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  1. I understand the logic for kuva survivals giving less kuva per hour than floods and siphons. Its completely understandable as you can infinitly run survivals and not so for floods and siphons. (Well you cant infinitely run kuva survs but that is beside the point). Disruption was originally made (from what i remember of devstreams) to be a fast scaling fast paced gamemode designed for the more endgame orientated players. Honestly the original gamemode would have done that had the rewards been better. But with the new gamemode, kuva disruption, everything has changed. The reward you get (kuva) is infinitely useful to any endgame player, unlike the rewards from the original disruption. But with the content being (from what i remember) more orientated around endgame players, why would endgame players play this gamemode currently when kuva flood once per hour + 50-60min kuva survival is still a better way to farm kuva? Especially compounded with the fact that disruption is much harder than kuva survivals at higher levels, requiring min maxxed gear for lvl 600+, and, atleast in the classic gamemode, got to that level within an hour or so. So this brings up the question, whats the point of this gamemode? If its for endgame players, why is it not more rewarding? If it's for kuva farmers, why is it less effective than survivals (shown by Midas above)? Decide what this gamemode is meant to be. Because right now it seems to be a mess in terms of who wants to / will play it. Is it meant for endgame players with good rewards like the original? Is it a kuva farm? What is it. Because right now there is not really a clear definition on what it is going to be. If its meant for endgame players, my suggestion is to start the kuva disruption rewards BELOW survival (like they are now) but as it levels up, you gain more kuva (up to a cap) that would be effectively the best way to farm kuva in the game. That solution would also work for kuva farmers. But again, it requires that you (DE) know what you want from this gamemode. IMO the rewards outside of the kuva variation are bad. It may be good for farming relics, but many endgame players dont need that, and many newer players cant even do disruption with a speed thats viable over excav or the more stable and fun gamemode of survival. Disruption also gets hard, quick. New players wont be able to do this content. So putting relics in it is a good reward dont get me wrong, but again why farm this over xcav, survival, or even eso/so? Edit: I want to clarify, I actually enjoy disruption. When it came out I ran my clan through a plethora of runs likely totaling above a full ingame day of the gamemode. I was actually excited for kuva disruption but my fear were that the rewards were not going to be great. I like the gamemode, and seeing it on one of my favorite tilesets, the kuva fortress, is awesome. But, it seems my fear has come true.
  2. DE needs to release raids. Yes, railjack, if implemented correctly, will be that team content we've been dying for. But, we still need raids. Personally i only logon to warframe for weekly nightwave and maybe some clan stuff. Theres nothing bringing me back. Add raids, make their rewards great, and people like me will be on weekly if not more for their raids. Ever wonder why mmos are so successful - well part of that is good endgame content (raaaids).
  3. Still no word or notes about the lanka bug in PoE. PLEASE fix this for eidolon runners, its a 2 month old bug by now.
  4. Still no word on the lanka bug that has plagued eidolon runners for nearly 2 months now
  5. This bug still has not been patched and really needs to for the railgun lovers.
  6. Still bugged. Please fix lanka for all the railgun fans!
  7. Decorating the dojo has been a lot of fun for myself and I'm sure a lot of others. But surely the plastid cost is a bit high... Much of the dojo was decorated after a usable mindset - like if this were a real castle/giant space dojo, is this what people would want to actually visit Guns N Roses Storm Clan PC Dragon (Warlord/Architect) Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/Sw7YzN8
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