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  1. Same. When research was still active: 46000 to next rank After completition: 63000 to next rank https://imgur.com/a/DJ41zsm (russian)
  2. There is only one Umbral Forma in the game now. More likely you used your Aura Forma and made your aura slot universal
  3. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360010426932-Negative-Platinum-Balance-Help
  4. You can't. DE are scammers here. They should disable trading for plat if they can't handle such situations 😁
  5. When you hover mouse over host player there is a tooltip 'Host'
  6. https://mythology.net/mythical-creatures/will-o-the-wisp/ Her 2nd ability fits theme at least 🙂
  7. denis-ldv

    Aura Forma

    You are wrong 🙂 You just removed polarity with your regular forma
  8. But if you gain bonus affinity, you can leech at ESO and get it to max rank even with that bug. After gilding it may be resolved 🙂 Or you could try doing spy missions without alarms
  9. Just to be sure. You cleared those rooms using your kitgun and not warframe abilities, right?
  10. Nope. Nova's AMD (fully charged) deals 20K-50K damage to him depending on his armor state and level
  11. 🙂 Limitation of 32bit addressing is 4 Gb PAE may not be enabled on every 32 bit OS, so "the physical ram limit for 32bit systems is 64gb of ram" - is wrong
  12. Have you read the article?
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