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  1. It was in 2014, April to be more specific. It changed to PvP in July 2014. They changed it to PvP to coincide with their PvP rework alongside Teshin's introduction. Also, I think they got rid of PvP by March 2015.
  2. Haha. lol. Yeah, that was a pdf from 2015. Just pointing out that they have a relationship with Changyou, via Digital Extremes. And yeah, the EO isn't really anything to worry about just yet because, right now, the EO only relates to WeChat and TikTok specifically.
  3. You most certainly can't dodge bullets in Warframe, and certainly not Matrix-style.
  4. Wat? http://leyoutech.com.hk/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/LTN20160429713.pdf Not tied to Leyou. Nothing to do with chinaframe. Sure... While they aren't the same company, to say Leyou has nothing to do with chinaframe is simply not true.
  5. You're assuming that only leechers benefit from shared affinity. People who play the game benefit from it as well, but if you remove it, then people who play the game but don't use nuke frames will be at a disadvantage because they'll always have less kills than people who are using broken OP frames. Here's a thought: maybe instead of focusing on removing shared affinity, you should ask that the amount of total affinity gained be the same for solo players as it is for coop players. That way, you won't be at a disadvantage for playing solo when ranking up weapons. That way, you can be the solo player you want to be and gain the same amount of affinity. With what you propose, that is literally not true. By getting rid of shared affinity, players using broken, OP frames with nuke abilities would get the vast majority of the affinity. But you probably don't care about that because you're one of those players and are advocating a system that would benefit you the most.
  6. They'd need to increase the amount of affinity gained to make up for it. At the same time, it would completely discourage COOP gameplay in a COOP game. Yeah, it's a bad idea. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.
  7. You must be playing a different game than the rest of us.
  8. Warframe isn't an MMO. Never has been. 1. Delete what you want, but it's good to hold on to normal warframes now that we're getting a new Helminth 2.0 system. In general, I hold on to everything, but I also don't acquire every single item in the game. 2. You do not have to complete every daily. Play the game at your own pace and don't be afraid to take breaks from this grindy game. It'll keep you from being burnt out. 3. Seek out strong weapons (and you can look for guides on which weapons are the best for different types of content). You don't have to be restricted to one single target weapon and one AOE weapon. However, having a diversity of weapon types is generally good, because they're good in different situations. Ultimately, though, melee is king in this game alongside good warframes, so you definitely want to look for the best melee weapons. 4. Movement and dodging are absolutely not important for Warframe's gameplay. Not sure what OP is on about. Weapon damage, warframe powers and synergies, and crowd control is generally king in Warframe. 5. It's nice to know your surroundings, but considering sometimes Warframe's radar doesn't show enemies in the very next room, it's not crucial. You'll generally know what's around you by the sounds the enemies are making, and soon enough you'll know by their weapons. Plus, in no time, you'll be killing them so fast that you won't need to be aware of enemies because it won't matter. 6. There is really nothing in Warframe that will require you to retreat. And enemies absolutely do not behave differently based on whether you're running or standing still. They will attack you regardless. Enemies certainly don't stop shooting and don't start running away. If you stand still and go afk, you'll get killed. The enemy won't stop shooting at you. Sometimes, enemies won't leave the room they're in, though, and that happens whether you're close or far away. The exception to that is the Infested, who will aggressively run to you regardless of what you're doing. I wish all enemies behaved as aggressively as the Infested.
  9. Margulis wasn't Orokin. Archimedeans weren't Orokin. Operators aren't Orokin. They're regular humans. DE effectively changed what Orokin were with The Second Dream (despite originally wanting them to look just like humans), where they established a difference between Margulis and the Orokin. That's why Margulis says to Ballas "You Orokin are beautiful on the outside, but rotten on the inside." TWW furthers this divide by having the Orokin take human children's bodies. The Apostasy Prologue created the largest divide by having the Orokin be blue.
  10. Idk if it automatically puts pics in spoiler tags or if a mod did that for me, but I initially forgot to do that as well so it's no biggie 🙂
  11. It's blue. It's a faded blue, but it's still blue. Chimera Ballas's skin is more gray than his normal form. The slightly yellowish lighting in the Apostasy Prologue makes his skin look like it has a slightly more brownish tint to the blue, which ends up making him look closer to normal gray (mid-ways between a blue-gray and a green-gray). In the Sacrifice image, which is more neutral lighting, he is clearly a faded blue color. And the original concept art also confirms he's meant to be blue: Same picture you posted. There's clearly a blue tint to his skin, although slightly more greenish than his hair.A different shot from the Apostasy Prologue: Even with excess blue removed from the scene, his skin is still blue. Even in the leaked shot of that Entrati, despite the red lighting, the skin is still a faded blue color. What you have to remember is that some of the lighting in Warframe makes colors look more washed out than they should. For example, the Arsenal lighting has that same effect. While in some shots, Ballas looks more gray, the Sacrifice setting in Umbra's room reveals Ballas to be a faded blue color. Either way, the color is largely irrelevant. It's that there really hasn't been an explanation for why their skin isn't normal human skin tone, nor why Hunhow would think that Alad V was Orokin in The Second Dream. I mean, if there was such a huge difference between Orokin and normal humans, and not just a difference but a distinction between the two, there's no way Hunhow would think Alad V was Orokin. It's a lore inconsistency. And here's why: when The Second Dream came out, the existing lore about the Orokin came from the Synthesis lore. In that lore, it is established that the Corpus are direct descendant of the Orokin and that the Orokin society was a communal society, where they were raised by communities instead by couples. So, the Orokin didn't have parents in the sense that normal people have parents. They were a "corpus", a body. The surviving Orokin, particularly lower class Orokin, banded together and became the Corpus. Within that context, Hunhow think Alad V is Orokin. The Apostasy Prologue and The Sacrifice ignore that lore because Keith Thompson had a different idea of what the Orokin should look like, and he most likely did not consult the existing lore on the Orokin. That, I believe, is why the Orokin are blue/blue-gray/gray.
  12. They're blue. They're very clearly blue, not gray. And Keith Thompson does not explain why they're blue. Maybe there's something wrong with your monitor, like maybe it's too desaturated, and that's why you think they're gray. But they are, without any doubt, blue.
  13. Haven't seen any blue statues though. It's random, I guess. Keith Thompson came in and wanted them to be blue, so they're blue. No point trying to make sense of it or any creative decision DE makes.
  14. This is the problem with DE's storytelling. They constantly ignore their own lore. They're random, and quite frankly, it's just bad. It's not some deep storytelling DE is doing here. It's just making stuff up as they go. Ballas very clearly believes Lotus holds some memory of Margulis, as if she's a pure, complete copy of Margulis in the prologue. Then, in Sacrifice, he very clearly believes Margulis was executed by the Orokin, and this is his motivation for betraying them. However, when we see Lotus again at the end, she's Natah and is going back to her mother. Then, there's the New War teaser which has Mother being the leading Sentient figure. Then a year later, there is no mother, only Erra. Now, all of a sudden, it's just Erra and Natah, and Mother is gone. With Ropalolyst, Natah herself wants revenge on the Tenno and considers herself judge, jury, and executioner, and Ballas considers her to be a deceiver. Then, when we see him again, Natah doesn't even remember what an Orokin is and has to be reminded of it. It's inconsistent because DE's writing is inconsistent.
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