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  1. Agree with OP, I'd love to have the ability to change the statue, or even remove it entirely, as nobody in my clan really uses Loki. In the meanwhile though, a lot of people use the Loki statue to decorate it and make him look like an orokin samurai or something similar...some great ancient warrior decked out in shiny gold armor. I decided to go in a different direction, and uhh.. I admit I got a bit carried away.
  2. If the new war is supposed to be the beginning of the next story arc, I hope the current one gets a rework pass to smooth out the narrative, have better segways between the major quests and introduce some of the old tactical alerts as quests of their own, so that anyone playing through from their initial awakening will understand the state of the game at the beginning of TNW.
  3. Was cracking relics and ranking up the orthos, brought my kohm for fun in case it got the infinite ammo buff. No secondary for better affinity sharing. I don't think it's a bug. ADS will switch you back to gun mode, regardless of if you're on the ground or in the air, and if you're only gun is your primary it'll switch to that. And you can't hold the databob while using your primary.
  4. On PC. Only happens if you don't have a secondary equipped.
  5. Only thing that really gets to me is that there's no lock for pure melee mode... Lost count of the times I've dropped the databob on mobile defense because aim gliding automatically switches to your primary, then had to backtrack when I reached the console and realized I was empty handed.
  6. Granted, but I want a twin Redeemer prime... No, a QUAD Redeemer prime! Attached together like nunchucks! https://giphy.com/gifs/sun-ztkfrBwZXTEDm
  7. Wasn't sure what to expect, image did not disappoint. Well done Zahnny, for a nice build with limited resources.
  8. Just came to report the same. Good to know this is a known issue, the featured dojos and their artists definitely earn their spots, and it sucks not being able to see the awesome stuff they put their time and resources into building. Especially impressed with the last few ghost clans that have been featured.
  9. Can anyone explain to me how scanning plants nets us resources instead of cutting them down like on the plains? If you scan something, you only have it's data, not a cloned duplicated copy.
  10. I've had some vauban ideas of my own floating around, I'm gonna drop then here instead of starting a whole new thread. Passive: stalwart defender Increases armor of all squadmates by 50% of vauban's armor. Tesla Toss out a spike that deals electric damage in an area on a surface, or directly to an enemy if it sticks to them. Throwing multiple Tesla spikes within range of each other creates electric tethers between them, guaranteeing an electric proc. Redoubt Hold to mark a line along the ground. (Uses the same targeter as the mining lasers) When finished, an ethereal chest high wall rises from the line that enemies are unable to cross, granting allies nearby increased fire rate/reload speed/damage and damage reduction. Only one wall can be active at a time. Tap to place up to 3 presized walls. Sentry Hold to toggle between high slash damage machine gun, knockdown tracking missile, or innate punch through laser turrets, tap to deploy. Can have 6 turrets active at a time, which will engage enemies independently or target enemies with a Tesla spike attached. Turrets can snap onto redoubt, and gain bonuses if done so. Bastille Summon vauban's exalted tower shield, Bastille. Hold to charge energy into Bastille, creating a field that nullifies all incoming damage for several seconds. Must recharge between uses. Press the fire button to slam Bastille into the ground, sending out a shockewave that staggers enemies. No idea what kind of numbers to apply, but would hope they would be a bit op, as vauban's been low tier for so long, merely making him average won't do him justice.
  11. What's it like knowing that all your relationships are downhill from there?
  12. No special preparation, got it out of the second kill of the run from a bull while doing the nightwave challenge to take down a doma a week or two back. Two man team, friends only grouping.
  13. I think what you meant to say was, "Hi everyone, noticed that the recent update put the 'buy new slots' button at the front of the list. I know this isn't a big deal to some, but I had everything organized and easy to find before it was put there. While I get that the devs want to put the 'give us money' button up front, i feel it would be better to move it to the end of the list, where people would naturally look if they wanted to add more slots. Does anybody else feel like we need to push back on cash grab opportunities like this?"
  14. Does anyone else think mach rush should do impact damage to enemies you hit? As far as I could tell last night, all it did was knockdown enemies I ran through, no discernable damage at all, and this was against low level grineer. I feel like being hit by a metal man moving at Mach speed, (i.e. the speed of sound) would more likely turn you in to a pile of chunky gibblets than nudge you off your feet. At least against the rank and file cannon fodder. By the time you're able to aquire and build Gauss on the star chart, anything sub-level 20 shouldn't be giving you a problem anyway.
  15. I have to believe there's video out there where someone timed a volt between two static points. If that video can be found, then replicating the test now would put everyone's concerns to rest. Also, maybe they had to remove his accelerated animations due to his new cloth physics.
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