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  1. the art team is the team who carrying the game and there is nothing wrong by playing the game because its graphic. Honestly who are you to judge?
  2. Well Warframe for me is Graphic FIRST. If they don't fix this I could literally being turned off and go play other game because of that.
  3. hmm no I don't think that is the reason. The texture aliasing appear very recent. That update is way too far compare to the recent "change" that happened to me
  4. so are you saying they just lowered the resolution of the texture? it looks terrible now, do they even know how important the graphic is for warframe?
  5. Sure, everything in game right now for me do not stream in the best texture for me. The first thing I could notice of course is the syandana this happened just after the update, and I have always been able to have the best and smooth texture. now the WHOLE game is full of aliasing which is super annoying. Thank you for the reply, I really wish I could have the solution
  6. the texture have a lot of aliasing after update, please fix it
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