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  1. Still no word on the lanka bug that has plagued eidolon runners for nearly 2 months now
  2. This bug still has not been patched and really needs to for the railgun lovers.
  3. Still bugged. Please fix lanka for all the railgun fans!
  4. This bug has to deal with the hitbox of the eidolon limbs while it is still exiting the water after its shield breaks. Currently, if your team breaks the shield of the eidolon while it is still walking out of its spawn point in the water, the lanka will be unable to hit the limbs with its projectile until the eidolon takes 2-3 steps and is mostly out of the water. Here are two videos that show this bug at work. Both were recorded during the same night on 4/8/19 (today). https://youtu.be/nDZ-9X9ENRM?t=32 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mel4RLkUiAw&feature=youtu.be As the current meta for Eidolons is to do them as fast as possible, this bug is both annoying and is preventing the lanka from being as good as it should be without bugs. This bug has been around for at least a month, and I can find multiple forum posts about it from earlier this month and last month. This bug is extremely frustrating and makes it seem like you don't have a choice in snipers if you want to do eidolons fast. I could be wrong, but this bug may also be contributing to the hyper-inflation of rubico rivens (unrolls going for average 900 plat? what??). Please take a look at this bug with the lanka (and possibly other projectile weapons, but i have not tested). Other posts for reference:
  5. I really like the blood ephemera... well the idea behind it. I was expecting blood would be dripping from your body in very small amounts and maybe even leaving a trail of blood akin to a horror movie. Instead we got less-than-blood looking blobs of red goo falling in a unimmersive way from parts of your body that dont even look connected to your warframe. Revamp pls? Anyway, I have a couple ideas for ephemeras that are relatively lore-friendly. 1. A 'space' ephemera where your steps would leave little pockets in space. https://youtu.be/sceXI_Qyyxo?t=45 A good example of what I'm thinking about is shown in that video from gw2. 2. A void ephemera that creates little randomized instances of the white, tree like plant found in the void and on the orokin direlect when you step. This could be rewarded for doing for example a 3hour fissure on the void.
  6. Decorating the dojo has been a lot of fun for myself and I'm sure a lot of others. But surely the plastid cost is a bit high... Much of the dojo was decorated after a usable mindset - like if this were a real castle/giant space dojo, is this what people would want to actually visit Guns N Roses Storm Clan PC Dragon (Warlord/Architect) Imgur Album: https://imgur.com/a/Sw7YzN8
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