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  1. Hey, Reb. Is there any news as to when Riven Slot limit will increase? I know it's server-sided stored data and all that, but 90/90 limitation is pretty harsh and I've been just deleting Rivens that I wasn't gonna use non-stop for 3 months for sorties. Would be nice to get it increased over time (was hoping it would happen with Fortuna, but oh well).
  2. Yeah, no, I went in to those entrance-less caves as well. It's marked on my screenshot of the map, and I'm fairly sure they counted as I entered them... Sigh. Maybe a cave didn't count when I was a client in a bounty or something, and not a host...
  3. So, I'm fairly sure these are all 30 that the game requires you to find for the achievement, Vallis Spelunker. I've been going in and out of the caves that I've already visited, and I've been checking with other completed maps from other users... I'll just assume that this is a bug for the time being, but achievement is unobtainable as such.
  4. With the barrage of disposition changes, what I'm looking for more so is... More Riven mod slots, really. 90 is a pretty low number to be able to cover all the favourite primary/secondary/melee weapons, with Kitguns and more and more new shinies coming out..
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