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  1. I'm doing a restructuring of my Dojo and part of that means moving all of my labs around. The problem though is one of the rooms that needs to be destroyed is my old Orokin lab. It says "Room cannot be destroyed while there are active projects being built inside it". My Tenno lab had active pigment research and I could delete that so why can't I delete the Orokin Lab? There's no reason this Permanent Armistice should prevent me from deleting a room when it is preventing me from completing a piece of research that is preventing it from being deleted. I now have 2 Orokin Labs that can't do anything. DE please disconnect the Orokin Lab from the Armistice. Let us build even just 1 thing of the Orokin Lab projects so the lab can be moved. The following is what I see when I try to delete the first Orokin Lab I've built Which would only make sense if I only had 1 Lab. But I have 2. When I head to the Solar Rail Assembler terminal I'm blessed with this which is caused by the armistice preventing construction, which in turn is preventing lab deletion. Progress can not be made because the armistice is preventing construction, which is by extension preventing 1 of 2 Orokin Labs being deleted. It's been Half built for what, 5 years? How long has this armistice been going for now? I also have a half built Vapor Specter regiment, which would be another aspect that is preventing the room from being deleted. You can see to the right that there are resources in the project, but as you can see by the message it can not be completed due to the armistice, which means this is a second item preventing the deletion of my first Orokin Lab. Hell, here's a lovely photo of me standing at the 2 Orokin Labs in my dojo. The left is the new one, the right is the old one I want to deconstruct. As a fun test, I decided to see if I could deconstruct the NEW Orokin Lab. lo and behold I can deconstruct the new one, EVEN THOUGH IT HAS THE SAME RESEARCH PROGRESS AS THE ORIGINAL ONE. Why oh why can I only delete the new one when I can't delete the old one? The old one is preventing me from deconstructing the 3 hallways between it and the elevator to its right Please DE. If you're gonna lock the Armistice permanently on, at least let us clear off Orokin Lab research to collect the Clan XP, and so the lab can be moved and deconstructed. You gave it dragon keys, but took away everything else about it.
  2. Why didn't you just modify how the Silver Grove drops rewards? You've got bosses that drop their reward on mission completion, so why not just hit those Grove farmers by only giving them 1 mod on mission completion? You know, the same way your Ropalopalyst and Kela De Thaym drop rewards..
  3. Now that is something I can get behind. hellz yea!
  4. I couldn't care less about revives being a thing or not. but it's the insanely tedious and drawn out missions that are the killer. 10 minutes for a single reward just sucks super hard. I think I've only done about 7 runs of it because: - It takes forever to get a single reward drop - the no-fun annoying immortality shield drones exist At the very least can you just get rid of the immortality drones? crank up their natural resistances or something just stop with invulnerable states. Exploiter orb proved that invulnerability isn't needed to make fights fun.
  5. After having spent a decent amount of time on this new melee switch system, I have to say... IT STILL FEELS REALLY BAD. It feels offensive to call this "Melee 2.9" because it isn't a melee fighting system anymore. It's a gun shooting system with melee rotting on the side. The new particle effects are neat. The targeted slam is great. The weapon swapping controls feel bad and unintuitive. The reason the controls feel bad is because the majority of controls that involve meleeing stuff are now Contextual buttons running on illogical "If Then" statement, and they also feel bad because I have minimal control over how I want to tell my character to hit stuff that makes logical sense. These new controls feel like they were designed by someone who's inspiration was "the game is working well here, lets shake it up for literally no reason". I typically run around with a Zarr, a Sonicor, and a Paracesis. I typically run around stabbing things if they survive more than 1 zarr shot while I'm closing in. My play style could be summarized as "A dinner plate of sword with a hint of gun". After this table flip of a melee update my playstyle has now pretty much become "That was meant to be a ground slam, why is my gun shooting?" Just like many other players I will Bullet-jump around the map. Just like many other players I will aim glide. Just like many other players I will slam my sword into the ground to annihilate a group of Corpus because there's a nullifier stopping my abilities killing them before I get there. I will be running around with a sword in hand. This is the weapon I have equipped. The button I press to attack with the weapon I have equipped is Left Mouse Button. This is a standard fact of basically every game that's been released since Doom, if not earlier. Right Mouse Button has been the aiming button on a great many First Person & Third Person Shooter games. This is a core feature of games where you run and gun. In warframe it is the aiming button for the weapon you have equipped. When you are in the air it was the aiming button for the weapon you have equipped, while also allowing you to glide. Hence the popular name "Aim-glide". This update has broken that logical process of "right click aims