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  2. So while it's true that the normal rep grind is pretty hard (I skipped baruuk, but I got Garuda like a week after release the normal way), it should be noted, you can get platinum without buying it. You just have to engage in trade chat/warframe market. Honestly, it was way easier to get the plat via tradechat. I had enough saved up to grab her collection, and oh man.. I loved it.
  3. I've been able to do arbitrations fairly easily as her. She seems quite awesome. It is disappointing that her 2 doesn't work while using her 4, and that you can't use anything but your 1 while using your 4. My only question about her so far is her passive: It states that the invincibility trigger refreshes whenever your shields refresh to full. This does not seem to always be the case though. I've been in a situation where I was sure my shields hit full, then when my shields hit 0, instead of going invincible, I've died. Just a clarification: Should she go invincible upon losing her last shield, or can damage spill over and she be one shotted without becoming invincible (In which case her small health pool and 300 armor begin to matter)?
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