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  1. Guys... you DE, the update will be next week, like at the last possible moment 2 or 3 weeks later than what they said. Relax and go play WF or something else if you have nothing to do in WF.
  2. This new "financial stress" needs just a bit of tweaking. I was just trying it out, to see how it works and I was 4/5 of reviving the ally but he left and I kept the Burden. If there are no Towers active your Burden should go away or maybe, as you worked hard to get it and be a nice playera, just fall at your tower so someone could pick the one left then pick yours and revive you. I spent the whole mission with Burden because no one else died and I didn't want to suicide and to get rid of it and hope the other would do the same for me.
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