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  1. Lol yea. Part of me wants to just say “add 2 more slots and add like 18 capacity, but Meta Mods A through M can’t go in those slots.” Kinda like utility-only slots if that makes sense?
  2. Was curious as to what others would think on this topic: What are your opinions on having some mods baked into every weapon? For clarity: there are a number of mods that just go onto EVERY weapon, and a lot of mods that are extremely likely to go on every weapon. There’s a great deal of mods that open more interesting, unique builds for weapons, but that requires sacrificing efficiency/effectiveness. The advent of the new Amalgam mods accentuates this problem. So what if, for example: - All primaries, secondaries, and melee weapons had their respective base damage increased by (whatever % is given by serration/hornet strike/etc.) - Primaries and secondaries get (split chamber/hells chamber/etc) multishot built-in - Melee weapon’s give you the option to either have more range or more attack speed, at %’s equal to their respective (primed?) mods, like a toggle option in the Arsenal that you can swap as you like. - all weapons get to toggle between either a critical rate or status rate boost, replacing... the base crit mods and some sorta status equivalent. Kind of hard to justify this one because all people use are the dual-stat mods for status chance (cuz the base status chance mods are just not good) I have absolutely no idea how to handle primed vs not primed mods, nor the potential sunk-endo costs this system would create. However, I at least would very much enjoy having an extra, like, 2 slots on all my weapons to use non-meta mods. cuz let’s be real. When we get new crit weapons, you already know what 6-7, sometimes even all 8 of your mods are going to be. What do you all think? Do you think the current mod system is fine? Would you like more mod slots and capacity, or baked-in free mods?
  3. Yes. That was exactly my point. That newkong’s 2 is bad. Thanks?
  4. Yup. How this ability will work at high levels: you get shot a few times. So now you activate your 2, heal some, deal paltry damage cuz reflection is a joke, then the ability ends. Alright, the enemies that were shooting you are still there, still shooting you. So you have to use your 2 again. Rinse and repeat, the enemies are not CC’d not killed. The old Defy let you just not die, but gives the ability for you to actually retaliate. It was boring and uninteresting, but it did its job. Alternatively, like most high level players with double Magus Arcanes, you spam 5 a bunch which gives you invuln frames, maybe you dash to safety, and now you’re also healed to full. Costs 0 energy, is super fast, gives you an escape. Again: why would you use the Newkong’s 2?
  5. This rework’s a no-go from me. He still hasn’t been given a real theme?? (And no, being the “Chinese” frame isn’t a real theme. Let’s be real here.) he’s got no kit cohesion, and fills 0 roles in the game. - his passive is a joke - his 1 is his best ability, and the only one I like and think is actually good. - his 2 now requires you to spam the ability. It’s literally all other survival abilities, but worse. Why spam 2, when you could... oh, I dunno... just kill the enemy shooting you? - his 3 does nothing still. It’s all other invisibility options but bad. Nothing was changed. - his 4 now officially joins the ranks of the many exalted weapons that either outright suck at high levels, or has less range and damage than Mesa. RIP Wukong, they tried. Maybe next time you’ll get a more cohesive, narrow theme. As is? Wukong isn’t a dps frame, is a barely passable tank, has crap for cc potential, doesn’t have support abilities, and can’t defend objectives. A JOAT who can’t even do that.
  6. But... why the new mods? We don’t need new mods. We need more mod slots. At present, we don’t have enough mod slots to actually use any of these fancy new mods that are coming out. Lemme explain myself before I get comment-slaughtered. Let’s say you’re building a crit primary/secondary/melee weapon. You already know ahead of time what 6-7 of your mods are going to be. Every. Single. Time. Assuming you build in a way to maximize your weapon’s effectiveness, most builds are tried-and-true cookie cutter builds that allow maybe 1-2 open slots for mods of your choice. If that. Now, what if all primary weapons just had serration built in. And Split Chamber. Primed Pressure for melees. Etc, you get the idea. We use the same old mods over and over and over 99% of the time because they work the best for most content. So now DE wants to implement mods that are MOST LIKELY (haven’t seen the new mods yet of course) going to be situational at best? Nobody will have the open capacity for them. We can only fit 8 mods. Warframes have a bit more flexibility, because they usually have multiple builds that we enjoy switching between. But even then, many times I’ve had to forgo Augments entirely because I just don’t have enough mod slots. Most of my primed frames have 3-4 forma invested each. And it’s just not enough. Could I sacrifice stats for Augments? Of course. Will I? Never, because most augments aren’t as efficient for helping my build do its thing than pure stat boosting mods. Apologies for the long rant, but I’m super miffed every time I see DE release new mods, because 90% of the time, they will simply be inferior to mods we already use, and thusly will never be used. Other times, we get a mod that’s a better version of a staple. Same problem. Mod Economy is a problem. Not Mod Diversity or Mod Capacity. Fingers crossed DE realizes this... ever.