with the weapon you have equipped". Instead it has become "change weapon to the last gun you were holding and aim with that one instead". Why? I want to aim with my sword so I can slam my sword into the ground. I know plenty of you may be thinking "Oh IceFire, just click the melee button". Funnily enough It is quite difficult to naturally just do that having accrued 1354 hours in Warframe over 7,228 missions. Turns out when I want to attack I click Left Mouse Button, because that is the attack button, so instead I'll glide over fire a Zarr and 50/50 kill myself since I usually glide close to the floor and Zarr explodes a lot. Then there's the issue of blocking. In the previous Melee version you gave us a mod that performed auto-blocking. It felt horrible to use. The Warframe would just randomly stop everything to block a bullet. It interfered with animations. I don't know if anyone actually used it, but to me it felt horrible and I promptly took it off my sword. Now we've permanently got auto-block, but it still interrupts animations when it triggers. This new "fast switch" melee system also isn't fast/instant if a gun has an animation still playing, because the sword waits politely for that to finish before changing. I've used an Arca Plasmor, fired the shot then immediately went to swing the sword. The sword did not come out instantly. It waited for the Arca Plasmor to finish its end-of-firing animation before coming out. Which also breaks the flow you supposedly added in. I did ask to have Quick Melee deleted. Quick Melee was more effective in most cases than stance fighting. Your new system tries to dump stance fighting into Quick Melee, and fails at that. I should be allowed to give a quick sword swing in a fast paced looter shooter game like Warframe. In Call of Duty when you click the melee button you don't holster the gun to raise your fists and perform kung-fu moves. You'd give a quick knife swipe, a quick smack with your gun and then you go back to gunning. You don't keep those fists raised or that knife out. That was Quick Melee. Fast is smooth, and smooth is fast. I did not ask for auto-block. It's the reason I never used Reflex Guard. It felt bad to use. Why is it now forced on me? The previous weapon system felt satisfying to use. I had control of which weapon I would have equipped, and I had control over which weapon I was attacking with. The current system just doesn't make sense for Warframe. With this new system and the toggle enabled, if I'm running on the ground with a sword out I can click Left Mouse Button to swing the sword but if I'm in the air and aim-glide I pull out my gun? Aim-glide is not "change weapon". Change weapon is change weapon and aim-glide is aim-glide. Having aim-glide as aim-glide-change-weapon feels bad. The game shouldn't be changing the weapon on me. I should be changing my weapon. You say that we know our own arsenal the best. So stop trying to tell us how to properly use it. The current system is just you telling us "thats not how I do it. Stop trying to play the game how you want to."? Give us our control back. If you want this new contextual melee control scheme in then at least give us a Legacy Melee toggle, if you want you could even call it "Advanced Melee", so those of us who prefer that can use it, while those who like the new system can use the new one. Or better yet, give us a whole bunch of toggle options to cherry pick the best features of Weapons 2.9 (the current system) and Weapons 2.0 (the previous system) Stop making the game tell me what weapon I want to have equipped and attacking with. Let me decide that. I'm the player and I'm a big enough boy I can decide when I want to have my sword equipped, and when I want to pull my gun out. Weapon Control 2.9 should be smooth and fast. Because as I said before, Fast is smooth, and smooth is fast. This isn't Devil May Cry. This is Warframe.
  6. you need to press jump again to jump again. so if you have to let go of it so you can actually jump again, you're gonna lose altitude between letting go of the jump button for gliding, and pressing again for second jump. really the smart choice would be just letting us aim-glide like we used to, rather than using the current "YOU WILL USE GUNS MORE THAN MELEE" system they introduced.
  7. holding jump would interfere with the second air jump. maybe hold sprint/crouch instead, or just a totally separate button
  8. Can we please get another toggle for melee weapons to keep them equipped while aim-gliding? I like running around with a sword out but not ONLY using a sword, I also jump and slam a lot. I also use left click for melee attacks because "its the attack with weapon button". But every time I aim-glide it's pulling out a gun, which for flow of rotating weapons often would work great, but it's totally counter to my play-style. All I want to do is be able to aim-glide with a melee weapon equipped and not have it change to a gun on me. It's really throwing off the ability to find slam targets and quickly attack because I'm supposed to remember that now when I hold a sword in my hands, on this one specific event the left click will shoot a gun, but every other time it will swing the sword. This isn't good for combat flow, and it's quite the hard habit to break. This is all through non-combat testing of the system too, so I haven't even encountered the auto-blocking yet. But given that I never liked the idea of an auto-blocking mod when I tried it before, I'm doubting this new auto-blocking system is going to feel better.
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