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  1. Event comes back. See plague star, it'll likely come back once per year. This is exactly the point I was trying to make. DE refuses to put any rewards that matter behind difficult content. Its true that there was no purpose of hostile mergers beside a leader board score. So my biggest question is why can't we have both. Good tangible rewards like arcanes along with leaderboard content? And to boot, this actually has happened in the past (to a degree). See the ignis wraith blueprint or even dark sector battles, difficult content unlocked rewards for you and your clan. You, along with your clan, could work toward getting a goal (ex placement on the leaderboard or the ignis wraith blueprint in pacifism defect) while also getting good rewards for yourself and your clan in the form of limited blueprints and such. I want more clan based content, I want more cooperative content, I want difficult content because all of those things are conducive to bringing players like me back to the game and continue to play. Otherwise, I'll find another avenue to pursue because Warframe (no longer) offers the content I want. Warframe no longer provides us with a testing ground to test our builds. It used to be survivals, but even mediocre setups can now reach absurd levels due to the changes in armor scaling and damage in general. So if high levels are out of the equation, does Warframe provide us with puzzles/difficult levels? No, not at all, that avenue is gone. All the unique weapon builds this game had like 100% status shotguns, condition proccers for corrosive or condition overload, and bane setups with gas faction damage are all gone. Its all been reduced to mindless hybrid viral setups. But, more then ever, currently it doesn't matter because 'hard' content like scarlet spear is an absolute joke to the damage we do. The hardest faction combined with some of the highest levels we've been able to see in non-endurance runs in a long time amount to a grand total of nothing if we're still one hitting them and tanking them like a Rhino Prime with arcane tanker.
  2. You can do 4x3 eidolons with pretty much any set of frames as long as you have a buffer. But honestly, dont event need that, as long as you have good shield dps your frame doesn't really matter. And yes, you can do 17/17 condrix with any frame. But any frame isn't efficient, and in an event that is hard, long, mindless grind, that little bit of time saved per run is super important. To run 20-21 minute you hard need a Limbo, a buffer (chroma / volt / mirage / wisp), a trash killer (khora), and a dps (same frames as buffer). The compairison becomes even more irrelevant when you look at speed runs (sub 20 minutes) of the ground event which are nearly all identical in frame loadout. It just so happens that as the respective gamemodes get more efficient, theres more a need for specific frames. Ah I should mention, the efficient weapons used were... Regulators, Whipclaw, Any Contagion setup, and Redeemer Prime. Wow, such weapon variety. And yet, a 5x3 / 6x3 eidolons actually requires skill, something which 21 minute runs of this grind event DON'T. 0 skill as levels are too low. 0 skill as enemies have too little health. 0 skill as theres no twitch reactions. Eidolons atleast require a miniscule amount of game knowledge and aim unlike this borefest of an event. Hostile mergers was a game mode that scaled endlessly. Meaning you could theoretically run 10hour runs fighting against level cap enemies. That is difficult, especially since the demolysts were stupid tanky later on. Sure you can say its artificial difficulty, which is yet another reason this game needs actual challenge, actual puzzles, in the form of raids.
  3. Favorite warframe event. Really. Actual challenging and competitive events like hostile mergers or the plethora of events that occurred 2+ years prior to this event are bad compared to this lazy, thoughtless, one meta, grind event? The meta was the same for the ground squads since DAY ONE. All the speed strats (almost) were discovered DAY ONE. Contaigion? Day one. Limbo? Day one. Buffers? Day one. Static pattern of condrix spawns? Day one. Day one, day one, day one, NOTHING changed in all the 40~days this event was out and the entire event was just mindless, crappy grind for the shiny item at the end. Whats the point of the reward if the journey sucks and is laced with boredom and burnout? The ONLY reason this event will EVER get a pass is because arcanes, but for many people in endgame, we already have all our arcanes and we have for more than a year or two. We should be proud of testing content that DE surely could have tested but didnt because they are lazy? Really? Why play Warframe if all I'm going to get is a false sense of pride from testing content that should've been tested before it was released to us? I play games to have fun and enjoy the grind (yes this is the type of player I am) yet I can't enjoy the grind of events that are boring and buggy as hell on release. What are endurance runs? Oh wait, DE doesn't care about endurance runs. That's why they made them easier. That's why they made them pointless compared to other game modes (beside arbi's). That's why they nerf things like the Zenistar which is nearly exclusively an endurance weapon. Or why they nerf things like status shotguns, which only really outperformed crit shotguns at extreme levels. And yet again they show they are unwilling to implement actually difficult content in the form of endless runs in this event. And to top it off, after myself and many others one-shotting the condrix's health day one of the event, DE decides in all their wisdom that it was too hard and nerfs it. Why, where in this game you can do damage cap with 2 frames buffs, is DE limiting the power we can output when all we want to do is use all these cool toys we have?
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