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  1. Well, for a moment there I thought those brainless idiot "defense" (read: babysitting) targets were the target of this fix. Good thing they're not.
  2. As pointed out above, you messed up Loki. How in the world did you manage to mess up a warframe's signature ability in a hot"fix"? Please rectify this asap, since we can't really do anything but sit around and wait till invis drops by itself, seeing as how we can't cycle or recast it manually... EDIT: oh, reading a bit more, it seems you broke invis globally, for every single warframe that has it... Has the time come when you remove stealth from the game, and I'm finally free to find another game other than WF?
  3. Dear DE, you made the resulting effects more visible, but messed up everything else. • The lights on warframes are all a complete mix of the primary and secondary energy color, whereas before (refer to first image above) both were nice and visible, with gradients and stuff. • Regalia color is all primary, where before a Ki'teer Sekhara was bright and had both colors visible in the "aura", now it's just bland and boring: Notice on the right how it looks as you're selecting a secondary color, but on the left how it looks after selecting and outside of the arsenal. Also note the energy colors, since the SIGIL is only ever primary... • Which brings me to the part about sigils; they're probably low on the priority list, but since you're serious about making this extra layer of fashionframe better, why not add primary/secondary sigil colors as well? I'm sure many a tenno would like it to be independent from anything else, much like every other cosmetic outside of skins. If nothing else, then at least make the two colors NOT mix together (like #1 yellow + #2 blue = flat green energy), even if you have to revert to the main color being visible on the WF while the secondary is there for effects and stuff.
  4. With this update my christmas decoration, that I've had up in my cockpit for years, has disappeared... It's so boring all of a sudden... Still, thanks for the fixes, especially the catchmoon one; not being able to hit a box in front of you cause it clips on the terrain is stupid for a plasma blast that travels through dozens of enemies in a line.
  5. It honestly feels like the end goal of warframe is becoming a shooter snoozefest with obligatory time-gating or bullet-spongy trash. I'm playing WARFRAME, not FPS#8493... Dear DE, leave the fun policing and pointless time-gating to Blizzard, we play WF for the colorful power-fantasy, the myriad ways our frames have to deal with enemies, the hilariously overpowered builds that took some time investment to get right. We don't play WF to shoot an assault rifle at a single target and lose the last of our sanity farming the same thing for 100 hours without a damn thing to show for it.
  6. Doing every daily and 20k worth of weeklies every week nets you ~27000; so you'd still be 3 levels short of max by the end of the event. Meaning the Umbra forma and the armor set is unobtainable. How's that for an incentive
  7. Well, there goes any thought of doing Exploiter ever again. No exposition/chatter skip, no more Phase 1 acceleration, no more walling the excessive trash (because let's face it, you f**ked up Gara's wall beyond any usability as far as defense is concerned), and most importantly no ephemera trading. If you think I'll do that fight another 100 times you're dead wrong. I liked it the first 10 times, but now I just get nauseous whenever I think of writing "H Exploiter" in Recruit, and waste another 15 minutes because reasons...
  8. I would like to add to the chorus of voices that request the old melee switch behaviour back. I can't stand fist weapons combos, but I LOVE Obex. The only way to get a semblance of "ora ora ora" back is to remove the stance mod, which I refuse to do. Same thing for many other weapons, I love doing some quick damage while running through them, NOT going into an uninterruptible flashy attack that misses 90% of the time because reasons. I like the new slam, I love the new effects, but quick melee needs to come back and the manual 2H melee toggle put back in. I already had a 1-button melee mode bound, why are you taking away basic functionality from me?
  9. Heya DE, please add a queue-type reward-less bounty for Exploiter Orb, either at the table or at Eudico, so we can just pop into a session that's got the same goal. There's one for Profit Taker, so that's fine, but you already added ones for eidolons, so why omit this one? Lore or "spoilers" is not a valid reason.
  10. Wait, so 10 weeks? what's that about prestige-ing the thing? for 13 more ranks or so of rewards? Not even 2 formbra per "episode" huh... I really want the cosmetic armor, being a collector myself, but honestly I have a backlog of rpgs I'd rather play than this tired old concept. Honestly, if I can't brute-force farm it, buy it from the market, or do it in an acceptable amount of time, it's just a p.i.t.a.
  11. Dear DE, sweet DE, we fu***** hate daily syndicate limits already, so why in the world did you think a false syndicate with a WEEKLY limit was a good idea? There's a cap (by today's calculation, might change) of 43,000 per week, so it will take around 2 months till we reach 30. I know you're not big into making non-grindy content, but I'd rather wait between big story/content patches and do the random nitain alert, than grind a bunch of things to get one item I'd otherwise get from a random alert. There's something really wrong about waiting 2 months for a forma and some fluff cosmetic, and instead of encouraging me, it's dissuading me; as much as I like collecting cosmetic fluff, being told "do this every week/day or you'll not see it again for years" is off-putting. Now then, as for suggestions: change all "weekly" things to daily refreshes, change the "9 bounties" or "5 simaris scans" or "5 full ayatan" or the like to 1-2 of each max (so a normal person can clear out the dailies in a day), and/or increase the standing gain to something more palatable. What I'm saying is: make it so one can reach R30 every full week if they clear the list every day. It still feels like a crappy "daily" system from MMOs (which I'm sure everyone's sick and tired of already), but it's still less disheartening than a full 2 months for a forma...
  12. In fact, it should drop all toroids and a few each of the new "systems" materials. That way it would be worth going back and farming it for a while
  13. I distinctly remember a devstream after Fortuna was announced, and the guys (and gal) saying they were excited to see how players would tackle the new bosses, and what amazing strategies they'd make. Turns out, that was BS, and you want everything railroaded into exactly one way of doing things. Immunities stacked on top of immunities and forced waiting for the designated phase; that's boring as well as needlessly time consuming.
  14. What was the point of mods again? oh right, to make you stronger when you invest in them, so you kill enemies faster. Except all new bosses, cause you know, tenno skoom gotta suffer... We're back to Eidolon mechanics then, only with more one-shot attacks, more forced waiting, an infinitely respawning army (that is comprised of many one-shotting bullet sponges), and the forced damage dealers are the pea shooters called arch-guns, outclassed by any properly modded weapon (sidearms included) that are ALSO on a needless timer and have an animation that plays every single time you use a WF ability with 2 hands (like thurible, or peacemaker). And the reward for all that headache? A sense of pride and accomplishment, cause those "rewards" are just fluff. And I wouldn't even mind THAT much if everything worked correctly. If the bounties wouldn't break at every single stage, or if the reward tables were functioning correctly, or if the obligatory new crafting items (needed for all the things) were actually obtainable outside of bounties. I give up, might as well try again in a few months next year; maybe all the beta testing is done by then. And maybe, god willing, that arch-gun equip animation will be removed forever.
  15. The only reason I kept doing Eidolons is because the fights dropped sentient cores which I could use to get better at killing them. Why does the Orb drop bonds that I don't need since I'm max rank with S.U. anyway? Make the Orb or the army of one-shot bloody corpus drop a bunch of toroids throughout the fight. That'll give me a reason to keep doing it. The problem with that is, conservation nets you much more standing much faster than farming the orb till your eyes bleed.
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