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  1. Hello friends, I have quite a lot of hours "invested" into warframe and never had a performance issue until now. Yesterday update dropped my pretty much constant 100 fps to below 60(and that's just walking around orbiter) and causing something that feels like micro stuttering. It is not smooth on either of my screens. My main Screen is Acer X34(100hz) and my secondary screen is Asus PG279Q (165hz), both screen use G-sync and both screens experience same issues. This happens in borderless full screen, which is how I always played. Windowed mode is fine but locked to 60fps and full screen is unplayable due to being split between 2 screens, an issue that other users reported too. All other games that I play have no issues and play the same way the used to without problems. Warframe did too before this update. System specs: Send help pls 😛
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