  7. More operator fashion? Eyes roll further into skull. But like who actually wants operator fashion in 2019. You see the little kids for all of the 1 second it takes to pop the Zenurik dash, then never again. Now, I’m not sure on this, but I would almost swear that all the recent tennogen waves that have had operator fashion have had fewer other items (skins, syandanas, etc.). Which is kind of a bummer. The old tennogen waves were so much better when it was just dumping like 12 skins at a time. i’d love to see statistics on purchase rates. It’d help content creators as well, as they could at least see what concepts the populace enjoys more rather than spending many hours making something that even if picked up by DE won’t be purchased by hardly anyone. Long rant short, Operator fashion is dead. I’d much rather prefer tennogen sets with other stuff instead.
  8. It’s almost as if people don’t like randomly spawning bosses with mastery locked behind them that you can’t summon with beacons.
  9. If given a choice, I would never use K-drives at all. as was said by another poster, they’re mastery fodder first, a failed experiment second. DE should scrap the syndicate, then move on. What i want? Fast travel. Make it so that those camps you clear STAY CLEARED. So that I can just fast travel 1k meters instead of NEEDING to use my archwing at all. Regarding how “hyped” people were at tennocon: this is a very small subset of warframe players. They’d be hyped at anything new, let’s be honest. K-drives are garbage. They’re not fun to the majority of the playerbase. I don’t want to play a Tony Hawk game. I want to play Warframe.
  10. Just for my own curiousity, do you mean clans don’t have enough stuff? Or that they don’t have enough ways to keep players engaged with them? Whichever answer, I’m curious as to what possible fixes you could think up, if any. Honest question, because I don’t have any thoughts on possible fixes. Personally, clans are just a waste. There’s soooooo many people who just use clans for their own convenience. For the mastery. For the Hema. Etc. I’d HATE for new, event-content to be clan-locked, because it would kill small clans like mine, because many people would ditch clans if there was event rewards attached. (Thinking back to the old dark sectors... when there was no point being a member of anything BUT the 3-4 “Alpha” clans. They ate the whole damn pie lol!) for reference, I’m part of a 3-man (realistically only 1 active player though....) IRL-friend clan. So I’m biased. XD
  11. Any chance the Hema requirements could be looked at? It’s 2019, and man for my (3 man) clan, 5000 meta samples just seems like an impossibly high bar...
  12. Yes. Thank you for quoting the dev workshop that literally proves that weapon popularity is the deciding factor, as I said. continuing with your hind example, doesn’t that have a max disposition? I think it does... regardless, you still CAN come back to it. But the problem here then becomes that even with the best stats it can possibly get, it isn’t good enough for endgame content. Meaning the problem with the hind isn’t in how rivens affect it, but it’s low base stats (or ridiculous enemy scaling. Same dif) Now, regarding the new life stuff? Yes, I absolutely agree with you here. I wanted rivens that added weird effects like bullet ricochet, or -hitscan +homing, or turning pellet shotguns into rocket launchers. I definitely think that rivens were just a big dropped ball.
  13. Yup. https://forums.warframe.com/topic/916505-dev-workshop-weapons-mastery-ranks-and-stats/ notice the one bullet in there that explicitly states that riven stats will not be affected. id post a picture, but I suck at forums. edit: they even state that weapon popularity will continue to be the deciding metric.
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