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  1. Spend an hour leveling 1-40 and it resets mid mission. This has happened 5x to me and HONESTLY IM SO INFURIATED 5 HOURS FOR FREE YOU STOLE FROM ME DURING MY CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
  2. What frames are you guys using to solo this bounty? - Mesa tends to die from explosive damage. - Baruuk suffers huge energy issues. - Some of the elite enemies require really heavy armor stripping. What are you using for that? Pox? Smeeta? - What companions do you enjoy using? Dethcube? Sasha? Would love to hear your builds! Thanks <3 Ravakahr.
  3. What is a micro-optimization really? Yes its improving the code. But what part of the code. More detailsssss please
  4. I cannot think of any other situations like that in the game. And it is an easy fix for that 1 boss enemy. It needs to be properly tested as it is currently broken.
  5. Can you put more thought into your replies. Currently you can troll with him and summon him on defense mission. Because your just replying with meh add rad should do it. Why don't you actually go an test it? We just had a party of 4 and his health moved 0% after 30 minutes with radiation damage. We weren't aware after doing g3 you couldn't do this boss in steel path mode and thus wasted a key. Everything should be killable. 30 minutes should be enough with 4 players wacking on him. But to move his health bar 0% shows that he needs to be reviewed and looked at by the devs to m
  6. He should be killable with time with anything not immortal else people can just troll.
  7. Yeah we tried it for the loot drop chance. 30 minutes in 0% damage with 4 people. We did g3 on Steel Path for the drop rate. Was great!
  8. Wolf of Saturn Six - Hard Mode anyone noticed hes impossible to kill with 30 minutes and a team of 4? :S Can the devs please TEST this - I can assure you with best weapons in game. This is just a troll atm.
  9. Specters follow you after 100m. If you forget to un -hold your specter after 100m it auto follows you.
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