even with improving archwing, it still doesn't fill that fighter role. So I want Tenno starfighters in addition to archwings. Tenno fighters also wouldn't be in their own mode like Archwing. They'd be there to support the Railjack in the Empyrean mode. And, no, there's no way archwings would be faster than fighters. And their firepower isn't that massive compared to what a fighter could put out. There's also no reason Empyrean couldn't be X-wing vs TIE fighter. Empyrean should be Sea of Thieves meets Battlefront 2 Starfighter Assault meets OG Battlefront 2 Space Assault mode. That would be the best way to maintain the feel of Warframe's core gameplay instead of simply having a mode that tries to be a slow spaceship simulator mode.
  3. What makes you think more are in the works? From devstreams where they talked about the possibility of more Umbras, I got the impression that they weren't too eager to make more.
  4. People cheered for Archwing when it was revealed.
  5. Imagine being one of the few players who finds anything about archwing exciting. Perhaps that's why you think archwing is sufficient for Empyrean and why we differ in opinion regarding the need for proper starfighters. Here's the thing: I'm a veteran. I've been playing Warframe since May 2013. I'm not a hardcore player. I don't care about min-maxing. I didn't care about running several hour-long survival sessions back in the day. I didn't care for Trials. I don't farm for anything in the game. If I want something, I buy it with plat. Warframe's grind doesn't appeal to me. I don't care about high difficulty. I don't care about endless content drops to satisfy endgame. I don't care about clan research. I'm not saying any of that justifies DE's decisions over the years. I'm just saying that I'm a veteran, yet I don't play the game for the same reasons you do. Thing is, I care about the gameplay experience, which, at its base level, is the gameplay mechanics, mission design, and level design. My issue with Warframe, and why I've stepped away from the game, is that its gameplay mechanics are very poor, imo. I don't find it fun to run around and shoot things in this game because I can't stand the shooting mechanics or how we move while shooting. I don't find most of the guns fun at all. I don't like the movement animations. I think they're awful. I don't care for the parkour system. Never have. It's nice to be able to move fast across the map using bullet jump, but I hate that the gameplay is so lackluster to me that I want to finish a mission as quickly as possible in the first place. I'm not a fan of archwings, as I've mentioned enough here. I think they're boring. Yeah, I prefer star/space fighters. I prefer taking on other space fighters and capital ships in gameplay that's centered around high-speed fighter vs fighter gameplay. I don't like flying around with a glorified jet pack. Steve mentioned the Battle of Endor from Return of the Jedi when talking about Empyrean. That's what I want, not the space simulator-like mode that DE has shown off. That's why more than ever, I want space fighters. I don't like the tileset structure. I've never been a fan of this puzzle/maze system with randomly generated tiles. I'd prefer maps that are actually designed to be like the place they're supposed to be. If we're on a ship, I want it to be laid out like a ship. I want unalerted enemies to be behaving like they're on a ship. I want to see different types of enemies that are believable for a ship. If we're on a planet, I prefer if it actually feels like a diverse planet with closed and open areas and not just like a cave. That's why I wanted open world. Yes, I wanted open world. I wanted that because I wanted DE to focus more on the core gameplay experience of fighting enemies. I wanted an immersive, interactive, and dynamic world that would integrate all of Warframe's various game modes, something that would fully capture the Warframe gameplay experience. I wanted something like Ghost Recon Wildlands, with dynamic AI, dynamic weather, dynamic side missions, a core cinematic story (open worlds need to be the setting of the cinematic quests and designed around them), and civilian and enemy populations in the actual open world. Instead, DE gave us a poor copy of Destiny's map design (seriously, take a look at how Destiny 2's gameplay loop is on their various maps, and how the experience is designed. It's very similar), with a focus on collecting fish, gathering gems, and fighting ugly monsters using the still-awful Operator mechanics. And then they repeated it with Fortuna. But DE handled open world the same way they handled archwing, lunaro, conclave, and frame fighter. When players told them their issues with what DE was making, they didn't listen. People didn't want open world because they didn't want an MMO-like map that was focused on collecting stuff. I, and others, offered them constructive feedback on how to create an open world that actually maintained Warframe's core gameplay experience. They didn't listen. Before open world, they did that with the systems mentioned. People were enamored with Archwing because it was something different. There was so much space to move. It felt freer than Warframe's core gameplay. But there was nothing to archwing beyond what they had been showing off in devstreams. It was barebones. There was no depth to it. The gameplay experience was shallow and it was designed to try to replicate the tileset mission structure. It failed, because it ended up being boring and underdeveloped. And when players asked them to continue to work on it, they ignored those calls too and moved to something else, only coming back to archwing later and still not improving it in the ways it needed improving. Lunaro was dead before it was released. The vast majority of people were not enthused with Lunaro. They told DE as much, even in the devstream chat (which is usually the place you'll find the most hype, at least at the time). Most did not want a random sports mode in Warframe. Players wanted something focused on combat. DE released Lunaro anyway. Dead on Arrival. It's still dead. They chose not to listen. Frame Fighter was another waste of time that most said was nothing more than a neat experiment for Tennocon. When DE started talking about adding it to the game, most said that DE needed to actually make it good before they released it. As with most things, what we ended up getting was very little more than the barebones, poorly-made mode that debuted at Tennocon. Some counter-argued that it was just a side project by one or a few of their devs. That doesn't matter. DE should aim