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  1. iirc it’s because they float too high up? Like if you jump and drop the mote in the air it can apparently affect them, but it’s more hassle that it’s worth
  2. With Nyx being unvaulted, now would be a great time to buff one of (if not the) worst prime weapons in the game. They’re so laughably terrible, and have been for about as long as I can remember. They suck so hard and it’s a shame because they’re cool as heck, I mean who doesn’t like shurikens?? I can speak from experience that even a massive damage boost from a riven does nothing for the poor things
  3. Yeah it should definitely just give full immunity. That’s how Atlas’ Landslide works, and I think Rhino’s charge as well
  4. Dex pixia’s only issue is lack of AoE (though punch through helps a lot) Damage wise they outshine pretty much every secondary, easily killing steel path grineer in a couple of shots. It’s not the frame’s fault that you don’t know how to build her…
  5. Yeah definitely sounds like a bug but also why would you put Larva on mag anyway? The bubble pulls in from a pretty decent range already (unless you have like no strength I guess)
  6. Is there any reason why console players don’t get commas in their big damage numbers?
  7. Thats what I was thinking, which should mean launchers count
  8. I’m trying to figure out what the 150% crit chance applies to. Is it just traditional rifle-like weapons such as Hind and Soma? I know sorties let you take launchers into rifle-only missions. I’m pretty sure rifle amp applies to bows and launchers as well. I just wanna know if I can throw a kuva Zarr on my dude and let him rip haha
  9. Bruh the Synergised Prospectus Hound mod also affects friendly targets. It can you kill your own warframe and the hound itself
  10. I’ve gathered a fair collection of Hounds from Sister hunting now and I’m just wondering if any of their abilities are actually any good? Like has anyone stumbled across a combo that makes them worth using over any other companion really?
  11. Seriously. With the exception of maybe Rattleguts and Tombfinger, they’re pretty much all substantially inferior to their Secondary counterparts. I don’t think there’s a single primary kitgun that’s even remotely steel path viable either. If you wanna talk about making guns better, I feel like that’s something that definitely needs looked at. Catchmoon, Gaze, Sporelacer are definitely the worst offenders for it I reckon. They’re borderline unusable as primaries. I honestly think even with a max disposition, they still wouldn’t be worth using.
  12. Think it’s been mentioned before but Type: In-Game description: Primed Sure Footed doesn’t work with Yareli’s Merulina Reproduction: Put On maxed primed sure footed, activate Yareli’s 2nd and hit yourself with an AoE explosion expected result: should be unaffected by explosion observed result: immediately removed from Merulina when hit by a self-stagger AoE I hope to god this is unintended
  13. I think a big issue is that the majority of Single Target weapons simply aren’t able to compete with AoE and Melee. I wonder if that’s something that could be fixed with arcanes? Or a galvanised punch through or something. like an arcane that gives splash damage on kill, so single hit weapons could have an element of AoE. Maybe even just giving the merciless arcanes innate punchthrough at rank 5 could go a long way. Otherwise there’s no reason to ever take a Grinlok over an Ignis really
  14. 9000 health is just way too low to survive against Steel Path enemies, so you’re forced to bring defensive frames. However then you run into the issue of not being able to kill fast enough to keep life support levels topped off (and stops acolytes spawning as frequently as well) it’s especially rough solo. id like to see them get the excavation treatment so they scale up to a reasonable level, it would be a really nice way of farming Kuva
  15. The hotfix was a noticeable improvement (her 4th can now kill fodder in ESO now) but she’s still pretty terrible. A step in the right direction at least I suppose I’m fine with aqua blades having a fixed ranged (nice for low range frames) but the hit box needs to be way bigger. At the very least enemies INSIDE the radius should take constant hits instead of having to constantly wiggle around enemies to keep hitting them
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