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  1. I'm not feeling the new defy. Looks like you either won't be able to move much while casting it or won't be able to shoot, either of which is immediately a dealbreaker for an ability that generally will do zero damage outside of conclave. Even if they changed it so that you can move and shoot while casting, it's literally just invulnerability spam that you have to keep pressing 3 to keep up, which is really not fun imo. The same thing applies to his passive. I just... don't get it? Random buffs if you take fatal damage, which you should be avoiding? What? I should add that (and I say this despite maining wukong for quite a while) one of the reasons I don't really play him now is that he brings literally nothing to the team save for maybe some light CC, and honestly this change isn't changing that one bit. Selfish frames should either feel comfortable to use (Inaros) or fun to play (Ash), and right now Wukong is neither. Primal fury is also a pointless skill. Making it as long as a zaw does not, in fact, make it as good as a zaw, because it is not a zaw, but instead an exalted weapon with no exalted skill attached to it, just a long stick that does less damage than a zaw AND drains energy at the same time. What's that all about? Also uh please tone down the cloud walker opacity a bit thanks yeah I really love the clone concept though.
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