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  1. So I just got the Zephyr Prime Accessories pack, and to my surprise, they have the same noisy, glimmering metallic textures as the Umbra accessories. I believe the Umbra accessories did not look like this upon their release, but were made to look this way later down the line. plz fix (Screenshots taken in the Classic graphics engine, DX11, but issues persist in Enhanced, DX12)
  2. In the Mastery Breakdown window, it seems that the Plexus mastery is counted as companions mastery. This also points to a different issue, in how rigidly defined most parts of the Mastery Breakdown window are, with the exception of the companion category, which is very broad.
  3. In case this has not been said before. The problem with Rank 10 is not really that is has a downside, is that the aim-snapping, the main feature, is already undesirable, and then we got an additional downside on top of it.
  4. So they were buffed, but then you guys removed the reasons to use them at the same time? That doesn't seem right. Are you guys going to restrict Heavy Caliber from being equipped with Serration too?
  5. You yourself provided no source for your argument, I don't see why I should return in kind. Though.... I won't leave you completely empty-handed - go look at the Steam hardware survey, then assume the numbers there could be potentially even lower within Warframe's own playerbase. After that, you could look at the release information for various versions of DirectX. I think you'll find it unlikely that any GPU released after 2010 does not support DIrectX11. No doubt the developers did the math, and decided that its no longer worth supporting a graphics API that has been considered out
  6. Listen, DX10 accounts for an absolutely tiny amount of people around the world, and you can't blame people running 12-15 year old hardware on the pandemic either.
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