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  1. Creating the best face possible...? Are... Are we min-maxing cosmetics now???
  2. Thing is, nobody liked having to do this. And I do believe that it's being removed in an upcoming update, so it wouldn't make much sense to add it back in elsewhere. I can see what you're saying about wanting to keep built weapons in "storage", but would you really be willing to wait for 3 hours just to swap out your mk-1 braton for a paris because you're about to do a spy mission and don't want to alert any enemies? The real problem with warframe/weapon slots is that not everybody understands the importance of plat, at least not at first. People use their free starter plat on cosmetics before they ever become aware that they'll need it to expand their arsenal, (aside from some of the nightwave rank rewards, that's all you'll ever get on your own) and up front it's not crystal clear that the only way to acquire more plat is through trading or buying with real money. . So that's why i think you should receive a free warframe slot and a few weapon slots when you complete Vor's Prize, with a text box explaining that further expansion will need plat and how to get it. Looking at my own stats, I'm just over 2900 hours in game and around 22% of my frame usage is still on my starter Mag, followed by Ivara at 6%. And while I don't clearly remember, I'm almost positive that's due to not being able to afford plat at the time for more slots. A single free frame slot that early on isn't going to destroy DE's financial stability, and I think would go a long way toward getting people to play longer and go after other equipment, instead of thinking they'll have to get rid of their only Volt if they want to see what this Rhino fellow is all about.
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