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  1. As a core concept, Nightwave is really fun. In practise however, it is an attempt to force "brand loyalty" onto the player base. It creates exclusivity where there doesn't need to be exclusivity, just for the sake of pushing people to play your game more often. It's a thinly veiled attempt to punish players who are less active rather than reward players who are active. And as I said in my previous post: I hate forced brand loyalty anywhere, but I especially hate it in my games. 60% completion required was debunked by Reddit to actually be closer to 70% required. After missing three weeks due to real life circumstances, and this is after having done the first three weeks with relative excitement, Nightwave stopped being fun and became a chore. I had to log in every day, I had to do it, because I couldn't guarantee I'd have enough free time in my busy life, couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't get pulled away again. And what do you know; I was pulled away again, for another few weeks. By the time I came back, Warframe had turned into a chore that, until this point, it had never been. Until Nightwave, Warframe had always been a grindy game that had otherwise avoided FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out. I was never upset if I missed a Baro weekend, because Baro will always be back. I was never upset if I missed an alert, because the alert will always come up again. I was never upset if I missed the Acolytes or the Ghouls because they will come back, in the exact form they were in when they were introduced, with the same rewards that I can get in the same way. If I ran out of time, it didn't feel like a big deal. I didn't have to worry about if they'd ever show up again. I didn't have to worry about exclusivity. Nightwave throws that out the window, and for what? It isn't a system that rewards players for logging in and doing missions because players who wanted to play Warframe would already do that, and you could have included some of these rewards in a myriad of different ways with less time gating as long as you made it worth doing. Do you know that if you actually fixed the Arbitrations, people would do them? So I don't want to hear pretend excuses of "We try other content, and you players don't use it!" and for all of their faults - they have many - at least Arbitrations aren't arbitrarily timed with their rewards. They're still going to be there for me to play and have fun with when you actually fix them. Nightwave season 1, though? The lack of Wolf spawning in my missions when I did get time to play? The Umbral forma I won't reach, that you chose to make unusually exclusive at the very back end of a season where you couldn't even correctly tell us what percentage of the content we'd have to do in order to achieve that rank? They're going to be gone after Season 1. Who knows if they'll be in Season 2? We don't, you won't tell us until you release it. Nightwave as a concept is fantastic, it was a nice and refreshing take on the alerts system that made alert rewards feel a little more reachable. That was, until a few weeks passed when I couldn't play, and the burn out started to hit me, and I realised that you hadn't rewarded me for the weeks I had been able to play during this event, but you had instead punished me for the lack of activity on my part. "Oh, you didn't have time to do the Nightwaves? Well that's just too bad, guess you should be more active." And what's worse is that you encourage this mentality in your players, too. Look at these threads; they're a train wreck. You've turned your own community in on itself, and now people bicker and argue "Well I could manage to do it, why couldn't you?!" "Your argument is totally invalid because I work however many hours and could achieve it!" You didn't just punish people that couldn't meet your arbitrary standard of activity that you felt was acceptable to get a genuinely useful reward (like an Umbral Forma) but you even managed to turn other players on these people. Congratulations. As I said before the other thread: I'm not even upset or angry. I am just disappointed. Slowly but surely, Warframe is now trying to compete with Destiny and Anthem not by being an actually better game, but instead by demanding more time from the players it has and by restricting the time they might have to play other games. Now that you have those players from those franchises, I suppose you have to keep them tied to this community, right? Can't just keep them here by making sure your game is still appealing and fun - the thing that drew many of us here in the first place. Instead just have to chain us down with FOMO grinds, make us worry about missing out on useful resources if we don't play to what DE considers to be an acceptably active standard. And as such, ironically... it's made me turn off Warframe entirely and I'm not really that excited for updates any more, the way I used to be.
  2. I've thought long and hard about this. Cause see, I like Nightwave as a concept. I really do. I think that, as a concept, Nightwave has an awful lot of value and can bring an awful lot of replayability to missions or variety you wouldn't otherwise think to use. Some of the mission types were extremely undesirable - 60 minute long Kuva missions with no siphon for example are ridiculous because it is far too easy to accidentally hit a container or for a rogue player to decide to ruin their entire squad by opening a life support at 59 minutes - but some of them were simple, nice and dare I say even fun. That said... I don't enjoy Warframe indulging in the Fear Of Missing Out epidemic that plagues every other "live service" game. Please, DE. Please, I'm begging you, don't become other publishers. You have one of the grindiest games I've ever played and, more importantly, one of the grindiest games I've ever enjoyed playing. I never had to worry or panic that I was going to "miss out" on Warframe goodies if real life became busy for me. I never had to feel like I was locked out of content or rewards because I had a busy real life or, more importantly, if I wanted a break from Warframe. But Nightwave changes this. Nightwave doesn't reward me for playing. Nightwave punishes me for disloyalty. Now some people might say I'm being overly dramatic here - maybe I am - but in a world where games are no longer games but are "live services" it is more and more the reality that publishers are fighting to keep "player retention" at an all time high. They don't just want us playing their games sometimes, they want us playing their games all the time. Warframe was so refreshing as a game because it never had this mentality attached to it, it never demanded my loyalty or my time for extremely long periods. It never punished me if I chose not to play it. Until Nightwave. Because even though you claim that you only needed 60% of everything to be done to achieve max rank (which was debunked by Reddit, and revealed to be closer to 70% - was this ever fixed?) the reality is that I might not be able to dedicate that much time to your game for a couple of months. I have S#&$ going on, DE - I'm trying to move house, my partner and I are planning to move in together which involves a cross-country move, there's a lot of personal stuff happening, etc. etc. For the first three weeks I was excited for Nightwave, and I loved it. But then I had to miss a couple of weeks, through no choice of fault of my own, and when I came back... Nightwave was a lot more looming. A lot more daunting. Suddenly it felt like I had to do it, especially because I could wind up busy again on short notice. Nightwave suddenly wasn't rewarding me for playing, but it was punishing me for my absence. I don't like forced brand loyalty, DE. I don't like it anywhere in this corporate mess of a world, and I certainly don't like it in my games. And Nightwave single-handedly burned me out on Warframe in a way that Warframe has never managed to do to me before. I've always put Warframe down for periods, but I've also always picked it back up. I've enjoyed it enough and the systems it has that I've often spent quite a bit of money on Warframe (something I don't regret, to be clear) because the game never fell into the trappings that every other game did and now every other game does. To see this concept of forced loyalty creep slowly into Warframe, masquerading as a reward for active players while in reality simply punishing those that are deemed "too inactive" and creating totally unnecessary and fake exclusivity on items that shouldn't be as exclusive as they are is beyond disheartening. To see this forced into Nightwave, where it has such a promising and fun style of system behind it, is even worse. I'm not even angry, or upset. I'm just disappointed.
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