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  1. Yes please, I'm still hoping for a fix soon Not being able to climb on makes me the big sad
  2. This has been known for a while and they haven't done anything about it. Mine's still stuck on 29/30 as well. Apparently you can get around it by having someone else host a game for you and you go around re checking all of the cave locations to get the one your missing to trigger properly (Haven't tried it myself, hard to find someone to want to sit around for 20-30 minutes looking for caves) But yeah would be nice if this actually does get fixed properly
  3. can we please get a fix to eidolons not having collision, it's messing up chromas and virtuos shadow procs everywhere
  4. Title says it all, did the last night cycle and found when I went to put out wisps I couldn't climb onto the eidolon, you literally phase right through. The only thing that did have collision was The Teralysts Synovias, otherwise just nothing Hope this is an easy fix, just annoying when I can't do my usual thing with chroma, plus it's just kinda weird lol
  5. It also doesn't show how many of that item you currently own or who rolled each item. The rarity should be reflected in the colored text of the item and MAYBE a full rarity border around the item The new UI lacks the information that it had before, and it's pretty annoying
  6. Arcanes are still broken. RIP to all my mesa mains out there
  7. Wow, I knew something was up when my framerate counter was reading a perfect 200 instead of 186fps or whatever it was. I noticed it immediately and switched down to 144 to check and sure enough it was perfect! (almost) It is pretty consistent but it is just slightly off for me, I'll still notice tearing creeping up the screen from time to time. Though, the only way to actually fix that completely is to enable v-sync (or invest in a g-sync monitor 😎) But this is all I really need, excellent change Glen. Love seeing Warframe being optimized to such an extent years after it's release.
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