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  1. https://imgur.com/Cb2tdUf
  2. Railjack mission If using forward artillery to destroy/kill a crewship right after another player slingshotted toward the crewship and landed, that player will be stucked at the void where no one can approach to and that player can only see a freezed screen and become unplayable.
  3. Reporting 2 bugs. 1. If invite player to orbiter and both of us go to the railjack through teleport instead of dojo. Client player will be walking in the space without archwing equipped after going out to space from the railjack in any railjack missions including free flight. 2. Invite player to the squad in dojo, after finishing a railjack mission and back to dojo, the invited player/client player is still able to have full control on the railjack including starting a new mission through navigation and use the ship even after the host player/ship owner had leaved the dojo.
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