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  1. Zenviscerator

    144HZ Is bugged

    I'm really not sure what you mean from this. I've got almost an identical setup as yours and I haven't noticed any problems playing at 144hz Though it does sound like you're playing with no fps cap. Try setting a cap to 144 in game and see if that helps. You might be getting a lot of tearing or experiencing bad frame times. Not sure but that's where I'd start, good luck!
  2. Zenviscerator

    Max Framerate

    Wow, I knew something was up when my framerate counter was reading a perfect 200 instead of 186fps or whatever it was. I noticed it immediately and switched down to 144 to check and sure enough it was perfect! (almost) It is pretty consistent but it is just slightly off for me, I'll still notice tearing creeping up the screen from time to time. Though, the only way to actually fix that completely is to enable v-sync (or invest in a g-sync monitor 😎) But this is all I really need, excellent change Glen. Love seeing Warframe being optimized to such an extent years after it's release.
  3. Zenviscerator

    freezing with audio still present

    I can guarantee you the 10016 has nothing to do with your freezing. Even I have the exact same error littered throughout my event viewer and I don't have any issues in Warframe. Also, have any of you tried contacting support? If you send them an EE.log after the freeze happens they can track down any errors that lead to your freezes and give you some idea of what the problem is so you can troubleshoot from there.
  4. Zenviscerator

    freezing with audio still present

    Try using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) to completely uninstall your GPU drivers and then download them fresh from Nvidias website to reinstall (this usually fixes any GPU related issues inside Warframe) If that doesn't fix your black screen issues then check this out: Go and check event viewer to see if you can find something similiar to this should be under Windows Logs / System, search through the list to find a message like this... If you do then it is a TDR crash. Timeout Detection Refresh or 'TDR' is a feature of Windows 7 and above that is supposed to prevent premature BSODs caused by system lag. So when something starts to create too many errors for too long it refreshes the GPU driver causing the black screen in warframe, even though the game still runs and your hear the game sound, etc. Windows TDR delay by default is set to 2 sec. However, you can maybe fix the problem by increasing this delay to 8 or 10 seconds Open regedit then - Navigate to - H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ ControlSet \ Control \ Graphics Drivers. Right click on the open field and click on New / DWORD (32bit) Value, Then name it: TdrDelay -> double click it to open -> Set the hexadecimal value to 8. This is what worked for me long ago when I use to have the same issue, though I haven't had this happen to me for a LONG time. Hopefully this'll be helpful to some of you.
  5. Zenviscerator

    The Sacrifice: Update 23

    So much for the whole "why would you want excal p? He's basically the same as normal excal" argument. Hopefully Umbra has the same armor value...
  6. Zenviscerator

    PSA: Minimum Supported Specs Changes!

    This is a welcomed change, we should be focusing on optimizing for modern systems anyways
  7. Zenviscerator

    The Great Plains of Eidolon Feedback Survey

    No ones! There's too many posts and only so much time in a day for DE to look through all of them, they do spend a lot of time actually developing Warframe believe it or not. Which is why a survey makes sense to reach a consensus on public opinion. It's easy access for them and it gets players who might not take the time to write out and make a feedback post to participate as well. I seriously don't get what all the fuss is about a survey...
  8. Zenviscerator

    The Great Plains of Eidolon Feedback Survey

    You know they barely ever check the forums, right?
  9. Zenviscerator

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.8 +

    The Secura Penta is now invisible! PLEASE FIX EDIT: BOWS ARE INVISIBLE TOO! pls fix
  10. Zenviscerator

    Chains of Harrow: Hotfix 21.0.2

    wtf does that even mean
  11. Zenviscerator

    Oberon Prime: Hotfix 20.7.4 +

    That's a start..
  12. Give the video a watch, figured some stuff out
  13. Zenviscerator

    Status Thread: Update 20.4.0 OPERATION: AMBULAS REBORN.

    The owner's will notice that they straight up disappear as they become one unified mod! or maybe SPEED HOLSTER FOR ALL NO MODS REQUIRED!!! I can dream can't I?
  14. Zenviscerator

    Status Thread: Update 20.4.0 OPERATION: AMBULAS REBORN.

  15. I am on a desktop and I can 100% confirm that this is a problem for me. I'm using a Razer Deathadder 2013. I'll do some other testing to see if any of those workarounds works. I'll let yal know Test results: After that one restart where I swapped the mouse to a USB2 port it seems to work no matter what I do, Which is strange. I Even just did a complete shutdown and started the computer back up with the mouse in the USB3 port and it still works. Honestly really lost here. Maybe windows did something weird and you just need to restart with it in a USB 2 port once? It might even be down to some other random factor I don't know about. BUT, it works now so I'm not gonna ask any questions lol