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  1. https://imge.to/i/AQbFs https://imge.to/i/AQVxY https://imge.to/i/AQJKk
  2. problem is exclusive extra 6k xp for some DE partners and if i put ss topic will be deleted because i'm pretty sure is against forum rules post ss with other player id
  3. nop because i have screen shot where this DE partner on ps4 write and i quote DE is aware and they giggled at it
  4. well with oxylus x 2 you have 6k xp more that is same xp like frame so ok than lato prime and skana prime is ok now lol
  5. finally someone who play on ps4 because i have screen shot on my Ps4 sent me message on PSN and ill send you screen shot with proof my PSN id hirprirode
  6. that is 6k xp more than no DE partner players so what is next DE excalibur prime for them on ps4 ?
  7. my friend play in full squad and have same problem but when squad got points they want he told others to wait he closed application turn on and rejoin to squad and bug was fixed he got same points like other in squad
  8. question when update drop will be posible like on pc use exploits with Oberon + Vigorous Swap mod and kill enemys level cap in 2 sec and all other exploits which are under radar. question was for event exploits
  9. @[DE]Danielle question when update drop on ps4 in event will be possible with Oberon + Vigorous Swap mod kill enemys with 1st ability in 2 sec even enemys are level cap like was on pc ? and if will be possible will that be legit ???
  10. @DE take your time and 1 month if is need it just fix ALL exploits before update hits console. Likr oberon exploit etc
  11. really fashion is the bigest problem for players ??? @DE bring back DE events with LEADERBOARD
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