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  1. Noticed that Wisp has an issue healing some objectives (namely ones that float above ground, like the Oplinks) would like to see that fixed
  2. Combat Discipline is a neat concept but I personally think it should work a little differently; I think any kills the user gets should restore health to the team. At its current value, it wouldn’t be particularly broken but it’d be a fun little way for dps focused frames to support the team (at the cost of their own health of course) That would at least maybe get some people using it. I know I totally would anyway
  3. Viral/Hunter munitions makes it scale way better But I also really love Gas/Corrosive. It’s a nice combo that you usually can’t make, and provides a nice AoE experience. Highly recommend building for crit, even if you don’t have a riven. But yeah I wouldn’t say no to a buff
  4. I think he needs a rework because his kit requires you to camp in one spot, and his 1st’s damage literally never scales well. Even at max stacks it’ll struggle to kill grineer above 70. He’s a very bad dps frame, a very mediocre support, an awkward Tank and a mildly ok CC (but just play Khora at that point.) He doesn’t excel at anything whatsoever
  5. Are we really ok with weapons being just mastery fodder? Why even bother making new weapons if they aren’t ever worth using past a certain point. It’d be like them adding new mk1 weapons at this point
  6. Honestly yeah. I’m tired of infested just one-shotting his *@##$ ass. Yeah he can tether to targets for damage reduction but that has a limited range so it restricts his mobility. Without shield gating, he’s way too frail. He’s only tanky if he’s tethered and sitting in his infested patch, and that is an incredibly dull playstyle. Imho though I personally think he needs a rework anyway, his damage does not scale at all and stacks take way too long to build up. I mostly just use him for his 1st’s augment these days
  7. Watch as they prime it and it still ends up being worse than Orthos hahah. They’ll give it like +2% crit Chance or something lol
  8. With the removal of self-damage, could we possibly consider removing minimum arming distance precautions? Really no reason why I shouldn’t be able to blast myself with the tonkor or acceltra at this point.
  9. Title says it all. It is not doing well since the 3.0 changes. There’s essentially no reason to ever use it over the Orthos and that’s kinda sad because it is a fantastic looking weapon. Stat wise the orthos Prime demolishes it in every way. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad that’s doing so well these days, but variety is the spice of life y’know. Yes the Cassowar has a much higher riven disposition but that really does not save it when it has a 6% base crit Chance AND lower status. The same can probably said for most of the other polearms, a lot of them need some love
  10. It’s basically impossible to fail ground though. Space at least has the potential to go badly. and If you stop the ship hiding in the murex then players are just gonna hide it somewhere else. One of the most common complaints with railjack is that people hate having to babysit the damn thing. (Besides, a good high end railjack can sit right out in the open and never take any serious damage anyway hehe)
  11. Yeah ground squad could definitely do with some tweaking next time. Harder and Faster would be my preference. So they scale up to the same level as they do now but in like half the time. 17 waves is just so lame.... I feel like Space is balanced fine personally. It’s probably the harder of the two, just because of how quickly sentients can wreck an op link without a good limbo/Mesa (whereas it’s very easy to protect them on ground)
  12. So kinda like mods such as Peculiar Bloom without wasting a damn mod slot? Hell yeah! Screw bonus XP or resources, I’m way more invested in the cosmetic endgame haha
  13. Also nowhere in the UI does it actually show the true value. Her 3rd scales depending on the harshness if the light she’s in, but the UI just always shows it at max 😕
  14. I actually think PC just got a hotfix that stopped enemies sliding around in the bubble as much. Crush also generates overshields for mag and nearby allies, which makes her significantly harder to kill (especially paired with Natural Talent ❤️ ) It would be nice for crit to apply to the bubble DoT, but i think they don’t allow it because it would simply be too much damage. A good rubico can do over a million damage per shot on a crit, so having 25% of that in the bubble would be obscenely powerful. I mean, I’m totally all for it but I do see their reasoning behind it
  15. 3 doesn’t multiply the damage they take, it just does more damage against whatever you cast Bubble on. Casting her 2nd on an enemy and then using her 3rd will do a lot more damage to the initial target (and strip more armour/shields in the process)
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