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  1. Nehza can shield friends with an augment, so I disagree. He's also as unkillable as rhino. Most underpowered/frames that need help with their niche frames currently I'd say: Ember Wukong Vauban Mag (not as much as before)
  2. I agree that it should be an opt in system. Perhaps more rewards for the added danger. I mean if you drop normal stalker loot... who WOULDN'T want the stalker to jump in and to try to just murder someone? It's a chance for more loot, and it's unlikely you'll actually ruin their play through of the mission. Ooooh oooh. They could actually make stalker beacons common craftable items. Anyone using one turns it on for the mission, basically like turning human in darksouls, you turn PVP on to allow people to invade you.
  3. I think they erred in having too much terrain in space when you really just want to fly around and murder things. I really do hope Archwings are done right for Railjack.
  4. So after Rebecca pointed out that this is more bug reporting than feedback, and I am awake enough now to realize this. Fortunately or unfortunately I haven't been able to reproduce these bugs, they've all been one off so far. Bug 1 - entire team was unable to hit 'call for recovery by pressing x' on a downed condor earlier. Bug 2 - Called a condor, it spawned on the ground, and was flying stationary, in the ground. I don't mean beneath it mind you, I mean it was stuck in the surface of the earth. Eventually it seemed to be flung into the air, and fly away leaving us behind. https://imgur.com/a/OADEBZg Bug 3 - probably host migration related, we had just changed hosts, and went to another place to find tracks, no tracks spawned there after hitting x on the pile. Like I looked for a good minute to make sure I wasn't just blind. https://imgur.com/a/4bC35EU
  5. Title says it all: There's a prompt to recover animals in new PoE conservation (hit x to call for recovery) but the prompt does nothing. Anyone else have this issue? I want floofs.
  6. Anymore update on it? It sounded like a pvp mode that I actually might have some interest in. Mostly because you can even help the other players, just friendly fire appears to be off.
  7. Agreed, do you want to annoy the player base by making us take longer to get to places? Now, if you give us more reason to want to go slowly (more things inbetween areas, or more hidden items that we need to be careful and look for), maybe it's alright to take the itzal away. I'd say it's probably way easier to upgrade everything else though. Wouldn't mind both upgrading everything else, and there being less reason to use the crazy speed. Also if you take the itzal away for RAILJACK, the thing WE ARE ALL LOOKING FORWARD TO, there will be anger. Please don't nerf the itzal.
  8. I did 1 sabotage mission yesterday, and 2 relic missions today, and now a regular one, no update to the progress.
  9. To reiterate... please don't nerf the itzal, make other things better. Especially k-drives. Parkour can just be faster than k-drives, and we don't want that nerfed. "Problem with Itzal is that it completely breaks the distance scaling of the game forcing DE to create large environments just to accommodate. " Why would itzal force them to make large environments? If you make smaller environments we're less likely to use it... we use itzal BECAUSE there are large environments, not the other way around.
  10. It appears to be taking anywhere from a minute-60 seconds to reequip a weapon after leaving his exalted. This may not be the same bug as this lasted for far longer in the previously mentioned survival mission.
  11. Bug went away after a few minutes while I was alt tabbed, trying to figure out what happened/
  12. Ah got the bug again in Hydron. It appears to be triggered by meleeing, then going into Baruuk's exalted mode. Can't even use a gun, can't reactivate exalted, can't melee. can use his other 3 powers.
  13. Weird stuff is happening seemingly randomly depending on mission The following is with Baruuk in the gift of the lotus survival mission which I believe was melee only 1. Can't pick up items in warframe mode (had to switch to operator to walk over them) - currently using helios with vacuum which does not seem to be functioning. 2. Can't swing melee weapon. Used exalted mode, stuck in exalted mode, unable to swing weapon. 3. Can't use my roll, although can hold button down to sprint. So yah... weird stuff.
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