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  1. Having a single life is not the main problem of arbitration in my opinion. It has other problems: Rewards are bad (i have hundreds of ayatans from sorties, no need for even more) and to sparse (give them every round). The drones are preventing most frames and weapons from being viable because abilities are useless and area-damage is needed to take out the drones when they hide among other enemies. Host migrations are bad in every mission, but arbitration is a prime example why they should finally be fixed And the changes make the gamemode worse, not better. Why not give a single "normal" bleedout and revive instead of this hassle. So everybody gets a second chance, but you are not forced to constantly get a debuff to revive useless teammates. And on the topic of archgun-rivens: If you add even more rivens, finally increase or remove the limit on the number of rivens i can have. I stopped doing sorties because everytime i get a riven i have to muse which of the existing ones i dissolve. I bought 90 Slots even though imo the price of them is too high (i am a senior developer, if they produce so much load on your database, you should scrap your datamodel). And i would buy more if you gave me a chance to give you more platinum. A limit on the number of slots you can buy makes no sense for gameplay or economics.
  2. The limitation of 90 slots for rivens makes no sense for the player and DE. For players that are nor interested in fashionframe, slots for weapons, frames and rivens are the main sink for platinum. So it makes no sense for DE to limit the number of slots one can buy. And for the player it limits choice. For me personally it makes me not want to do the sortie because i have been on the limit of 90 rivens for a long time and i hate to have to choose a riven to throw away, especially if i had to forma the weapon to make the riven fit in the build and now would have to reforma again for a rivenless build because the riven had the otherwise usually useless D-polarity. The last sentence remided me to mention that it would be great if a mod-slot could be formad multiple times to match more than one polarity.
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