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  1. @Kuez Could you post the primed interior pictures again? they don't seem to be loading
  2. Thanks for changes and fixes, but I want to know, when will Chimaera Prologue be replayable?
  3. Me looking at that image: "You're big, I've fought bigger"
  4. Actually glad it's not today, cuz I wouldn't be able to play today
  5. I like these changes, especially the archgun rivens, I feel those will be more incentive to continue to do Arbitrations, and not just get all the drops then never play them again.
  6. Love those augments, but I've been wondering, when will *SPOILERS* Chimera Prologue be re-playable? I really wanna re-play it, especially so I can get good screenshots for some more awesome backgrounds
  7. I've got something a little spoilerous here, when will Chimera Prologue be replayable? I need to do it again because it was so weird I loved it
  8. Souper excited. The spider eggs are starting to hatch!
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