for quality for anything they officially put out. Players said as much. They didn't listen. Conclave failed before any of that. It wasn't popular. It didn't work with DE's P2P hosting system, and people complained it was toxic. Even more of an issue than that, Warframe's mechanics were ill-suited for PvP gameplay. Some of us suggested ways to improve the experience, namely by improving the core gameplay mechanics that made frantic PvP action such a pain in Warframe. Some of us suggested changing the approach to PvP by shifting from an Unreal Tournament approach to the gameplay experience to an objective-based approach to the gameplay experience by building PvP around the existing tileset mission structure. But nope. DE tried adding new maps, adding new modes based on modes in other games (like the oro system), even turning a PvE system like Solar Rail Conflicts into PvP (a system which had its own issues with toxicity that ultimately failed because of DE's approach to the mode). I think the gameplay experience has been dull. I put up with it for a long time because I was a fan of Warframe's aesthetic, of the Excalibur warframe's abilities, and of the melee system (before they gutted it with Melee 2.999997), and because I had hope that Warframe would improve in the ways I thought it should. It had the potential to be better if DE improved on the core mechanics of the game and on the way in which the game was designed (the areas and systems mentioned above). After six years, I think that potential has been squandered. So, as a fellow veteran, I'm at the place where I'm cynical and displeased with Warframe (I was bitter at first but that has become disappointment), but not for the same reasons. No amount of challenge or new rewards or new warframes is going to change that for me. The only thing that will change how I feel is if the core gameplay experience improves, and quite frankly I don't think DE even believes it needs improving, unfortunately. Empyrean absolutely feels like Archwing all over again for me. It promises something more than it will actually deliver. Players keep expecting some big surprise from DE, that somehow there's something much bigger to these shallow game modes that DE just isn't showing off. That's never the case. People expected that with Archwing. It turned out to be just as shallow and empty and underdeveloped as it looked on DE's devstreams. People expected that with Plains of Eidolon. Plains of Eidolon was not much more than what they showed off at Tennocon. Some people are expecting something much more than what we've seen of Empyrean. I don't understand why, but I understand that's how the Warframe playerbase is. Back when all we had was a few snippets of codex lore, people swore that DE had this big grandiose plan for the story and that they were just keeping it secret. That was never the case. They just hadn't taken the time to come up with more story. That's why the cinematic quests didn't adhere to much of the codex lore (including Stalker's Orokin allegiance and his reason for hating the Tenno). That's why the Apostasy didn't match with The Sacrifice, particularly the Lotus' state of being (DE admitted that they came up with Apostasy before they wrote The Sacrifice). It's the same thing with DE's approach to the systems they design. Most of the time, if they haven't shown something, it isn't because it's this big secret that they're keeping, like some major feature that they're just keeping secret until the release of the new system. They tend to show off what they have. Just like Archwing and Plains of Eidolon, Empyrean may look as though it promises something more beyond what we've seen at Tennocon, but most likely, that is not the case. Empyrean has already shown you limited mission diversity (none, actually, as we've seen the same basic type of mission with Corpus and Grineer), new resources that need to be grinded to upgrade the Railjack, and slow gameplay. There's no reason to expect something different from Empyrean.
  6. Then you agree with me that Archwings don't fulfill the role of fighters, because they're not meant to be fighters. It's laughable for anyone to suggest that archwings fill that role, because they aren't like fighters. Being fast and maneuverable doesn't make them sufficient for fulfilling that role, as DrakeWurrum suggests. I would actually like to have Tenno fighters that we can fly. It's a different kind of gameplay than the gundam/jetpack-like Archwings (jetpack-like when not moving fast), and it's gameplay that I think would suit Warframe very well. It would certainly help make Empyrean more exciting.
  7. Have you ever played a game with jet fighters or space fighters? Because archwings don't control like them. They don't shoot like them. You can't use archwings like that, not with the controls they currently have. I'd prefer that we had actual fighters in the game, with fighter-appropriate armaments (instead of the archwing guns that we have now), that fly and shoot and maneuver like fighters. The Railjack can be slow. That's fine. But to balance with that slow-ish speed, it needs to have more armaments. I want something akin to the ship combat in Assassin's Creed Black Flag, or something like the ship game Dreadnought. See, I actually want the Railjack to be more of a heavy gunship, with a lot of light, medium, and heavy guns. That would be cool. That would make Empyrean more exciting, not like the control system simulator that Railjack currently is.
  8. Because a lot of people aren't fans of slow space games and space ship simulators. Warframe isn't a simulator. It's a quite fast-paced game. Even if it slowed down slightly for more tactical gameplay, that's still faster than the crawl-pace of simulators. Something like Battlefront 2's space mode is more appropriate for Warframe's gameplay pace. Also, no, archwings do not fulfill a fighter role. Not at all.
  9. This has nothing to do with The New War.
  10. 1 year old. Pssh. Umbra is 4 years old. Yeah, I'm counting since his creation in 2015.
  11. Is DE planning any fix for the forced Color Correction on the Orbiter? The over-contrasted look is an eye sore.
  12. Any chance we could see some QoL improvements to core gameplay mechanics, like improved animations for running, walking, sprinting, melee stance combos, and ability casting?
  13. Yeah. Excalibur Umbra Prime was darker. His cloth was black, not gray. His gray parts were a darker gray. He's not slimmer though.
  14. I feel the same way. I much prefer the Umbra helmets we already have. Don't care if we never get this one.
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