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  1. Such a bad response. If DE makes a warframe that has a 25 energy cost ability that wipes the entire map of enemies, you would say "oh just use these sucky ass frames instead". If they made anything broken in the game beyond repair, you would say "oh you can just gimp yourself as you please". Hopefully you don't get employed as on the balance team of a game or you would ruin it without question.
  2. Totally agree, I think having to worry about your pets is unneeded. It would be a bold change, but would be graciously accepted by most players I believe.
  3. Banshee is least played because she is so incredibly fragile, and tedious to play. People are bringing up the argument that you can just use her abilities to keep her alive, or you can "play smart". These people need to acknowledge the fact that players do not want to constantly be spamming abilities JUST to stay alive. I personally don't want to be sonic booming every 2 seconds, or using silence every single time it is off cooldown, or sound-quaking because I'm inevitably going to almost die every 5 seconds of playing her. She is simply not fun to play because you are always going to be wo
  4. Trust me friend, you are absolutely correct. Limbo players for one reason or another feel like he is absolutely necessary for defense missions, and feel like they are doing you a favor for being there. I agree with you 100% that he breaks the flow of the game and is truly the most annoying warframe to have in your squad. Limbo players don't care if they affect you or not, they simply have blinders on and will get angry if you ask them to stop spamming their abilities. All you can do unfortunately is leave the mission if you see a limbo on your team, or bear with it until extraction. He is a
  5. Ignore ZeroX4, he has serious pent up anger and responded super toxic. To be honest, I would guess that you are bringing some underequipped gear, you probably want to be bringing weapons that are just plain stronger, the lanka is usually always a great place to start for bosses.
  6. The only thing I don't like is the amount of X spam that is necessary to traverse fast in the game. 99% of players don't run to the objective/extraction or throughout the map in general, they just bullet jump->jump->roll. I can say with certainty after playing for so long that the X button literally gets worn over time if you play Warframe. After so many hours I try to save my X button by using frames with speed boosts or put infested mobility on them.
  7. When you run a relic you are playing the game for a reward, a prime component that you can sell for plat or to build something you want. So that's what I was doing, I wanted certain rewards but the path I had to follow had me sitting in recruiting chat for tens of minutes, which isn't fun. True, but then you are spending countless more hours trying to get a specific component because of the far worse odds. The void key system began to fail because the amount of possible prime warframes, prime guns, etc. began to be too much for the relatively small amount of void keys. T
  8. Has anyone given thought to a new system of acquiring prime components? I feel that so much time is spent within Warframe sitting in recruiting chat and waiting for others to run the same relic as yourself. I just started playing consistently again, with about 1800 hours played, and have had so much time seemingly wasted attempting to recruit. Tens of minutes seem to go by recruiting for EVEN nezha relics! I think that this dead space is a real problem, and for me, deteriorates the experience. In the past we would spend hours on end grinding for components in endless survivals or defense m
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