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  1. I love the changes to Steel Path so far, especially being able to do pretty much any mission type and still get rewards. I figured Kuva Survival would be a decent way to farm out kuva and steel essence at the same time, but that 8000 health the defence targets have is just way too low imo. It makes it quite hard to solo without some sort of defence frame. A few times I’ve gone to deal with one approaching group and another has spawned in the opposite direction and just eviscerated the kuva heh
  2. The +60% slide is an absolute godsend imo. It makes getting around so much faster
  3. I know they initially mentioned it would be back some time in December, but that might have been pushed back due to COVID. If it’s not this year it’ll most likely be like January or February I’m guessing
  4. I want that so much especially since some missions can be kinda ass solo because nowhere near enough enemies spawn, and it’s just not nearly as fun.
  5. Yeah it’s the same as Mag’s bubble, it feels pretty lame having to use an augment on something that should really just be innate
  6. Man I’d be so irritated if I got a warframe slot or a relic from a sortie lmfao.
  7. It also 100% should be an exilus mod. Honestly though I wish it was just part of the base ability and we had a better augment instead. Even disarming or pulling health orbs would be better
  8. I’ll never understand why people say Dex Pixia are weak. I literally haven’t found a single enemy in the game that can survive their barrage of viral/slash procs, even in steel path they melt the beefiest enemies in moments... personally I just wish they’d swap Tribute for something more interesting, none of its buffs are particularly useful other than maybe Dust. Oh and diwata should have like 50 base crit imho, though even that probably wouldn’t be enough to make it good >.>
  9. idk how y’all playing wisp without duration. I hate having to be tethered to my motes. +high duration pairs really well with most helminth abilities, I personally like Dispensary on her
  10. Why would duration ever scale with strength? That’s never been a thing really (Also why wouldn’t you just run duration on wisp anyway?)
  11. actually upon further use it turns out it happens even while standing still. I think it might be an issue with multishot and/or fire rate increases, it seems to be nearly guaranteed as client even with minimal ping
  12. It’s entirely possible for a fast frame to manoeuvre into the blast radius, where you’ll take a lot of damage/status procs. It also happens frequently in laggier sessions as client where there’s a delay in the explosion (but can also be replicated solo in simulacrum)
  13. It can lock on just fine, but when fired the projectiles all just fly directly forward in whatever direction you’re currently facing. Seems to happen relatively consistently
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