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  1. Firing Hildryn's Balefire Charger at Arctic Eximus snow globes does no damage at all, regardless of enemy level. I've tested it against lv 5 and lv 160 Arctic Eximus in Simulacrum, all enemies inside the snow globe are totally immune to Balefire's damage.
  2. Stagger feels terrible, is terrible, and very counter to what is meant to be a fast game. I'd much prefer being a health hazard to myself, hell it's part of the reason I like Hildryn so much. She encourages giant explosions with her shield gating and recovery systems. Sonicor really got ruined by this, before you could at least glide into enemies spamming the hell out of it to try and break/shoot past the shield bubbles. Now if you get REMOTELY close to any of the arctic globes or nullifiers it'll just bounce and stagger you in front of a swarm of enemies, and Sonicor needs multiple shots to break bubbles anyway. Explosions were better when we were killing ourselves with them. Self-inflicted crowd control effects are terrible in a game where there's massive swarms of enemies with insane damage and auto aim. Also, why don't the enemies stagger themselves from all their explosions? All you had to do was remove self-damage, or even just reduce it. But instead you made a whole class of fun guns terrible and horrendous to use. I guess I am forced to go to Arca Plasmor and swords now if I want to have AoE fun...
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