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  1. mandatorysuicide

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.0.9

    Please remove the magazine requirement of [synth charge], it's mathematically worthless now
  2. mandatorysuicide

    Warframe Builder

    I appreciate the work you did, though can you add back the import/export function? It was useful for having a notepad with quick access to the (i assume) hash values that could be swapped or open in different tabs for comparing theoretical max/min/actual riven weapon stats. Thank you. ------------------------------ EDIT: just saw: warframeBuilder.importRivenMod('YOUR CODE HERE');, it also looks like warframeBuilder.exportRivenMod(); exports. Not preferable but it works. Thanks again.
  3. mandatorysuicide

    Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 5

    Any ETA on the fix for making the Genetic Code Template blueprint available for purchase with credits again?