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  1. I KNOW. I'm sick and tired of using more and more software and tweaks and hacks to get a semblance of a useful f-ing OS that doesn't try to obfuscate every single thing I want to see. Like hiding the size and number of items selected in a window... "more than 15 ... ???MB" does not help me at all, and I don't want to alt+enter to see the details. That's EXACTLY what pablo's trying to do, make you jump through multiple hoops to see the bloody information you're supposed to see at-a-glance.
  2. Do you know what "at-a-glance" means? Because it seems you have no idea how much people value that simple thing. I don't want to search, scroll, carefully target, and then stay hovered over some icon to actually have the information I need from an information screen. Item labels, quantities, and "already have in inventory" icons are mandatory, this is non-negotiable. I want my desktop clean, not my info feed; if my desktop is clean that means I've finished all outstanding work and am free to play warframe, but if the info feed is empty then there's a pretty big problem somewhere and the only thing I have left is frustration. The top part of the end-mission screen is, as was said, completely worthless; pretty, but worthless. Hell, I'd scrap your entire pretty fluff UI to replace it with a wall of text and some small icons, that tells me instantly what I want to know without scrolling for an hour. I've made far too many stylish themes just to widen the used area on websites and remove completely worthless crap I don't care about because "designers" seem to think less is more. No, less is less, and you should NEVER sacrifice function for style. Don't learn from Microsoft, screw those guys. This guy gets it. See this guy? hire this guy. Use that end-screen and I might actually not hate what you plan for the future... That screen has everything I want to know immediately visible, AND it has the option at the bottom to showcase "the team" or the stats, for anyone that really cares about it.
  3. Maybe I was exaggerating the week of farming, but that's how it feels to me. I've unlocked up to and including the second zone's nodes and repeated the higher-level Earth zones, and I still don't have enough resources to craft a single Mk I, let alone Mk. II. Having nothing good on my ship, I naturally do pugs, and I've not seen a single pug that spends more than a minute after the mission is done to loot. I don't know your situation, weather you're playing with a group of friends, how long you're playing, how seriously you're grinding. But as someone that has never had a problem playing the normal game casually, the costs of making anything in this update without spending plat (either on boosters or on drones) are astronomical. The economy is far more broken than Plains on launch, and that's saying something. Maybe it's best, for me at least, to just skip playing for a few weeks; I hear rewards for the last area are high, and maybe the hardcore people will have better ships by then to deal with the insane armor on everything... I just hope that filling the engineer role gets fixed and doesn't stay as the (yes, I realize this word is overused) cuckold, while away teams get extra materials. By no means do I want every single mission to yield more than I need for one part, but after playing it for a longer amount of time I expect to see SOME progress to my actual Railjack, not just the faux mod and faux affinity systems. Kinda not fun trying to kill lvl300 enemies with a Mk.1-Braton and a warframe shackled and unable to even unlock all lvl1 abilities.
  4. Make all dropped resources just appear in everyone's inventory; the scale of empyrean is too big for the whole "vacuum" foolishness you've been doing everywhere else; ESPECIALL FOR BLUEPRINTS. Tying into the previous point: the pilot and engineer will always suffer from doing their job because only the away team gets the extra resources from containers/lockers; this fine in the old linear maps but is unacceptable in this game mode. Take a serious look at enemy balance (or the lack thereof): fighters are far too quick, they're faster than archwings, and many weapons simply cannot hit them ever; the armor values are beyond stupid as it is - there comes a point where you do basically no damage to enemies. This might be fine for the very last missions in the very last zone where you're fully kitted out, but it's unacceptable for the first 2 zones. At some point a stray shot is enough to destroy your archwing and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. Since you've made archwings a part of this game mode, buff them. No, not nerf, BUFF, drastically. Base hp/armor/shield stats, and better mods to make them feel like properly thought out systems. As it is, they're space bicycles and a single one has the tools to barely survive (unless it's locked on by enemies, in which case it's almost certainly a death). Related to enemy balance: the constant barrage of fires/hull breaches is just idiotic; unless one parks the railjack far away from enemies, a bunch of resources that should be the reward for the mission get turned into Omnitool ammo just to not lose the damn mission... Either drastically increase the ship's base hull strength, or make fires/breaches something that doesn't happen so often that you literally can't do anything else, OR (and this is the best choice) just remove the pointless ammo cost from the repair tool - consumables are not fun. !Reduce resource costs for "repairing" salvaged parts by 80% or so; or just move the decimal point to the left on the more insane costs. It makes no sense to be able to upgrade many avionics grid slots and their mods, as well as getting good progress on Intrinsics, while being unable to complete even a single gun upgrade because it's ridiculously expensive. We've had this same discussions time and time again with the open world content where you've done it as well. Don't you actually take a moment to think how this will play out? Is selling repair drones such a critically important part of Empyrean for you? cause I'm a bit tired of doing long missions with basically no reward to speak of... guess I'll just join other people's missions and hope they have an upgraded ship so it doesn't feel quite so depressing.
  5. Yeah, it seems to me that this game mode has had all of it's numbers somehow increased by 100-1000% before being pushed to live. The costs to repair a single Mk. I item should not be in the thousands. The armor value of single trash units should not be in the thousands. I should not have to spend a whole week of my free time grinding non-stop to make a single gun that MIGHT be slightly better at killing enemies than the literal rock thrower we have right now. Here's the feedback: move the decimal point 1-2 spaces to the left on all "repair" costs. Then maybe it won't look like you're so desperate to sell those 50-plat repair drones.
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