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  1. Hello DE, I hope you're reading this, because I have a few things I'd like to bring up about Garuda and what we've seen today: Her passive...It's interesting. I can see a bit of micromanaging here, but it's a risk reward kinda thing and I'm wondering if there will be enough reward to warrant such a risk with her health. I'm not sure if this will be revised or not, but I don't want to see people just shredding their health to zero just to maximize damage output, as this can potential upset teammates when this is misused. Her 1 is probably the ability I want revised the most looking at it now. The shield and the initial massacring of a unit I'm okay with...but I'm wondering that since this is reliant on killing or attacking an enemy if it will just be dead weight against bosses and such. The shield....needs some looks improved in my opinion, maybe not so much a shield as a damage reduction aura maybe? I'd feel that'd be better for her case. The Orb though, holy crap I hate the look of that...she uses those sick metal claws...to throw it...DE, come on, if you're going to give her those claws, have her use that blood and stab out with them to launch a lance of blood that explodes, that would look so much better and still fit with her theme. Otherwise, the scaling of the damage from the damage absorbed is great, though the casting of all this is a tad clunky. In my opinion, the 1 when pressed should just work as in the initial cast, shredding or dealing damage to an enemy to gain the shield/damage resistance, and just tapping it again would allow for more charges and refreshing of the shield. Then, you can hold down one to "focus" the blood and unleash it. This would allow a build up of a nuke for higher priority targets such as bombards and such and not require you to waste it on trash mobs as well as removing some of the clunkyness of the ability Her 2, honestly I have no complaints, it looks sick, its devilish and badass in concept and function, I'm gonna love it. The only thing I saw that may require looking at is making sure the talon impaling the enemy matches the coloration of the talons, but that's minor and not really a complain, since you guys are good about getting those things matched up anyways. Her 3 is okay in my opinion, but I feel that just trading life for energy is a bit wasteful. I mean, we already have rage for that...how about you inflict bleed on yourself and gain buffs from it so you don't immediately shred half your health for it? It would also prevent what I stated previously and also prevent someone from instantly downing themselves if they time the ability badly or don't see someone attacking them from behind, which is often something that can happen. Her 4...I hate to say this about something you guys are creating but I honestly hate this ability. It's like a revenant ult but just themed for her and in close range. And the animation of Garuda during this? It doesn't fit her. It's not elegant, and just a swarm of blades fits Ash more than it does Garuda. I don't know what this should be replaced this with, but make it more unique and not just a damaging channel. We already have that with Revenant, as I said previously, and it would be a waste to have two warframes in a row with a very similar ultimate. That said, I love the looks of her, I really look forward to playing her, and I hope that my suggestions have at the very least given you all some good ideas with witch to inspire or help with this amazing looking frame. Thanks again for all the hard work you guys put in, and best of luck with all the work going into Fortuna.
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