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  1. So launcher was working fine, got the new patch and went to start the game, game opens up but then gets stuck on a black screen and doesn't start. I alt-f4'd and reopened the launcher and see this I tried verifying and optimizing but they seem to not do anything and when I click where the play button is the game hangs on the blackscreen again Any advice or should I just reinstall the game or something, seems pretty messed up i9-9900k RTX 2080S 32gb RAM if the specs mean anything at all EDIT; I completely uninstalled the game and redownloaded the whole thing a
  2. Glad that the hitsu san skin will look proper now
  3. Probably never, there was a reason it was removed and it's because it ran like garbage. I mean, PhysX isn't being updated anymore, it's REALLY unoptimized and they just needed to tone it down because so many people were complaining about performance. The only time I have seen physX run perfectly is with a dedicated PhysX card, which maybe 0.001% of people have
  4. Verify and optimize your game cache in the launcher if that doesn't work I'd reinstall the graphics driver. Hope you figure it out though man
  5. Funny you should ask, the tactical alert actually counted towards the remaining credits I needed for the challenge The credit reward was 50k? But it finished the challenge for me.
  6. Ever since SotR when they adjusted alert rewards, sorties and invasions they took out a lot of credit rewards for alerts and what not. That's good but now there are no more invasions with credit rewards meaning that the "Mercenary" challenge is now incompletable. Mine has been sitting at 75k for the longest time, since before the update there was no reason to really do credit reward invasions (except for the challenge) but now that I need to finish it I can't. I have not seen a single credit reward invasion since SotR. Can we get just a few thrown in there so we can just finish this
  7. Tried it out with some other leg armors and found that the targis prime also does this, hopefully this will get fixed in the next update.
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